A Guide to the Different Types of Water Troughs for Your Farm

A Guide to the Different Types of Water Troughs for Your Farm

If you are a farmer looking for suppliers, you may be wondering. What is the best water for my animals? While this may be a little more focused on livestock, drinking water for your animals is just as important as well!

This is why if you are a farmer looking for an alternative to the basic garden hose, there are different water troughs for animals to find the one that best fits your farm.

Read below to learn more about the different water trough options for your farm with our guide!

Steel Water Troughs

Steel water troughs are a great choice for farms as they are strong yet lightweight and easy to install. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, ranging from smaller models suitable for stacking inside the farm pen to large models with a much higher capacity.

This kind of water trough is hand-welded and made out of strong galvanized steel. It is rust and corrosion-proof and requires minimal care and maintenance. It is perfect for both livestock and horses, features built-in support for automatic cleaning, and has a drain plug for easy and quick draining.

It includes a float valve, which ensures that the tank remains at the ideal water level. Make sure to speak with your local water trough representative to learn more about which steel model is best for you and what water trough monitoring system would fit your model best.

Concrete Water Troughs

Concrete water troughs are good for providing clean, fresh water for animals on your farm. Designed to be durable, they can withstand prolonged exposure to rain, wind, and animals. Although they are heavier than plastic or metal troughs, they often last much longer, providing your farm with long-term water supply solutions.

Concrete troughs typically include a drain pipe so that you can easily keep them clean and clear. They are often equipped with rubber or plastic lining to reduce evaporation and keep water temperatures lower.

Plastic Water Troughs

Plastic water troughs provide a safe and easy way to give water source for your cattle, horses, and other livestock. Plastic is great because it is completely weather-proof and will last a long time even with direct sunlight and other rough elements.

Plastic water troughs come in a variety of sizes and shapes allowing you to fit the trough in any area of your farm. They are lightweight, making them easy to transport. With proper care, plastic water troughs can last for a long time and make a great addition to your farm for your livestock to stay hydrated.

Wooden Water Troughs

Wooden water troughs are durable, affordable, and easy to set up. They are relatively lightweight, allowing you to move them around your farm if necessary. Wooden water troughs come in varying sizes, depending on the size of your livestock.

They have a good seal to prevent water from leaking out. Wooden water troughs should be regularly maintained to reduce the risk of diseases such as E. Coli being spread. They should be scrubbed down weekly and the water level should be checked regularly.

Any cracks in the trough should be sealed to prevent any water loss. For best results, use an eco-friendly wood cleaner that is specifically designed to be used on animal enclosures.

Shop Smart

Water troughs give a practical solution for the health of your farm animals. Make sure to check for quality, durability, and convenience when choosing the best option for your farm.

Shop smart now with our comprehensive guide on water troughs!

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