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Freeway Insurance Services America, LLC (also known as Freeway Insurance, is an American insurance company with more than 500 retail stores across the United States. The company offers primarily non-standard car insurance, which is required for those who are new or high risk drivers. The headquarters of the company is located in Huntington Beach, California.

Freeway Insurance specializes in providing obligatory minimum coverage for drivers who are at risk, which includes personal injury protection within the 12 states in which PIP is mandatory. One of the core values of Freeway is civic responsibility, which makes it a great option for those who appreciate community involvement. The company is a part in Toys for Tots, a non-profit organization that distributes new toys that are unwrapped to economically challenged children.

Regarding the product we have found Freeway car insurance an unsatisfactory choice. It could be a good alternative for an underserved driver group, but the business model of the company demands cautious navigation.

Insurance For High-Risk Drivers

Freeway Car Insurance targets those with poor driving records, such as those who have:

  • Suspended license
  • Multiple accidents
  • Multiple recent moving violations
  • DUI convictions, arrests, or citations
  • The people who have been victimized in an accident with no insurance The person who was involved in an accident without insurance
  • Poor credit or a recent bankruptcy
  • Reckless driving citations

But, it’s important to know that drivers with good driving record can get coverage through Freeway automobile insurance.

How Much Does Freeway Auto Insurance Cost?

Freeway Insurance does not share the cost of its services through its site. As per Freeway Insurance reviews, the cost of insurance offered by the company is typical. The cost of car insurance differs based on various personal factors , including:

  • Year, the make and model of your car The year, make, and model of your vehicle
  • Your driving history
  • Where you live
  • How you use your vehicle
  • Your safe driving habits
  • Discounts you can qualify to receive the discounts you are eligible for

The addition of one or more risk categories could increase your vehicle insurance premiums substantially. Here’s how top providers across the nation modify their rates to suit drivers who are at risk for a variety of risk factors:

Cheapest Car Insurance Estimates For Drivers With a Recent At-Fault Accident

Car Insurance Company Annual Rate Estimate

USAA $1,428

State Farm $1,671

Geico. $2,427

Progressive $2,471

Nationwide $2,545

Allstate $3,798

Cheapest Car Insurance Estimates For Drivers With a Recent DUI

Car Insurance Company Annual Rate Estimate

State Farm $1,998

Erie Insurance $2,034

Progressive $2,106

USAA $2,209

American Family $2,433

Travelers $2,649

Cheapest Car Insurance Estimates For Drivers at High Risk (recent DUI tickets, speeding ticket, an accident)

Car Insurance Company Annual Rate Estimate

USAA $2,258

Erie Insurance $2,505

Progressive $2,572

State Farm $2,678

American Family $2,761

Travelers $2,882

Farm Bureau $3,342

Auto Owners Group $3,348

Geico $3,453

Farmers $3,653

Insurance Discounts

If you compare it with industry leaders such as Progressive as well as State Farm, Freeway auto insurance does not offer a lot of options in terms of discounts. But you will still be able to find these discounts, which could have a significant impact on the cost of your insurance.

  • Good driver discount
  • Student discount
  • Military discount
  • Multi-policy discount
  • Multi-car discount

Freeway Auto Insurance Coverage

Freeway offers traditional insurance coverage including liability, comprehensive, collision, uninsured/underinsured motorist, and medical payments. You may also choose rental car reimbursement as well as gap insurance which can help you pay off the remainder of your loan in the event that your car is declared to be to be a total loss.

Full coverage is provided by Freeway. However, drivers with high risk may be seeking only the minimum level of coverage required for legal driving within their state.

How Much Coverage Do You Need?

High-risk drivers might be enticed to purchase only mandatory minimum insurance. While this is an optionto consider, advise you to cover all bases because the cost of accidents could quickly increase. Medical expenses, particularly could reach the hundreds of thousands following an incident that’s serious.

In Arizona For instance, in Arizona the state-mandatory bodily injury liability is $30,000 for each accident. If you’re the one to blame in an accident that requires another driver, or companions require surgery or significant rehabilitation, you will be responsible for all medical expenses that exceed the amount of $30,000 even with only minimum coverage.

SR-22 Coverage

The benefit of Freeway insurance on cars is that it allows drivers to get protection following the occurrence of a DUI. In this scenario, as well as when other circumstances result in poor driving record The states Department of Motor Vehicles may require a form known as an SR-22. It documents is legal, sometimes called the financial responsibility filing.

Being found to be responsible in an accident that is not covered by insurance could be a requirement to have an SR-22 in the State’s DMV at least for three consecutive years in contrast, an DUI conviction can last for five years. Some insurance companies do not offer insurance to drivers with high risk and some don’t provide SR-22s, however Freeway automobile insurance coverage is accessible to drivers who are high-risk in every state.

Get A Freeway Insurance Quote

Due to the complex driving records of a lot of Freeway auto insurance clients The company does not provide online quotations. Once you have submitted your personal details through the Freeway Insurance website, you will be contacted by someone from the company to discuss the options available regarding coverage.

Be Aware Of Fees

Since Freeway insurance for cars caters to high-risk and underserved drivers A down payment may be required to get an insurance policy. It is added to the normal monthly payments for the initial month. Since Freeway operates as a broker your down payment could comprise a brokerage cost.

If you’re having trouble getting insurance because you are high-risk driver The fees associated in Freeway auto insurance could be worth it However, make sure you inquire about the fees upfront. Customers of Freeway’s car insurance have reported receiving the amount in dollars for the first time to begin an insurance plan, and then later discovering that a charge of hundreds of dollars was added to the price.

Shop By Coverage, Not Budget

If you choose to get an Freeway insurance quote for your car We suggest making an assessment of the level of coverage you’re looking for prior to talking to a representative instead of deciding on an amount that is budget-friendly. Certain customers have stated that Freeway agents boosted coverage when they were on the price rather than determining the optimal balance of cost and coverage.

Freeway Auto Insurance Reviews

Freeway Insurance has an A+ rating and is accredited from the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Like most auto insurance companies, Freeway Insurance has its fair share of customer complaints.

Insurance is something that you buy on a whim and put aside and the pressure of submitting a claim can lead to more than average complaints even from the most reputable insurance providers. In the case of Freeway, reviews posted on the BBB website gave the business an overall rating of one out of five stars. The complaints relate to the confusion about upfront costs as well as the ongoing monthly payment and also difficulties reaching Freeway, which can be worrying.

If you have purchased an Freeway insurance policy for your car We recommend that you review the policy in depth and asking questions clearly when you talk with the representative.

Our Verdict On Freeway Auto Insurance

Freeway car insurance provides low-cost insurance for drivers with high risk. If you’re in this group, then that getting a quote is well worth the cost. There’s no brick-and-mortar office in every city, but those who have trouble getting coverage elsewhere can get onto the phone to talk to speak with a representative, or send their details online.

Know what you can expect and be prepared to discuss coverage and fees limitations prior to contacting Freeway. If you’re not a risky driver, we believe that you’ll get more coverage from another company. Whatever your driving record It is always wise to compare quotes from different firms.

Top Recommendations For Insurance

We recently reviewed the best auto insurance companies in the market including Progressive along with State Farm emerged as two of the top options in general. Both companies received 4.5 out of five stars and would highly recommend them to the majority of drivers.


Progressive is well-known as the provider of Flo along with the Name Your Price(r) comparator however, the company also has the best protection available. Progressive holds received an A+ rating by AM Best for financial stability and wrote more than $31 billion worth of premiums in the year of 2019. Alongside standard protections, you can also avail emergency roadside help, lease/lease payment rental reimbursement, customized equipment and parts coverage. There are options to bundle the insurance for your car and home and many more. For more details check out our full Progressive Insurance review.

State Farm

State Farm auto insurance is an excellent option for people who are looking for a friendly friend to chat with. State Farm’s State Farm business model relies heavily on community-based representatives who offer excellent, 24/7 customer service. They are also able to help you navigate all claims.

State Farm is the largest auto insurance company in the United States with an market share of 16 percent. There are many discounts available through State Farm, including student discounts, discounts on remaining accident-free, as well as discounts for defensive driving classes. For more details check out the State Farm insurance review.


To offer complete and accurate information to customers Our expert review team analyzes data from many auto insurance companies to create ratings of the top insurers. The companies receive a score in each of the categories below and an overall weighted rating out from 5.0 stars.

Industry Standing

Insurance companies with high financial rating and business practices earn the highest scores in this category.


We evaluate availability by state, as well as exclusions for certain groups of driver.


Its rating based on the types of insurance that are available, the limit of coverage, as well as additional policies.

Cost and Discounts

Our research team analyzes the auto insurance rate estimates produced through Quadrant Information Services for a range of drivers across every state. Businesses with lower rates and numerous discount options get the best scores.

Customer Service

We look through reviews from customers and studies of consumer feedback from experts such as J.D. Power.


Auto insurance companies that have mobile applications advanced online services, and Telematics are more likely fulfill the demands of consumers.

Freeway Insurance was founded in 1987 by Kelly Turton in Orange County, California. The initial focus of the company was on private automobile insurance for passengers and was later acquired through Westline Corp., which was later purchased by Confie which is one of the largest privately owned insurance companies across the United States and a portfolio company of the private equity company ABRY Partners, in 2008. Freeway Insurance has expanded through acquisitions by Confie which include Colyer Insurance, DeFranco Insurance, CW Baker Insurance, and Lewiston Insurance.

in 2021 Freeway Insurance became a sponsor of the Trackhouse Racing Team’s number. 99 Chevrolet Camaro, driven by Daniel Suarez in the NASCAR Cup Series. Freeway Insurance has also partnered with the California DMV to identify and register vehicles. The DMV was notified in April of 2021 that Alliant Insurance agreed to purchase Confie which is comprised of Freeway Insurance.

Freeway typically sells products within the non-standard market for auto insurance. From 2020, it offers renter’s and home owner’s coverage, insurance for health along with motorcycle insurance. Freeway Insurance also provides insurance for high-risk drivers who have poor driving histories. It has fifty-three Freeway Insurance locations in the United States, with retail locations in 22 states.

From 2008 onwards, Freeway Insurance has operated since 2008 in English and Spanish and more than 50 percent of its customers have identified their self by the term Hispanic or Latino. Freeway is primarily a provider of the market for non-standard auto insurance.

How Freeway Insurance works

Freeway offers insurance broker that typically means you pay the firm fees to search for an insurance policy that meets your requirements. In the majority of states, brokers have to reveal charges. But, before buying be sure to inquire about any additional fees on top of your cost. Freeway operates in several states, each having its own laws. Therefore, the fees may differ.

Broker fees are typically non-refundable. If you do have to cancel your insurance in the future, you will not be able to receive any amount you paid to the brokerage to locate the insurance you need. To avoid the broker’s fee think about purchasing your insurance for your vehicle directly from a company or an agent independent of the carrier. A tool for comparing insurance quotes will help you obtain several estimates.

Freeway Auto Insurance coverage Coverage for auto insurance coverage

If you’re in the market for insurance for your car It’s crucial to know the type of insurance you’re looking for and what coverage you’re required to get. A majority of states require car insurance before you can drive an automobile. Although the minimum requirements for insurance vary from state-to-state and state to state, they typically include liability insurance as well as the coverage for motorists who are uninsured or underinsured.

If you’re looking for additional protection, you could be looking into the full-coverage insurance. Full coverage isn’t a particular policy type, but rather an amalgamation of different types of coverage like collision, liability or comprehensive.

Freeway affirms that it is able to offer insurance to any driver even with a bad driving record or other issues. The company is able to help connect motorists with insurance providers that will complete an SR-22, that many states require to prove that you are insured following the occurrence of a DUI or another serious offense.

Freeway sells insurance policies from various major, well-known insurers and smaller firms which focus on insurance for high-risk drivers. The carriers that are part of Freeway’s network for insurance on cars are:

  • Dairyland.
  • Kemper.
  • National General.
  • Progressive.
  • Safeco.

Certain of these insurers have strong ratings of financial strength and receive only a few complaints from customers to regulators from the state. Others Freeway partners however, have numerous complaints and a questionable financial strength. If you’re offered a plan by a broker or an agent, you must be sure that the provider is a reliable company that you can count on.

Freeway Insurance may not give you quotes from all these businesses. The range of insurance options that you can access through Freeway will depend on the location you reside in. Your options for coverage and discounts will vary dependent on the carrier you select.

Auto buying insurance guide Auto insurance buying guide

Before you can compare insurance providers, you’ll need to gather some basic information. This includes the history of driving of each person who is covered by the policy, in addition to details about your vehicle, including safety features, and the annual mileage you drive.

It is also important to decide the types of coverage you require. For instance, do you need only the minimum insurance the state of your residence is required to have, or do you require more comprehensive coverage such as rideshare insurance or gap insurance? Be sure to check that the business you’re looking at has the coverage you’re looking for.

When comparing rates between insurance companies, ensure that you are getting the same coverage limit and deductibles. You shouldn’t decide on a cost solely. Check out how many customer complaints each business has and a high percentage of complaints can be a warning sign about the quality of the service you’ll get.

Depending on the firm you choose You may be able purchase insurance by phone, or through an agent. For more details, read how to obtain car insurance.


On the Freeway site, you can ask for a price quote, search for an office, and find out how to pay. However, only customers from Illinois and Indiana can make payments online via Freeway. Customers from other states might be able make payments online through their insurance company’s website. Additionally, other online features, including accessing policy information or submitting a claim could be offered by the insurer that issued your policy. Freeway’s website can be accessed in English as well as Spanish.

Other insurances from Freeway Additional insurance from Freeway

As a broker, Freeway sells many other kinds of coverage apart from auto insurance. Types of coverage include:

  • Snowmobile and ATV insurance.
  • Business insurance.
  • Commercial auto insurance.
  • Homeowners insurance.
  • Landlord insurance.
  • Life insurance.
  • Motorcycle insurance.
  • Motorhome insurance.
  • Renters insurance.
  • Watercraft insurance.
  • Health insurance.

Commonly requested questions Commonly asked questions

What is Freeway Insurance under? It’s a question of who is Freeway Insurance under?

About Freeway Insurance. The year 2008 was the first time that Freeway Insurance became a part of the Confie family of companies. among the biggest privately owned brokerages of insurance within the United States and captured the number one position for the fifth time consecutively for each year’s Top 50 Personal Lines Leaders report from Insurance Journal.

What are the four main kinds of auto coverage insurance?

Six of the most popular car insurance coverage options are auto liability insurance as well as uninsured and uninsured motorist protection, extensive coverage collision insurance, medical payment coverage and personal injury insurance. In the case of where you live certain options are mandatory while others are not mandatory.

Does Freeway Insurance have a app?

Freeway Insurance Claims app, is an app can be used to precisely keep track of and submit claim information direct to an insurance agent. It saves time and money, as well as safeguarding the lives of drivers and protecting the reputation of your company.

When is the best time to be driving on the freeway?

The most important thing to remember when driving on freeways is to create a wider space between your car and the other vehicles. If you’re looking to switch lanes, check the areas around your vehicle–the front and back as well as the lane that you’d like to get into. If you leave an expressway, don’t slow up on freeways.

What is an NAIC Insurance Code?

It is the NAIC numbers are a code assigned by is assigned by the National Association of Insurance Commissioner’s (NAIC) assigns to every individual underwriting firm. … for existing policyholders who have a policy, the NAIC number is also displayed on ID cards with the words “Company number.” “. _

What does Freeway insurance do?

Freeway Insurance offers a simple and affordable life insurance plan. We take away the complicated process of registering to allow you to select from a variety of Life insurance providers. You can apply within minutes online , and it’s completely free.


Freeway Insurance is a national chain that focuses its efforts on automobile insurance for drivers who are deemed “high risk,” such as those who have at-fault accidents tickets, DUIs or wrecks on their record. Freeway is not an insurance provider and doesn’t have the authority to underwrite its insurance policies. Instead, the insurance brokers of Freeway contact several insurance companies to find quotes for you.

The assistance of someone who shops in your place for an insurance policy may be beneficial, particularly in the event that you’ve struggled to find an insurance company that will take your. But, you can get more options and save any additional charges by comparing quotes of several insurance companies on your own.

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