Your Western Outfit Guide for this Summer

Style is sacred to everyone, and it is an extension of fashion. It changes at the same pace as fashion, but it never gets old.  Each season we see new clothing designs hitting the runway and fashion trendsetters influencing us, especially members of the younger generation who rely on social media to choose their style. For example, you might have loved what that your favorite influencer or a model was wearing on the runway.

Are you going to wear a Western summer outfit this year? If not, you’ll be convinced by the end of this article! As an expert fashion blogger, I’d love to give you a few tips on how to dress up the right way in order to rock the hottest fashion trends this summer, and look your best!

Cool summer outfit ideas

Summer is here, and the onset of new trends has made for a very stylish start to the season. As we look ahead to what this new season will bring,  ranging from Weddings, Travel, Social gatherings, and more— We expect many fun and festive opportunities to dress up. For a little bit of summer outfit inspiration, we’re feeling inspired by archival Sapphire images that perfectly balance classic style with staying power and fun seasonal trends.  All these photos feel just as relevant and up-to-date now as they did when they were captured.

It isn’t a surprise that some of our favorite looks have the summer wardrobe pairings we love: women tops with ladies skirts; breezy women dresses and co ord sets; or a western dress and cotton culottes. They’re summer clothing ideas that are timeless. For those who want to look stylish and effortless, there are casual separates that will take you from breakfast to the beach. Thinking of lightweight fabrics and relaxed silhouettes, beautiful summer western dresses, party wear dress, and intricately woven wide-leg trousers you’ll want to lock in now ahead for your upcoming July vacations.

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Ladies jumpsuits for a classy look:

 For women, there are a few easy steps that can be taken to get that western look. The sundress and cowboy boot combination is the best way to pair a casual and sexy summer ladies jumpsuits with that attitude that only cowboy boots can deliver.  It’s not uncommon to see women in sundresses and flip-flops or flats. But there are also the pairs of feet armored in leather and demanding attention. Or, for a less conspicuously edgy look, try wearing your cowboy boots under a pair of boot cut ladies jeans.  Those boots look like heels from the front, giving you some height, but the toe is just out of sight from underneath your pants, making your legs look long and slender.

Women trousers:

Light colors are the most popular shades this summer. If you want to wear light nude shades of pink and brown, opt for a soft pink shirt or a neutral-colored blouse.  A handful of pastels will keep you looking light and in trend.  This is a great summer outfit color choice for this season.  Let me put it to you this way: ‘Pastel is the new black.’  Layering is a great way to use all the clothes in your closet.  Mix and match with different clothes, and you can create a new look every time.  If you choose to wear a long skirt and crop top, layer it with a shirt to protect your arms from getting too tan.  Remove the shirt indoors and in the comfort of your own home. Later wear the shirt itself with jeans or women trousers or above anything you like, even a simple dress. Denim for women goes with everything and adds depth to your outfit. 

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Women T-Shirts make you comfortable:

 Wearing tight clothes in hot weather can make you feel uncomfortable. It’s better to wear loose-fitting clothes.  They can give you a stylish new look, while still keeping you comfortable.  If you need a cute graphic tee, tuck it in at your waist and see the magic happen!  A trend that started decades ago and has lasted through the years, because it’s so comfortable and easy to wear! You can opt for t shirts for women and just pair them with comfortable footwear and a statement jewelry piece and you are set! Look Young, carefree, and fabulous in these! 

If you want to try your hand at one of this season’s more daring trends, consider shopping for party dresses for women.  These dresses are great for casual occasions or dramatic events. They look great with accessories and can be your savior when you need a quick change of clothes!  Nothing signals the end of winter and the beginning of spring and summer more than floral prints. Just pair them right with monochromatic pieces.  Blossom like these prints on your outfit and feel free to let your inner light shine.

The fusion of ethnic and Western trends is new for the summer season. Wear a long Kurta without slits with women jogger pants.  Pair it with a scarf featuring long dangling tassels and some boho earrings. To add an extra flair you can take a long kurta with slits and wear contrasting colors underneath it and there you have it- the perfect solution!


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Clothes are all about wearing what you want and where you want!  The summer is at its peak, and that means it’s time to wear cool, breezy clothes.  We also want to look and feel comfortable at the same time, as we are always looking to impress. Hopefully, this article gave you a unique perspective on some of the classic summer styles and women western clothing. These outfits work for just about any occasion: the beach, going out for dinner, or just sightseeing in the city. You’ll need to adjust your outfit for each of these activities, but if you follow this guide then there should be no problem in doing that. Have fun shopping!

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