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R. Kelly Net Worth (Updated 2022): How Rich is R Kelly and his income?

R Kelly Net Worth

R Kelly, known as the King of Pop soul, has done an immeasurable amount of work in bringing the hip hop and pop industry up. The Hip hop legend and the backbone of pop music, a single artist who survived based on his pure talent,  R Kelly has given us numerous masterpieces, including “Your body’s callin,” “I believe I can fly,” and “Gotham City,” and many more.

R Kelly had received a lot of recognition from the masses for his singing and experience in songwriting, remixing songs, and producing songs and records. He had the privilege of authoring the song “you are not alone” for The King of Pop, Michael Jackson. He has also received several awards, including the most prestigious one, the Grammy for “I believe I can fly.” Unfortunately, the bright side of the story seems to end here as he is a convicted criminal for crime against women and has been involved in controversies one after another.

Early Life

R Kelly was born Robert Sylvester Kelly in the suburbs of Hyde Park in Chicago with three other siblings. Joanne Kelly was the only parent figure who worked as a school teacher in his family.

Later, when R Kelly reached 5, stepfather Lucious became the new family member. Singing was the only escape he had from the dark, haunting past. In his autobiography,

R Kelly explicitly claimed several accounts of sexual abuse from his family members and family friends of both genders. 

His brother also supported his claim and described the hideous crime. Then, after the encouragement he got from his high school teacher, he dropped out and began pursuing the path of his destiny.


R Kelly had seen a constant peak in his career from 1993 when his single pop album came, and after that, he never looked back. With R Kelly’s songs like “I believe I can fly,” we can say that he launched himself. Being a valuable part of Michael Jackson’s albums is more than impressive for a newbie, while people in the industry can’t even reach near The King of Pop. 

He has been in a frame with other celebrities like Celine Dion and Whitney Houston. But, he was able to get his hands on Grammy two times and won Billboard Awards for best artist in hip-hop and R&B category. R Kelly singer, songwriter, and secretive basketball player making him an allrounder leaving no art in the world untouched.

Controversies related to R Kelly’s Personal Life, The bad and the worst!

The personal life of R Kelly was tragic and sorrowful. Moreover, he lost his mother to cancer and was underground for a while. His first wife, Andrea Lee, was a background dancer and married him in 1996, filling the spot for his lost family. She gave him 3 children, 2 sons, and a daughter. In 2005, people got to know about Andrea’s serious allegations of physical assault and left his life. 

Several media personalities have covered the alleged reality of his second marriage. It has been silently spread that Aliyah and R Kelly met in an art school where he was his mentor and was physically using her; after she got pregnant, he married her.

What did R Kelly do to reserve a place in jail?

In the 1990s, the dark times of R Kelly started and never left his life. R Kelly’s news flashing all day long in every household made him an object of shame. He never accepted any of the allegations, although he has been with him all this while. Finally, the release of the season after season of “Surviving R Kelly ” brought his dark secrets in front of everybody, leaving everybody disgusted; how far a star can go for filthy satisfaction.

2019, the worst year of R Kelly’s life, several women collected claiming their part of the story in January. In February, he was framed for 10 counts of sexual abuse. And by July, he was arrested for 18 federal sexual crimes against women and children, including women’s sexual abuse, kidnapping, child pornography, and forced abortions. In addition, he has been in physical contact with minors which also proved to be right. 

He was charged with a hefty $1 million dollar bond and was granted bail. The R Kelly verdict came a decade after, which is quite astonishing. You might be wondering, is R Kelly in jail now? Yes, R Kelly’s sentence was 10 years only, and he is currently serving at MDC Brooklyn.

R Kelly Net worth

R Kelly net worth is 100 thousand dollars, as reported by Regal Tribune. Whether the fame is good or bad, celebs are now well aware of how to cash it out. R Kelly has all kinds of social media handles, which brought him a ton of money from paid promotions, and as you know, the algorithm is what runs the world. The steep increase in R Kelly’s net worth has everything to do with his lifetime worth of controversies and limelight from R Kelly’s trial release.

The Final Words

Nobody ever knows the truth behind the colorful life until we come across their true colors. R Kelly is one of them, a mysterious man with many more secrets within him, but we have brought you some exclusive content about him and intend to bring you more such information.

Feel free to drop your worthy suggestions in the comments below; we eagerly await your next request.

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