Different Types of Family Charts Used Commonly Around the World 

It is easy to become exhausted and go off the rails once you start creating a family tree because of the vast amount of information you will encounter. Today, we will understand different types of the family tree and focus on one area at a time so you may create the most accurate and efficient tree that tells your family’s history.

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Types of Family Tree Chart

Ahnentafel Numbering

It is the German word for “ancestor table”. The starting person and each ancestor are assigned distinct numbers using the Ahnentafel numbering system. To find a person’s father, double their number, and to find their mother, add one to the father’s number. 

All in One Family Tree

Everyone in your file, including ancestors, descendants, and cousins, is displayed in this one chart in the family tree. It’s excellent for seeing everyone at once, but as your family file gets bigger, it rapidly gets confused.

Pedigree Chart

It typically displays three to five generations as a tree on a letter-sized piece of paper. Pedigree charts, like family group records, are helpful “at-a-glance” summaries of what you know and should be brought on research travels in your three-ring binder. A “book layout” ancestor tree is the most similar thing to a typical pedigree chart.

Cascading Pedigree Charts

A series of numbered pedigree charts outlining a person’s lineage can be printed using several programs. The chart numbers are calculated automatically, and it is quicker than printing each chart individually.

Descendant Report

The descendant report for generations also includes dates and locations of birth, death, and burial. It serves as a convenient, condensed manner for presenting comprehensive information on a person’s descendants.

Family Group Record

This record outlines your information about marriage and their kids in a brief manner. It includes names, birth, marriage, death, and burial dates and places, as well as source citations. For convenient access at home and when conducting research, arrange these sheets in a three-ring binder according to the husband’s last name.

Fan Chart

A circle or semicircle with the beginning person in the center is created on a sheet. Each circle, starting in the center, shows a generation of ancestors or descendants. A fan chart takes up more room than a typical chart but makes it simple to see, which branches of the tree are missing.

Genealogy Report

A narrative history that depicts the forebears or descendants. Ideal for compiling all your data on a person’s ancestors or descendants into one book. Choose between the Register, NGS Quarterly (Modified Register), or Ahnentafel numbering systems for descendants or ancestors.

Kinship Report

This report contains a list of names in alphabetical order, along with each person’s connection to a certain person. It allows you to easily determine who is related to whom in your file.

Life Bar Chart

These timeline diagrams highlight significant turning points in a person’s life. By including local, national, and worldwide events, you may provide historical context as well.

The easiest way of beginning putting your family information is to start with a simple chart. Go through all the kinds of family chars mentioned above and make your decision accordingly. 

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