Narrated By Uthman Bin Affan:

The Prophet (PBUH) Said, 

“The Best Of You Are Those Who Learn The Quran And Teach It.”

The Holy Quran is a heavenly and angelic book that is unrevealed in meanings and verses from any other book found in this world. It includes every aspect of life which every Muslim should be aware of.

The education of the Holy Quran is outstanding and perfect education among all educations in the world which is involuntary for every Muslim to achieve, whether men or women. As Muslims, it’s our right to learn Quran with proper meanings.

The virtues of learning the Quran are unlimited with their primary benefits of guidance in every aspect of life to move towards the straight and right path.

  • Recitation and learning of the Quran will take us to Jannah.
  • The Quran you memorize and understanding its content with proper meanings will be a source of reward hereafter.
  • The learning of the holy Quran raised the status of Muslims in their life.
  • The Holy Quran should be learned and memorized with proper tajweed.
  • There are several rewards for reciting each word in the Holy Quran.
  • Learning the Holy Quran is the fundamental and complete guidance for Muslims that embarks on the truth and right path.


The memorization of the Holy Quran is spiritually beneficial because it increases a person’s mental capacity also. It improves memory and mental health. Quran memorization builds a better relationship between Allah and Muslims. The Holy  Quran takes efforts and sincere commitments. However, there are immense rewards by Almighty Allah in this worldly life and hereafter. 

Allah Clearly States This In The Following Verse:

“Indeed, It Is We Who Sent Down The Message [The Quran], And Indeed, We Will Be Its Guardian.” (Hijr: 9)

 The Mishkah academy has organized the online Quran memorization course for men and women to seek Quran from our expert tutors and excellent teachers. The Quran tutor will take you through the course step by step until you achieve your goal. The tutor will read the verses with proper tajweed and then he/she will ask the learner to recite after him/her.


The word Hifz means “learning Quran by heart”. Online Hifz course is one of the best courses for memorizing the Holy Quran. Our academy provides you best facilities to memorize Quran at home. Our academy has hired the best and most professional teachers for the Hifz course who will teach every verse with proper tajweed and Qirat. However,  it is difficult to memorize the Quran on my own is difficult. 

And We Have Certainly Made The Qur’an Easy For Remembrance, So Is There Any Who Will Remember (54:17)


The Prophet (S.A.W.) Said: “Learning At A Young Age Is Like Engraving On A Stone, And The Parable Of He Who Learns In His Adult Age Is Like One Who Writes On Water.”

Learning Quran is most important for kids. Reciting and understanding Quran with proper meanings is beneficial for kids to understand Islam and Islamic rituals in a better way. Learning Quran at an early age is a good period for children as it lasts forever and grows as time passes because at this age their minds are pure, strong, and peaceful.

Are you searching for any online Quran classes for kids? So come and enroll in our academy. We have designed many online courses for kids uniquely. We give great priority and emphasis to kids’ education.

We have many online courses for kids.

Basic Arabic Course

This is the basic course for kids to recognize the letters of the Quran and to learn the correct pronunciation of letters with proper tajweed.

Tajweed Course

Tajweed course is necessary for a proper recitation of the Quran. It is a mandatory course for children who wants to Hifz Quran.

Hifz-E-Quran Course

This course assists the kids in memorizing. The Holy Quran with proper guidance for those who want to become a Hafiz-e-Quran.

“Mu’aadh Al-Juhani Narrates That Prophet Mohammad(PBUH) Said, ‘Whosoever Recites The Quran And Practices Upon Its Injunctions, The Reciter’s Parents Will Be Given A Crown On The Day Of Qiyaamat.   The Brightness Of That Crown Will Be More Intense Than The Brightness Of The Sun In Your Actual House.’


Mishkah academy is one of the best platforms which provides all online courses including memorization, tajweed, qirat, and more for adults and kids. We use the latest technology and software for online courses to provide good and meaningful education at our greatest. We have highly qualified and professional male and female tutors to teach the Holy Quran.

Enroll yourself today at our academy for a memorable journey. We also offer free trials to our students for their satisfaction to pay the fees of the course before.


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