What is the going rate for painting a house in Dublin, Ireland?

painting a house in Dublin, Ireland

The amount that will be spent on painting a house in Dublin will, to a large extent, be determined by whether or not the inside or outside will be painted. The cost of painting the outside of a home can range anywhere from €3,511 to €35,111, depending on the size, condition, and material of the building being painted. The cost of painting the inside of a home may range anywhere from €811 to €11,111, with the final price often being determined by room size, the number of rooms being painted, preparation, the type of paint used, and whether or not the ceiling and mouldings are included in the price.

You want to give your house a new coat of paint to give it a more modern look, but you aren’t sure how much money to set aside for this project.

The amount of money needed to paint a house in Dublin might vary greatly depending on whether the inside or outside of the home is being painted first. A professionally painted home can cost as little as €611 or as much as €31,111, depending on the size and scope of the project.

Using this advice, you will be able to determine how much money you will need to set aside in order to carry out your plans to paint your house. You will discover price estimates from aquapainting in each department, which are based on our first-hand knowledge of pricing and executing hundreds of home painting tasks. These price estimates are shown alongside prices that have been taken from major service websites.

What kind of budget do you need to set out for painting the exterior of a house?

Putting a price on a project requires taking into consideration a number of different aspects, including the following:

  • The age of the home as well as its current state
  • The substance that is used in the construction of the home.
  • What percentage of the house has to be repainted?

This is why we’ve seen prices for painting the outside of houses ranging from 3,511 euros all the way up to 35,111 euros.

The cost of painting the outside of a home with one story ranges anywhere from €3,511 (which includes eaves, gutters, and fascia boards), all the way up to €15,111, according to our personal experience (which includes cladding, windows, eaves, fascia boards and gutters).

This can sound like a significant financial commitment. However, when you take into account the fact that the outside of your home only has to be painted once every 5-7 years, it is really rather cost-effective. Having said that, the material from which your home’s exterior is constructed as well as the climatic conditions to which it is exposed may determine how frequently you need to paint it.

Before beginning to paint the outside, the surfaces should first be prepped. This will provide the best possible results. Some of the preparatory work takes longer than others, and you might need to use specialised materials or paint. And this, once again, will have an impact on the overall cost.

To illustrate this point, picture two distinct houses, each with a single-story layout and three bedrooms. The exterior of one is made of brick, while the exterior of the other is either made of wood or weatherboard cladding.

First, the brick on the first home has to be cleaned, and then a primer should be placed to it. After the brick has had sufficient time to cure, the topcoat can then be applied. As a consequence of this, the standard cost of painting a house such as this one is around €11,111.

The previous coat of paint needs to be stripped off of a house made of wood or weatherboard. After that, the crevices and voids are filled in. Sanding the surfaces is the final step before they can be painted on since it will make them smooth. Due to the increased amount of time, labour, and materials required, the normal cost of painting a house like this ranges from €11,111 to €15,111.

It is a whole different process to paint the exterior of a home with two stories. To get to the second level, you are going to need some additional equipment like ladders or scaffolding, which will cause the cost to go up. A house with three bedrooms and two stories might incur the following painting costs:

  • Approximately €15,111 for a home made of brick
  • The price difference is from €15,111 to €21,111 for a home that is constructed of wood or weatherboard.

When providing estimates, professional painters will take into account details such as windows, doors, and extra detailing.

How much does it typically cost to have the inside of a house repainted?

You may hire a professional decorator to undertake a wide variety of painting projects within your house. Some examples of these projects include: When compared to painting all of the interior surfaces of a home, a project of a smaller scale, such as painting a hallway, will have a far lower cost.

Here are some rough estimates for the cost of painting an interior space:

  • The cost of having a bedroom and ceiling painted by a professional is €1,111.
  • The cost of painting a condo with two bedrooms was €5,111.
  • A home with three bedrooms will cost you a total of €7,111 to decorate inside (including windows, doors and trims).
  • A home with five bedrooms will cost you a total of €9,111 to decorate inside.

Painting an interior space isn’t limited to only the walls though. Additionally, it may include:

  • ceilings
  • Doors and doorframes
  • The ledges and window frames of a building
  • skirting boards
  • flooring.

Is the price of painting a room dependent on the size of the space?

Painting certain rooms will take less time and be less difficult than painting others. For instance, the cost of installing an internal hallway might range anywhere from €611 to €1,111. However, the cost of painting bathrooms and other wet spaces, which require paint that is suited for steamy and wet circumstances and is of a high grade, is between €1,111 and €1,519. Yes, the cost of painting a room might vary depending on the size of the space.

The price may also be affected by the amount of rooms that you wish to have painted. When you engage them to paint many rooms, some painters and decorators will gladly revise their estimates to reflect the increased workload. However, this is not always the case, and it is dependent on the working style that the individual or the firm adopts.

What factors have an impact on the overall cost of painting a house?

As is common knowledge, the cost of painting can vary depending on the size of the project as well as whether the interior or outside is being done. But they aren’t the only factors. It’s also important for professional home painters to consider:

  • The price of the paint that is going to be utilised
  • the hue of the paint that was used (some colours may need multiple coats or extra treatment to get the desired results).
  • surfaces that require cleaning and preparation prior to painting. the surfaces that need to be painted.
  • Whether or not the windows and doors, as well as any trimmings (such as skirting boards, cornices, mouldings, railings, etc.), are included.
  • The amount of time required to do the project as well as the number of workers who are required to finish it
  • additional supplies and equipment, like scaffolding and ladders, are required in order to paint locations that are difficult to access.

Obtaining estimates from many expert residential painters

The vast majority of painters will require a site visit before providing an estimate in order to provide an accurate and reasonable quote. They are able to provide recommendations about the sort of paint that should be used after seeing the regions for themselves. It is also a chance to detect any difficulties that kids could experience in the future. When estimating the cost of the task, they will take into account any mould, filth, or uneven surfaces that need to be addressed before painting can begin.

You may submit a request for a quotation either online or over the phone if you are at the beginning of your trip and are interested in obtaining an estimate. When doing this, be as explicit as possible. Please provide the painter with as much information as you can regarding:

  • Your home’s framework and foundation.
  • What is the total square footage that you require to be painted?
  • the state of the various surface areas.
  • access to the area designated for painting.
  • any window frames or door trims that require painting or protecting while the job is being done.

Consider the estimated costs of the phone and internet to be an approximate approximation. Before providing a final estimate, professional painters should schedule a time to look over your home and make any necessary notes. This is for the best of your interests. It’s one thing to imagine what a house might look like based on a casual conversation or a post on a website. But it’s a whole other thing to have somebody go at the area that’s being painted with an expert eye. They could notice problems that you overlook or offer advice on how to approach the job in a way that is more efficient financially.

Things to think about before painting your house in preparation for selling it

It does not make much sense to invest a lot of money on a property that you are going to sell in the near future. Nevertheless, prior to placing your property on the market, you might want to consider making a few investments in purely aesthetic improvements.

If you read any site on real estate that discusses how to add value to a property before selling it, you will find advice to improve both the kitchen and the bathroom. It shouldn’t come as a surprise. Consider the number of hours that you and your family spend in these two rooms on a weekly basis. If you want to keep the expenditures of decorating to a minimum before selling your home, giving these rooms a fresh coat of paint could be all that you want to do before putting it up for sale.

If, on the other hand, you want to dramatically raise the value of your property before you put it up for sale, you should think about painting all of the interiors and exteriors of the house. When moving into a new home, it is much simpler for a person to see themselves living there if there are just a few cosmetic adjustments that need to be made to the space.

Consider the cost of painting services in comparison to the price your real estate agent is willing to pay for the home before you commit to making any modifications or repairs on a property you want to sell. It is only worthwhile to pursue if it will result in a profit or return on the money invested.

What kind of budget do you have for painting your house?

As you have seen, the cost of painting a house is determined by a variety of aspects, including the dimensions of the rooms to be painted as well as the kind of paint that will be required. As a result of this, it is usually beneficial to have a qualified painter and decorator visit your house in order to receive an exact estimate of the work that needs to be done.

If you are at the point in the process when you would want to begin figuring out a budget for your house painting job, it is strongly recommended that you click here.

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