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How long should I wait to bleach my hair again

How long should I wait to bleach my hair again? You Should bleach your hair again after three weeks approximately. Waiting Too much is good when it comes to Bleaching your hair.

How long should I wait to bleach my hair again?

To Answer, you should wait around 1-3 weeks or more because multiple attempts of Bleach may damage your hair roots also their cuticles without giving them time to heal.

how long should I wait to bleach my hair again

Performing the bleaching process repeatedly does not only damage your cuticles and roots; sometimes, it may superiorly damage your hair colour. To maintain hair strength and colour integrity, One may avoid bleaching their hair again for almost a week, if not more. If you’re looking to get platinum blonde with dark hair, you’ll likely have to change to a mid-toned orange first. Then, treat and maintain your hair before bleaching it once more.


Bleaching your hair requires good kit and good hands. Applying bleach everyday or every week can be disastrous for your hair. We recommend bleaching once per month or in 3 weeks to avoid serious damage. For more guide get in touch we with your nearby professional salon.

How Long Are You Supposed to Leave Bleach On Your Hair?

You might already know how to use permanent,semi-permanent, and temporary hair colours when it comes to hair colouring. But do you know the guidelines for bleaching your hair? Bleaching is undoubtedly not something you should experiment with since it can dramatically alter your hair’s appearance and health.

Natural Obtained Color results
10Extra Light Blonde
9Very Light Blonde
8Light Blonde
Hair lightening Levels During Bleaching your Hairs

Don’t worry; you can consult plenty of resources to learn the correct methods. When it comes to bleaching, some of them asked questions is about the length of time bleach should be allowed to remain in the hair. Here’s the solution to this question, as well as the consequences that happen if you go over the suggested time.

Can You Leave Bleach In Your Hair Too Long?

The Answer is simple: yes, you can keep Bleach streaks in your hair for a long time. However, there are no benefits. Infusing Bleach into your hair may cause extreme damage. Doing this longer than the suggested time could result in damaged hair.

This is why it’s crucial to follow the instructions on the package and ensure that you wait a minimum of 14 days after each bleaching session. To know the Answer for How long should I wait to bleach my hair again? You have to read my article thoroughly to understand how Bleach affects your hair.

How Long Are You Supposed To Leave Bleach On Your Hair?

There’s no standard for how long Bleach should be left in your hair. As a guideline, it’s best to follow the directions that come with the bleaching kit you’re employing. Ensure you don’t allow it to remain on for more than the recommended time.

Bleaching Factors: Which determine the longevity of bleaching:

Different elements may affect how your hair is bleached or the length of time it can be kept on. We’ve put together some of the factors to consider in determining the length of time you should allow Bleach to remain within your hair.


There are some factors that determines how long should you leave bleach in your hair. But that type of analysis can only be done with some Professional. Here we RSpedia can only tell How long averagely can you leave bleach in your hair or how long should you wait to bleach again. To obtain appropriate answer you have to get in touch with a pro.

Factor #1: Your Hair Type

Different types of hair, like virgin hair, tend to lighten faster than other types because virgin hair has not been dyed or processed chemically in any manner. Newcomers should be extra cautious not to let Bleach sit over a long period.

Factor #2: Your Starting Color

If you’re beginning with deep dark brown colour, then you’ll probably have to let Bleach sit on your hair for a longer time to achieve the brightness you desire. As per the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD), selecting the colour that falls within three shades of the natural hair’s shade is recommended. A hair colour lighter than three shades is a requirement for more peroxide, which can cause more hair damage.

Editor’s Note: When the Bleach has begun becoming dry, it ceases treating your hair, and your hair won’t become lighter from then from that point. I don’t believe that letting the Bleach remain on longer than suggested will bring you that blonde white shade you’ve always wanted.

Factor #3: Your Desired Color

Naturally, the goals you have for your hair’s colour determine how long you need to allow Bleach to remain for your hair. The longer you keep it on, your natural hair’s colour will lighten and the lighter the hair will appear. If you’re looking for an imminent change in your hair, the time needed may be shorter than when you want to make a significant shift, like changing from dark brown to a platinum blonde.

Editor’s Note: Darker colours could also turn orange when Bleach is left on too long. Read our article What Colors Are You able to use to cover your hair with orange? To fix your hair’s colour.

Factor #4: The Type Of Developer

When you’re using a colour kit, you’ll follow the directions on the box, which include information on the length of time you need to allow the Bleach to remain on. If your hair has been coloured at a salon, your stylist will mix Bleach with a developer. The time the Bleach stays in your hair is affected by the developer they choose to use. Developers come in various volumes, and a smaller volume will usually require you to leave the bleach mix in place for a more extended period.

How To Tell When It’s Time To Remove Bleach

How do you determine when you ought to get rid of the Bleach? Set timers and check back regularly through your hair and determine how lightening is taking place and if it requires additional time. A different option would be to try an experiment before bleaching the entire head.

This will allow you to determine how your hair handles Bleach and the time the process takes for it to get lighter without doing a test on your entire head. Apply Bleach to a few hair strands in the layer beneath your hair. You can then determine the time it takes to reduce the lightness.

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Bleach Hair At Home

You can Bleach hair at home only if you have some experience Salon person with you. We recommend You go to a salon to avoid any mistakes.

Bleaching My Hair

Here is a method you can use to bleach hair at home:

For a full-on, all-over blonde look, use hydrogen peroxide combined with Bleach for hair. This combination eliminates the natural pigment within the hair strand and helps open the hair’s cuticle so that Bleach can quickly strip the colour. Valles isn’t a fan of bleaching hair with only peroxide because it could make the hair appear brassy, and it doesn’t lift as much as Bleach does.

Another Method that is lower risk and is easy to execute:

To lighten your hair with no bleach: Try permanent colour for hair. Valles recommends choosing a shade that is two shades lighter than the natural hair shade. (For instance, if you are an average brunette, you can choose a Level 7 blonde dye to make it thinly lighter.)

Frequently asked questions

Here are some frequently asked questions related to the article How long should I wait to bleach my hair again:

1. How can I bleach my hair at home without harming it?

To bleach your hair without harming it, Combine one teaspoon bleach with two parts peroxide or developer. Apply a small amount of Bleach to your skin, and apply a coat to a strand of your hair. Allow the Bleach to rest for 30 minutes. Then rinse it off, and examine the results. Examine the shade of your hair and then apply it for the recommended time provided on the box. If not, put it until an hour or two.

2. Should I bleach my hair at home?

Yes, you can, provided you have a qualified professional alongside you or nearby. But bleaching at home can be thought to be a bad idea by experts. Why? Because one mistake could cause a lot of damage to your hair. Bleaching may seem simple, but mixing Bleach with various dyes and regulators is a challenge and requires a professional touch. According to Bodt, it is not recommended to make use of any bleach for your hair at home, even when it’s just a simple hair touch-up.

3. Should I bleach my hair again if it turns orange?

No. Unfortunately, the roots of orange caused by bleaching won’t fade to the desired colour by themselves. It is impossible to predict that the hue will fade with time. The only method to rid yourself of the orange roots is to correct the colour of the shade that is not desired. This can be done by applying a toner or a pigmented shampoo.

4. Can I use purple shampoo right after bleaching?

Yes, you can, but don’t do it if you like your hair colour. When your hair starts to turn red, yellow, or brassy toned, please do not use it before that since it can create a greyish tint on your hair. The purple shampoos are designed to neutralize excessive yellows, and therefore, you can use them after you’ve bleached your hair. If you love the colour of your hair that has been breached, it’s not necessary.

5. Can I bleach my hair again right after?

No, Never do it. We’ll go over the time frame you should wait to bleach your hair once more. Ideally, it would help to wait at least 3 to 4 weeks before the following bleaching procedure. This will help protect the hair’s damage from being caused by Bleach.

6. Can I bleach my hair twice in 2 weeks?

No, you cannot. How Long Should You Wait Before The Second Bleaching Session? Make sure you don’t bleach your hair more than twice per week. You should wait between 4 and six weeks before bleaching again. This lets your hair be hydrated, rest and heal in the aftermath of your first bleaching session.

7. How long should I wait in between bleaching my hair?

About 3—4 weeks or more. Even if you decide that your hair didn’t suffer any significant damage during your bleaching treatment, it’s usually recommended to wait for at minimum one day between treatments with Bleach.

8. How do you tell if you can bleach your hair again?

Do a test strand of foil in the back of your head. If your hair has been bleached before then, you should not bleach it again. It is also possible to try making your hair damp and pulling it out as if you’re trying to cut your hair. If it’s stretched too much, the hair is damaged.

9. Can I bleach my hair again after five days?

Yes, you can, but I suggest waiting three to four weeks between bleaching sessions if you’re conducting it yourself. Between the bleaching sessions, it is essential to aid your hair in regaining moisture and protein based on the extent of the damage. It isn’t advisable to overdose with protein even if your hair isn’t damaged in any way, but at a minimum, some protein needs to be utilized.

10. How many times should I bleach my hair to get it blonde?

In most instances, you’ll need to bleach it at a minimum twice. Should you decide to bleach more than once, it is recommended to do each bleaching procedure at intervals of at least a week to prevent stressing your hair. Do not bleach your hair more than twice a day. Otherwise, you’ll cause more damage and damage your hair very badly.

11. How many times can I bleach my hair in a month?

Only two times. However, It is not recommended to Bleach your hair more often than every 8-10 weeks as bleaching your hair can cause damaged hair that is chemically damaged. It’s crucial to realize that bleaching your hair is highly damaging that your hair must endure.

12. Should I bleach it again or Tone it?

Use a toner. If your hair is brassy or yellow, you probably need some toner. Orange hair can be bleached slightly more. However, if it’s brassy or yellow, you should consider a toner. Don’t ignore the toner or bleach your hair a second time since this will not work.


How long should I wait to bleach my hair again? You should wait approximately three weeks or more if you want to bleach again. Performing bleaching process repeatedly can harm your hairs colour and strength. Bleaching is not an exemplary process for hair or skin when you overdo it. Try to Bleach your hair once a month. Or use advice from your nearby professional salon to get a more satisfactory Answer and process for getting your hair blonde or orange.

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