How many Camels am i worth?

How many Camels am i worth?, You are worth 10 to 110 camels based on your appearance. Camel Calculator is used to find the exact number of your camel worth. The result is ridiculous and absurd.

Why Camel?. Many societies have a tradition in Arab continents to price the bride in return for camels. which is absurd and non-logical. However on social media it has become a trend to find your worth in terms of camel.

How Many Camels Am I Worth?

How many camels am I worth? In proper words, this is not a correct question, but rather it is a most circulating question on social media like TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, etc.

In this way, inspired by the well-known social pattern, we have arranged a more top-to-the-bottom quiz that makes a decision about your solid and powerless sides and determines your worth in camels. That is an exciting notion if I know one.

According to the SUN, the quiz turned into a web sensation on TikTok when adolescents began calculating their worth in camels using online instruments. There is no preliminary information on how the test got into TikTokers’ feeds.

Be that as it may, the Gen-Zers are believed to be the explanation it got so famous. The apparatuses’ popularity increased when clients began estimating their folks’ livestock worth and that of celebrities’.

Reports even indicate that one of the online analyzers collided due to surprisingly high traffic to their website.

Why do people groups inquire, “How Many Camels Am I Worth?”


Take this How Many Camels Am I Worth test to discover. We update the test routinely, and it is the most dependable among the other tests. Camel keeping has been rehearsed for north of 4000 years.

Camels’ mounds permit them to accumulate 80 pounds of fat, which they can stay alive off for quite a long time or even a long time without drinking water.

The same explanation they ask things like, “Am I beautiful or appalling?” Some individuals, especially teens, need to realize how desirable they look. They will often take a wide range of bizarre questionnaires to make a statement along these lines.

The livestock-worth number cruncher on the internet dissect your physical appearance to think of results. Thus, the overall belief is that the more camel you are worth, the more attractive you are.

The Dark History of Camel Calculators

How many camels am i worth

Camels have been utilized in certain countries as installments for marriage, blood cash, and even divorce charges. In such countries, livestock is equivalent to cash concerning trading.

Be that as it may, on two occasions (share/mahr and Diya), camels are utilized to ascertain a human’s worth.

Share and Mahr

A share is a gift that the bride pays to the husband to be in countries like India. In any case, Mahr is an installment that a Muslim husband to be should make to the bride’s family.

In the two cases, the worth of the man or lady is determined by their look, social status, and socioeconomic state.

It is regularly for individuals of these regions and religions to pay the said charge in the type of livestock.

In this way, when you inquire, “How much my girlfriend/boyfriend is worth?” you need to know how much you should pay to wed them even though you are ignorant regarding the meaning.


According to Britannica, “Diyah in Islam is a type of blood cash which is determined in camels. If you kill a Muslim man, you should pay 100 camels to his family.

However, the punishment for murdering a lady is just 50 camels. What’s more the quantity of livestock lessens to one-third or even less for non-Muslim victims.”

It might appear to be innocent of inquiring, “How many camels am I worth?” But in certain countries, such questions determine an individual’s life esteem, which is screwed up.

Things That Affect Your Test Results:

Your score will be anything between 10 to 110 camels. In any case, what makes the numbers different for the participants? Our investigates show that the following four elements are the main determiners of your livestock worth.


The more youthful, the better. Practically all online mini-computers favor youthful participants over more established ones.

Facial elements

Things like being a fair lady or being a masculine-looking person influence your outcome positively.


Taller men will more often than not be worth more camels. However, in ladies, the normal height is by all accounts more attractive.

Body type

Solid guys and lively females are worth more camels in the online tests.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions related to the article “how many Camels am I worth?” :

Which Countries Still Use Camels to Trade Humans?

Many Middle Eastern countries like Iran and Saudi Arabia still use camel adding machines to determine blood cash, settlement, or Mahr. According to Hivisasa, individuals in Somalis pay camels to the bride’s family to show regard and reinforce their bond. Livestock exchange before marriage is likewise a typical practice in a few pieces of India.

Why Exactly Camel Calculator?

There is a tradition of “buying a bride” in many societies. The tradition goes way back to the times without present-day cash; buying something was more like trading. Moreover, every region had its significant merchandise that could be acknowledged as a type of installment.

In certain countries, silk and spices were esteemed in other livestock. Some praised ponies. I surmise the notion of evaluating in camels comes from the dream of exotic sheiks stealing you away to live in the hot paradise, right? At any rate, this is the thing that I imagine when the price comes in camels.

How Much is Camel Worth?

You may easily see a camel worth at $10,000-20,000 in certain countries. However, there is little find when evaluating individuals in camels. These animals accompany different price labels depending on your location.

The least expensive can be found in Africa and Middle East countries like Egypt, where they come around a few hundred dollars.

Countries with camels just in zoos will see the price raised 10 or even 100 times! Subsequently, this quiz is exceptionally subjective to your location. It likewise implies that you’ll cost differently in different countries.

How Many Camels Is My Boyfriend Worth?

If you wonder this question, you might be prepared to whisk him away and build your family together, right? At any rate, you can become familiar with the “price number” for no reason in particular here!

However, how is it determined? What influences the number? Such criteria as height, weight, body type, age, eyes tone, hair tone, etc., are typically considered. Additionally, we’ve incorporated such questions as intelligence and independence.

You will find many questions past the standard physical angles that dominate TikTok and the official camel quiz. I, as a maker, believe that advanced society needs to pick significant others dependent on something beyond physical appearance.

How Many Camels Is My Girlfriend Worth?

Ladies are surveyed much more towards their physical elements than men! In this way, you’ll find more questions about their body types and estimations as far as they might be concerned.

This is dismal; indeed, however, that is the reality of our society. Ladies are decided more on their appearance than men.

However, in this quiz, you’ll find that everyone is evaluated according to their physical and mental abilities and characteristics without discrimination! It is an online test with questions about your physical highlights to determine your worth in livestock.

The idea is that the better you look, the more camels you are worth. The outcomes likewise indicate how much somebody would pay to wed you.

Why Are Some Against the Camel Calculators?

Many recommend that questions like, “how many camels am I worth?” are offensive. Also, it is not adequate to survey one’s worth with livestock.

The critics also point out common liberties issues, such as domestic violence and crimes against ladies brought about by share or Mahr.

They believe romanticizing and using camel number crunchers upholds unethical laws and behaviors against certain minorities.


How many Camels am i worth? Your worth in camels is around 10 or 110 based on your appearance. You can know your worth using Camel Calculator. The result is based on your figure and color.

You may worth 67 camels if you have dark hairs with short length, dark brown eye color, and normal body figure. For a Girl the calculator may require breast size yours to generate your result.

When a camel tracks down water, it can drink up to 40 liters at a time. Camels are very hearty and can go as much as 25 kilometers each day while conveying 900 pounds. Camels can arrive at rates of up to 40 miles each hour.

Camel skin cushions on their chest and knees permit them to sit serenely on exceptionally hot sand. They might even absolutely close their noses during dust storms.

In this way, I think you understand. Camels are astonishing creatures. Accordingly, deciding somebody’s worth in camels is a special encounter. Thus, the following time somebody questions your value or says you have no worth, you can banter with them by raising camels and showing camels’ worth.

Besides carrying a smile to your face and giving real camel esteem, this is the essential objective of the number of camels I am worth testing.

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