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How Much is Obsidian Worth

how much is obsidian worth

How much is obsidian worth? Obsidian is an opaque glass rock that has no set price. While it can be located in a variety of locations, however, it is found most commonly in areas of recent geological volcanic activity.

Obsidian older than that is scarce and the process employed to create it changes it at such a speed that it ceases to be effective. But, the price of a single kilogram of obsidian that is of high quality could range between $20 and $100. This means that obsidian’s price can be highly fluctuating.

How much is Obsidian Worth

The value of obsidian is contingent on its grade, industrial grade, and size. A 2-5 pound piece of the material is usually more valuable than a similar shape two-pound element made of the same substance.

how much is obsidian worth
Blue Obsidian

Depending on the size and color, specific details, like carvings, maybe as little as $2 and as much as $100. Obsidian is a popular choice, but you should be aware of low-cost imitations.

How much do Obsidian cost?

How much is Obsidian Worth? Although obsidian is inexpensive and is available on the internet, the price per one pound of it will vary, and a 2 pound piece costs as high as $100, based upon the grade. You can also check the authenticity of the obsidian gem by using a torch to melt it. If the black onyx will not melt when put in water. If you’re uncertain it is fake, go to Amazon.

The cost of obsidian is high. According to the cut and quality, one pound of obsidian can range between $2 and $100. You can also find the cost for an obsidian block using an electric lighter. If it doesn’t melt, then it’s not genuine. Obsidian is one of the rare stones regarding how cutting and polishing will impact its value.

Although obsidian isn’t an expensive stone, it could be offered at auction online at a price as low as $2. The cost of an obsidian gemstone can be anywhere between $2 and $100 depending on the cutting and polishing. If you’re looking to purchase an obsidian ring, finding a quality piece at an affordable cost is possible. If you’re looking to buy an obsidian ring, you must be prepared to invest lots of dollars.

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Different Price For Different Obsdian Variety

If you’re searching for jewelry made of obsidian, the prices can vary greatly. The most expensive varieties are gold-plated, while others are opaque or black.

How much is Obsidian Worth

Black obsidian, however, is not a natural mineral and is made of silicon dioxide. It’s a ubiquitous stone, but its worth can differ considerably. If you’re searching for an exclusive pendant or necklace, It could be worth just a few dollars or hundreds of dollars.

Obsidian is believed as a strongly protective stone. It can absorb negative energy and shield against psychic attacks. Also utilized to heal.

It may clean your chakras as well as clean up your psychic pollution. An obsidian stone that is well-made could be worth as little as up to $100, based on the quality and quality of the processing.

However, it’s not an affordable stone. Based on the cutting and polishing qualities, it can cost anywhere between $2 and hundreds of dollars.

Obsidian is sought-after as a stone. It is usually cut into cabochons and beads and is utilized in jewelry production. Obsidian in the past was used for knives and arrowheads.

Today obsidian is used as a scalpel for surgical use. The brittleness of obsidian is what makes it an unattractive surgery instrument. Apart from jewelry, it is typically considered a stone of healing.

How much is Obsidian worth: Summary

Obsidian is a reasonably inexpensive stone. Its cost ranges from $180 to over $1,000. Prices will differ based on the grade and kind of obsidian you choose to purchase. Obsidian is not cheap. However, it is highly sought-after because of its metaphysical characteristics. It’s not a cheap stone. However, it is a rugged rock. This means it’s not an inexpensive stone to acquire.

Snowflake Obsidian Price

how much is obsidian worth
Snowflake Obsidian Pic

According to Amazon, Snowflake Obsidian will cost you around $10-15 depending on the jewelry its been shaped and made into.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the frequently asked questions related to the article how much is obsidian worth:

1. How much is Blue Obsidian Worth?

The price is which is a bit high, and you could expect to pay anywhere from $30 to 70 dollars for an ounce of natural blue obsidian, which is smaller or palm-sized. Blue obsidian that is manufactured might provide some relief to your pockets.

2. How much Is Red Obsidian Worth?

When you browse the market, you are likely to see smaller, tumbled red obsidian stones available at about $10. If these stones have been made into jewelry, the price will be more, with some stones going for upwards of $50.

3. How Much Is A Pound Of Obsidian Worth?

Obsidian worth around $10 for a pound of Obsidian Rock. The obsidian rock weighing around 1 pound is valued exactly $10 dollars. This price is for the rock not for the jewelry.

4. What is the rarest type of obsidian?

Fire Obsidian is a rare form that has an iridescent look and is located throughout the Northwest of the U.S.A. It is a stunning color and pattern This stone can be transformed into stunning gemstones that resemble Opals.


How much is obsidian worth? The cost of obsidian is generally based on the kind and the process it goes through. This can result in the cost of obsidian range between $2.00 to $100.00. The wholesale price is somewhere between $5.00 or $10.00 for a kilogram obsidian unprocessed.

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