The Top Adventure Bike in India-BMW R 1250 GS

Adventure and off-road motorcycles are two of the hottest markets in the industry right now, and the fact that you’re reading this indicates that you are pretty interested. But where do you begin, though? First and foremost, the motorcycle. 

The best adventure bikes feature a stunning acs office in queens appearance and excellent performance, and some offer ample mileage for extended tours or trips throughout India. Most bikes include a high-riding suspension, a large fuel tank, and a small windscreen to assist them in bad weather. These types of bikes are unique, which creates a statement on the street. 

You are probably aware that adventure motorcycles come in a range of shapes and sizes—now here you are going to read about the enormous BMW motorcycle, the R 1250 GS, which is one of the top 10 BMW adventure bikes in India. According to BMW Motorrad, this BMW adventure bike is 

for people who have an insatiable hunger for adventure. The constantly improved technology and extensive equipment take you along any route safely, dynamically, and comfortably. It has been a popular choice for almost four decades and continues to inspire with new features. 

The new stunning features of the BMW R 1250 GS will totally convince you why it is the best adventure motorcycle in India. 

● Best level of comfort

The latest generation of dynamic ESA makes the ride steadier and thus safer. Depending on the riding circumstances and load on your bike, the system ensures the best level of comfort and traction on all surfaces, even when the bike is tilted. The additional comfort features, such as seat heating, give you maximum comfort. Even in the colder months, seat heating, which can be controlled separately for the rider and passenger, provides enhanced comfort and boundless riding pleasure. 

● LED headlights with cruise light option

Thanks to a full-LED lighting design, the adaptable LED headlights with the cruising light will ensure that the bike has a glamorous look and delivers maximum visibility. The Cruising Light maintains a steady dimming of the front indicators, ensuring a distinctive appearance, especially at night and in low visibility. 

● The 1,254 cc ShiftCam engine system

The cylinder heads of the latest models of the S 1000 RR and R 1250 GS engines boast a bold and quite creative design. The ShiftCam system, which combines variable-valve timing and differential valve lift into one package, is featured in the latest versions of both the S 1000 RR and R 1250 GS engines’ cylinder heads as a means of optimizing cam timing and duration of the performance. The 1,254 cc engine is what makes this bike special. 

● Multiple riding modes and the ECO mode

The multiple riding modes of the BMW 1250 GS will provide for a smooth ride across any sort of terrain. With features like the new dynamic engine brake control and the pro riding modes, which adapt to varied riding styles and give you even more control over your bike, now every

full fuel tank gets the most out of the new ECO Mode in the series. The additional features like adaptive cruise control and ABS Pro are among the modern rider aids. 

What makes this adventure touring bike even more amazing is that among the various other features available is a Bluetooth-enabled TFT colour display, which enables you to find your route, listen to music, and make phone calls safely while on the move with the BMW Connected App. A 12-volt outlet and the USB charging interface on the bike will never let your phone run out of power! 

Each colour gives a special character to the bike. Choose which one best suits you among the stunning options. 

● Light White Non-metallic

● Style Rallye

● Triple Black Style

● The Limited Edition – Striking Black and Yellow with unique details celebrating 40 years of the iconic R 100 GS 

Now starting from 20,55,000/- the R 1250 GS is the best adventure bike in India for the best price which comes with a 3 years warranty and free repairs during the warranty period. Enjoy the advantages as your authorised BMW motorcycle dealer will extend your warranty for an additional year. 

● Free repairs for 36 months and original BMW Motorrad parts to be used in all repairs

● Valid all around the world 

● No mileage restriction

As a result, you’ll not only be carefree wherever the road leads, but your All new BMW motorcycle will also hold its worth better.

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