Top Low Commission Real Estate agents in 2022

Several low commission real estate agents provide discounted listing rates if you want to save money when you sell your house. Other bargain businesses will merely list your house on the market for a set charge.

What is a Low commission real estate agent? 

A licensed real estate agent who operates on a lower commission than a standard representative is known as a low commission real estate agent. Instead of the standard 3% commission rate (not counting the buyer’s agent commission), these low-commission agents can offer a flat fee or a lower commission rate. 

These agents might provide full or local services in exchange for a reduced commission. Notably, these agents change only the selling agent’s commission, not the buyer’s agent commission. 

How to find a good low commission real estate agent?

You can find the top low-commission real estate agents using the following steps:

  • Make a list of businesses that provide the quality of service and assistance you require.
  • Select the top three businesses from the list that provide the best rates based on your intended sale price and spending limit.
  • Interview representatives from each service; remember that you’re employing the person, not the company.
  • Select the one that matches your needs.

The list of top 3 low commission real estate agents is as follows:


Houzeo enables property owners to list their homes on the MLS for a fair flat price and work with a listing agent who doesn’t charge a commission. You can immediately save close to half the agency commissions by paying nothing.

After logging in to a private seller dashboard, home sellers can receive, evaluate, and compare offers. Additional services include lockboxes, counteroffers, yard advertising, house showings, and Contract updates.

You can select the packages based on your requirements, which may include professional pictures, contract review, and price counseling. As the listing is online, changes may be made so that you may focus on what is most important.

Why should you use Houzeo? 

Houzeo offers maximum exposure, maximum savings, and 5-star customer service. Houzeo helps you with the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) listing, staging, marketing, house showings, photography, negotiating offers, and finalizing the deal.

You will not require a listing agent when you sell your house on the MLS as an owner. There is only the buyer’s agent commission left to pay. You will save an additional 3% if an agent does not represent the buyer.

Pros of Houzeo 

  • Pricing for Houzeo’s Flat Fee MLS is always visible on its price page. There won’t ever be any unpleasant surprises regarding closing fees.
  • A real estate agent represents over 90% of buyers. All inquiries about your property will come from companies that represent buyers. With Houzeo, you may provide a buyer agent a reasonable commission for introducing their prospects to your house.
  • The quickness with which Houzeo can list your property is well-known among home sellers. If all the paperwork is in place, Houzeo Concierge will feature you within 8 business hours.
  • You may receive, review and compare offers for your house from your seller dashboard; you can even do this while you’re on the go with their mobile app! You can even independently counter an offer from your seller dashboard. This ability is useful when there are multiple offers.

Clever Real Estate

With the help of the free, countrywide service Clever Real Estate, you can connect with full-service realtors from leading local and national brokerages. It guarantees lower commissions, no additional costs, and no commitments.

Why should you use Clever Real Estate? 

Clever Real Estate collaborates with numerous elite agents and provides a service with a reduced commission that could help you save thousands. You’ll surely save money compared to hiring a traditional Realtor if you’re ready to put in the time to investigate the numerous agents they recommend to you and choose the best one.

With Clever, it’s crucial to check your agent’s ratings and ensure they’re top performers. It’s up to you to determine if they are truly a top agent without having access to all this information at your fingertips. Clever real estate reviews state they have capable and dedicated agents. 

Pros of Clever Real Estate 

  • Lowest industry-wide real estate commission rates
  • A fully accredited concierge service offers assistance throughout your real estate transaction.
  • Strong sales records and fully vetted top local agents
  • With Clever Cash Back, qualified buyers might get a check for 0.5% of the purchase price following the closing.

Cons of Clever Real Estate 

  • Savings on less expensive properties are few.
  • In some rural places, agent availability may be constrained.


Redfin provides real discounts and is a trusted brand. However, sellers can give up on service, particularly regarding agent availability and experience. Redfin employs internal real estate agents, who serve around three times as many clients as the traditional realtor. This strategy works for most sellers, but it might not be the ideal choice if you’ve never sold a house before or if your selling circumstances are complicated.

Why should you use Redfin? 

In contrast to traditional realtors, who often charge between 5 and 6%, you may expect to pay 4-4.5% in total commission costs when you sell with a Redfin agent. Redfin introduced RedfinNow, a direct cash buyer service (iBuying) that, for an additional cost, makes quick bids with customizable closing dates on qualified homes.

Pros of Redfin

  • Customer satisfaction is high compared to the majority of bargain brokers.
  • Superior quality compared to the majority of other bargain brands with traditional agents and buyers.
  • Provides technology to support distant showings

Cons of Redfin

  • Less in-person assistance from your agent could negatively affect the support and service quality.
  • As buyers and their brokers know you are listing with a budget brand, you can receive lesser initial bids.
  • Risk of getting partnered with an underqualified or uninterested agent if due diligence is not taken.


Several discount real estate brokers operate on commissions, while others charge flat fees or don’t accept commissions. Some are significantly safer and more valuable than others. But you’ll have to make a compromise with most firms. These things may occur if there are little assistance, few services, agents with experience, and few options.

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