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How Much Is A Lie Detector Test

how much is a lie detector test

How much is a lie detector test? A lie detector test costs around £399 pounds to £499 or $300-$400 depending how long you use the lie detector test machine with a certified examiner.

How much is a Lie Detector test In UK?

In UK it is expected to cost between £399 and £499. The cost is an all-inclusive fixed price; there will be no additional costs. Referral agencies will be more expensive because they function as a middleman, and charge fees for referrals.

How much is a lie detector test

Always ask for the identity of the examiner, and talk to them prior to taking the exam, if they are unable to provide the name, you should leave the test as something is not right. We prefer to talk to every client we can prior to making a appointment.


The cost of a test using a polygraph is affected by a number of variables such as the location, length of the test, and the reason why it is used.

We are a highly skilled and highly qualified testing company. we conduct exams only according to the procedures for testing established in the American Polygraph Association.

Most lie detector prices their test categorically, some of these tests prices competitively, but they do not aim to compete with companies and individuals who offer a cheap service. Just like everything else you will are paying for what you receive.

A lot of the tests advertised for sale at a low cost are performed by unexperienced, or even part-time examiners. Testing for polygraphs is what we do in collaboration with law enforcement agencies, attorneys business, private clients.

Tests can take between an hour and half and three hours costing about $400 for a test that focuses on the same subject. For people who want to take tests, there’s an unrefundable $100 deposit to be paid upon the booking (it is deducted when more than 24 hours ‘ notice of cancellation is provided. The deposit will be deducted from the cost upon the date of test.


How much is the lie detector test? Lie Detector test costs around $400. You have to make an appointment with a certified examiner along the deposit of $100 for safety. Lie detector cost depends sometime on how long is session going to be.

What is Lie Detector

Polygraph, also known as the lie detector test is a method or device that records and measures physical indicators like blood pressure as well as pulse, respiration and skin conductivity when the test subject responds to a series of questions.

The theory behind using the test is deceitful answers can trigger physiological responses that are distinct from those that are associated with truthful responses. However, there are none of the physiological effects that are specifically related to lying, making it challenging to determine the elements that distinguish those who are lying from those lying.

Examiners of polygraphs prefer to employ their own scoring system rather than computers, because they can more easily defend their own opinions.

In certain countries, polygraphs can be used to interrogate suspects in criminal cases or for candidates for private or sensitive public sector jobs.

US law enforcement agencies and federal government agencies, such as the FBI or NSA the CIA as well as many police departments, including LAPD and the Virginia State Police. LAPD as well as The Virginia State Police use polygraph examinations to interview people suspected of being criminals and to screen potential employees.

In those of the US Federal government, the test using a polygraph is often referred to as the psychophysiological detection of deceit (PDD) test.

How much is Lie Detector cost?

The cost for administering this test within the United States is more than $700, and it is part of the $2 billion industry.

However, evaluations of polygraphy from authorities from the scientific and public sector generally indicate that polygraphs are extremely inaccurate, and can be easily overcome by countermeasures and are an ineffective or unreliable method to determine truthfulness.

Lie Detector is An Useful Tool

A thorough 2003 study by the National Academy of Sciences of the research conducted in the past found that the findings provided “little reason to believe that a test using a polygraph could be highly accurate. ” According to the American Psychological Association states that “most psychologists are of the opinion that there is no evidence to suggest that tests using polygraphs can effectively detect lies. “

This test is also referred to by the name of probable lies test was created to address or alleviate the shortcomings of the test method that is irrelevant to the subject. While the questions that are relevant to the test of probable lies are designed to get an emotional response from those who lie, the physiological reactions that differentiate lies can also be experienced by innocent people who fear the possibility of being caught in the wrong or believe that they did not do an offense.

So, even though the physiological response may be happening, the reason behind the reaction could differ. The examination of the possible lie test has revealed that it’s biased towards innocent people. If you are unable to identify a lie relevant to the question in question immediately fail the test.

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