Unclaimed Investments Can Be Easily Claimed by IEPF Claim

When it comes to IEPF, it can be used for promoting awareness mainly amongst novice investors and their interests protected. That’s why IEPF, is set up by MCA or simply the Ministry of Corporate Affairs.

Interesting, several investors are unheard of related to this fund. India’s government mainly, under the companies act 2013’s section 125, established a production fund and investor education authority for the IEPF Claim authority in September 2016. This authority is entrusted with making refunds of matured deposits, unclaimed dividends, and shares, along with the promotion of awareness amongst investors.

Claim a reward of IEPF

  • Visit the IEPF’s official website and hit the option, namely, “IEPF form 5.” On the screen, a form will appear, which is required to be filled out. After the form filling, just uploads it. After hitting the “upload option,” then the person would reach the page of the corporate affairs ministry. Further, there is a need for uploading the form here.
  • It is necessary to login into this page with the help of a password and ID. In case someone fails to have any password or ID the option of “register” can be clicked. By offering the vital details register at it and further into the new account, just log in.
  • Just after logging in is done, there is a requirement of selecting the option of “normal upload.”
  • Now, hit on the “browse” option and further attach the form. Select the “submit” option after doing so.
  • Now, an SRN is generated, and a person has to make a payment. Mainly there are two options for payment: pay later or pay now. Generally, there is zero payment fee, and thus, it is better for selecting the option of “pay now” for acknowledgment.
  • After the selection of the option “pay now,” hit the option “finish.” Then a person can see this option just after appearing zero-fee on the screen.

After applying for a refund

The above-mentioned steps aid in the refund application. After applying for a refund there is a need for a certain procedure to be followed by investors. To the Nodal center, the investor has to send the documents or attachments. A person has to do this only for that the refund’s claim becomes successful. All the documents must be needed to keep in an envelope. It mainly states “claim for a refund from IEPF authority.” This envelope is sent to the Nodal center. The mandatory documents are mentioned below:

  •  A printout mainly of the form IEPS 5, which is properly filled. Make sure that by the claimant, the form is signed and other holders of the account.
  •  An acknowledgment copy that can be get just after uploading the form of claim.
  • The indemnity bond’s original copy. Make sure it is by the claimant be signed duly.
  • In case the amount is more in comparison to INR 10,000, then there is a need of signing on a stamp paper of non-judiciary. The value must be under the Stamp Act is written. Make sure for entering the place, signature, and date of both the witness and claimants.
  • If the amount is less in comparison to INR 10,000 then submit a plain paper along with signature.
  • If someone is applying for a share’s refund, then a stamp paper of non-judicial be submitted. The paper must have the value as chiefly stated under the Stamp Act.
  • The advance stamped receipt’s original copy by submitted. This receipt must have the claimant’s signature and two witnesses.
  • If someone is mainly filling for a refund of matured debenture or deposits offering the original certificate chiefly to the IEPF.
  • Entitlement’s proof of the funds. Just like a certificate of interest warrants, shares, or similar documents.
  • A copy of the claimant’s Aadhar card. In case there are account holders of a joint one, then a person also needs to offer each joint account holder’s Aadhar copy.
  • A canceled cheque leaf’s original copy. This cheque must be in the claimant’s name and must comprise the number of the same account, just like in the IEPF form 5.
  • A PAN card’s self-attested copy of the claimant.
  • There is a need to offer a self-attested copy mainly of the client master list generally of the De-mat account.
  • A self-attested of the passport and OCI. In case, the claimant is a foreigner then a person requires to offer a PIO card’s self-attested copy.
  • In case, it is a joint account, and one of the holder accounts is dead then there is a need for offering a death certificate’s copy.


It can be concluded that IEPF Claim is mainly used for the promotion of investor’s protection and awareness of the investor’s interests. This website is a platform of information offering to promote awareness.

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