Narrated By Ibn Rajab:

“The Greatest Avenues Of Closeness To Allah Is Reciting The Quran A Lot, And Listening To It With Contemplation An Ponding.”


This program is designed to make the learners achieve the Itqan( level of excellence) with Sanad (chain of Ijazah holders) that connects to the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH).

What is Ijazah?

“Ijazah” means license, authorization, and permission. “Ijazah” is a recognized authorization certificate given to its holder to teach a certain subject. “Ijazah” can only be authorized by a person who owns this license.

Ijazah In The Quran:

“Ijazah” in the Quran is an authorization issued to its holder to teach the Quran. A non-terminating Sanad (chain of “Ijazah” holders) connects back to its original writer, the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH).

An “Ijazah” license in the Quran permits you to convey certain Quranic teachings attend tajweed mentioned in your “Ijazah” certificate to the students around the world.

Virtues Of Ijazah Course:

  1. Ijazah course helps you to keep yourself preserved from making any mistakes in reading the Quran.
  2. According to the hadith narrated by prophet Mohammad (PBUH), the Ijazah course helps you to become the best Muslim.
  3. Among all the other Islamic certificates and degrees, this certificate holds distinguished importance.
  4. Attaining this certificate is a symbol of your excellence level in reading the Quran.
  5. Ijazah course helps you in increasing your confidence to teach the Quran to its learners
  6. Ijazah course gives an entitlement in front of the Quran and people.
  7. Ijazah in the Quran gives you the blessing of becoming a part of the Sanad( chain of Ijazah holders) which connects you back to the prophet Mohammad (PBUH).

Types of Quran Ijazah:

The Quran Ijazah course offers its learners to have command of reading in a way similar to the well-known Muslim scholars. This course has further two options:

  1. Quran memorization Ijazah
  2. Quran recitation Ijazah.

Quran Memorization Ijazah (Hifz):

Al-Fudayl Bin ‘Ad Said:

“ The Memorizer Of The Quran Carries The Flag Of Islam. He  Shouldn’t Waste Time In Vain Amusement, Distractions And Pointless Matters With Those Who Do So, Out Of Respect For The Quran.”

To enroll in Quran memorization Ijazah, the candidate must have completed a Quran memorization program first or if he has completed Hifz, he must have memorized its proper tajweed rules. After successful completion of the course, the student is given ijazah by an already Ijazah certified Quran teacher.

Quran Recitation Ijazah(Tilawat):

The Prophet Said:

“Recite The Quran For It Will Intercede (With Allah) On The Day Of Judgment.” (Muslim)

Solid knowledge of tajweed rules is necessary. Before starting the Quran recitation Ijazah he must be proficient in reading the Quran.

Purpose of Quran Ijazah:

  1. To reach the level of perfection in reading the holy Quran
  2. The main purpose of the Quran Ijazah is to increase the number of Quran readers and give an Ijazah in Quran to keep the Quran free from any errors and changes.
  3. Students will get the Ijazah in Quran with the help of a skilled teacher and will help in reciting the Quran with solid tajweed rules.
  4.  to reach the Ijazah holder, create the recitation of the Holy Quran with the chain of transmission.


Reciting the Quran is called its Qiraat. 10 Qiraat are the 10 different ways of reciting the Quran. The 10 Qiraat course is for all Muslims whether they are Arabs or non-Arabs or either they are living in non-Muslim countries. We offer this course to both males and females, adults and kids from the comfort of their homes. We have certified teachers who are there to solve your difficulties online. The 10 Qiraat is derived from the famous Ravi who narrates it within the authenticated chain. This course is mainly designed keeping in mind the different dialects spoken by Arab Muslims. With this course, it will be easy for people to memorize and recite the Quran in the specific dialect adopted in their country.

Why Take 10 Qiraat Quran?

These ten methods are transmitted by the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), his companions, successors, and scholars to us. There is a slight difference in the pronunciation and language of the Arab people. It will enable the recitation of the Quran in multiple dialects of the Arabic languages.

Muslims of different countries and regions speak with a slight difference in pronunciation.

 Enrolling in this course will help you to read the Quran in different dialects of the Arab


 Our online Quran academy offers courses in which anyone can easily enroll from the comfort of their home with 100% contentment.  Our online Quran teachers daily conduct the tests, and quizzes and check the assignments to keep the check on students’ progress.  We are already giving Quranic teachings to thousands of Muslims come and join us to increase your knowledge in families.

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