Why Every Business Owner in Dubai Should Have a Trusted Tax Agent on Speed Dial

Dubai is famous as a business hub for entrepreneurs and investors from across the globe. From luxurious hotels to modern infrastructure, Dubai has everything that can attract businesses of all types and sizes. But running a successful business in Dubai also comes with its own set of challenges.  

Why having a reliable tax agent can make all the difference for your business growth and success in this bustling city!

A trusted tax agent can help your business get the most out of its taxes. They can provide guidance on how to structure your company for optimal taxation, as well as offer a one-stop shop for all your tax needs. A tax agent can also help you file your taxes on time, ensuring that you pay the correct amount of tax and avoid penalties.

Qualifications and Experience of a Tax Agent in Dubai

A approved tax agent in Dubai can make your taxes in Dubai a lot easier. There are many qualifications and experiences that come with being a tax agent in Dubai. To be a qualified tax agent, one must first have a college degree in business, accounting, or taxation. Additionally, experience working as an accountant is desirable. Many tax agents in Dubai also have years of experience working for large accounting firms or in the government sector. 

This hands-on knowledge ensures that the agent can handle all aspects of your taxes from start to finish. 

Beyond qualifications and experience, it’s important to choose a tax agent who you trust. A good way to gauge this is to ask the agent if they have ever been sued or had any complaints filed against them by their clients. If the answer is no, then you can feel confident that they will work on your behalf during your tax filing process.

Fees charged by Tax Agents in Dubai

According to a recent survey by the Dubai Chamber of Commerce, it is now mandatory for all businesses operating in Dubai to appoint a tax agent. 

Tax agents in Dubai are licensed professionals and they charge fees for their services. Business owners should determine how much they are willing to pay for a trusted tax agent before engaging one. The following are some key factors that business owners need to consider when hiring a tax agent: 

1. The type of service required.

They offer different types of services, such as

  • Preparing taxes
  • Providing advice on residency and taxation
  • Assisting with export and import declarations

 It is important to know what type of service you must before engaging a tax agent.

2. The level of expertise required.

 All tax agents must have at least an undergraduate degree in business administration or accounting from a credible institution.

They must register with the relevant authority in the country they are resident in. They must also pass an exam specific to their field which proves their skill in taxation matters.

3. The availability of resources and support.

They usually have extensive resources, 

  • Including databases containing information on legal requirements 
  • Tax laws are applicable to various industries

As well as years of experience helping businesses navigate the intricacies of taxation law. They also typically offer support during the preparation process, offering tips and advice as needed.

4. The cost of the service offered.

 Tax agents typically charge between Dh1, 000 and Dh5, 000 per hour for their services, which can

Preparation and Submission of Documents to Authorities 

As a business owner in Dubai, you are likely familiar with the various taxes that you may pay. From corporate tax to VAT, there is a tax that applies to almost every aspect of your business operations. But, if you are not prepared to deal with these taxes yourself, you should consider appointing a trusted tax agent to help you with the process.

There are a few things that you will need to prepare before submitting your documents to authorities:

1. Business registration documents:

 This includes everything from the company’s name and address to its official documents (such as licenses and permits).

2. Tax returns: 

Every business in Dubai need to file annual tax returns, which will include information on income and expenses as well as any payments made in relation to taxes.

3. Proof of income and expenses: 

You will also need documentation evidencing your income and expenses for the year in question. This could include bank statements, invoices, or other relevant documentation.


Tax time is one of the most stressful times for business owners and it can be difficult to keep up with all the changes in tax laws. That’s where a trusted tax agent comes in handy, as they can help you navigate the complex tax laws and make sure you are paying your taxes. Having a tax agent on speed dial can spare you a lot of hassle and stress, so make sure to contact one if you need their help this year.

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