Know which automated warehouse racking system will be suitable for your business

Nowadays, the demands made for finished goods and dry goods in warehouses have changed intensely compared to 10 or 20 years ago in the present market. Warehouse Administrators are facing several challenges. Continuous increase in units to be stocked, increasing capacity requirements, and all-the-time more demanding marketplace requires your warehouse to be more reactive to their requests. Distributing products quicker, more often, and becoming ever more nuanced with the growth of e-commerce has further increased the need for Automated Warehouse Racking System. If you are an owner of a warehouse and storage service provider looking to maximize your warehouse’s storage space, then you are at the right place. Armstrong’s automated warehousing rack system will optimize your warehouse space and increase workflow efficiency.

Traditional block-stacking methods are gradually constraining – both in terms of maximizing the altitude available and user-friendliness due to the increasing number of units to be stocked. With modernization, warehouses must work adequately to speedily and competently dispatch orders. It must be well-organized and modified to requirements: the only way companies stay elastic and viable in today’s market. The automated warehousing racking system has become such a significant competitive factor that it is now crucial for modern companies.

Benefits of Automated warehousing racking system

  • Extreme speed along with safe handling saves money and time
  • Optimum stock summary and flawless order dealing out on the warehouse management software
  • Storage & repossession machine with confronting technology to access several passages with a sole device
  • Increases your storing capacity by 50 to 150%
  • It can have all palettes loaded into the system automatically
  • Easily create an extremely safe working environment
  • Automation of Warehouse racking reduces energy and labor costs to a great extent.

Which Automated Warehouse Racking System to install?

The factor for the choice of the racking system is which type of products are to be warehoused and moved. For lengthy and bulky goods, cantilever racking is well-matched. For palletized goods, the typical palette rack is the primary choice. Generally, almost all racking systems, including shelving for small fragments, can be automatic. Composition of the modern software and the right conveyor technology for warehouse management, the automated warehousing racking system confirms that the rewards of a computerized warehouse are: Speed, safety, energy, dynamics, and cost savings. The investment in an automated warehouse system thus rapidly pays for itself.

Implementing an Automated warehousing racking system

While deciding whether you need an automatic warehousing racking system, executing and implementing one is not as thought-provoking as you might have imagined. Experts easily handle the installation of an automated warehouse system, and it is not done ad-hoc but only after a detailed examination of your amenities. 

Commonly, every automated warehouse racking system consists of two main mechanisms:

Computer management system

It allows operators to schedule retrieval or storage processes and track inventory details like the item’s origin, location, and storage duration.

Storage and repossession equipment

It is the hardware that does the job of loading and unloading items. Modern racking systems can be fitted very fast. They occupy a slight footmark, thus permitting you to make the most of the floor space in your warehouse. Additionally, they are not too complex to use, which reduces the onboarding and training time.

Hence before implementing an automated warehouse racking system, it is necessary to know the needs and limitations of the business. After a detailed study, a perfect racking system can be designed for a business, and it will not only save space but also minimize labor costs. Please connect to the specialist of the Armstrong team; they will help you find the right automated warehousing rack system.  

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