Skyward FBISD Saves Money, Efficiently Uses Technology

Skyward FBISD Saves Money, Efficiently Uses Technology

Skyward is a school district in southeast Texas that has been using technology to save money and be more efficient. Their approach is simple: use technology to automate processes and save time. Skyward has implemented a number of technologies to make their school district more efficient, including an online student management system, a learning management system, and a communication system. These systems have helped Skyward reduce costs, increase student engagement, and improve collaboration among staff. In addition, they’ve also saved the district money on printing and postage. Their story is an excellent example of how technology can help a school district become more efficient and save money. If your school district isn’t using the latest technologies to save time and money, it may be time to consider doing so.

SkywardFBISD Uses Technology to Save Money

Skyward FBISD is using technology to save money and efficiently use resources. Recently, they utilized a new software program called “SchoolTime” in order to manage their school calendar. This program helped SkywardFBISD keep track of when classes were scheduled, what subjects were being covered, and what days had extra curricular activities scheduled. SchoolTime also allowed them to see how much money they were spending on instructional materials each month.

SkywardFBISD has also been utilizing technology to record student attendance and tracking assignment grades. They have a system in place where students can click on a link that will take them to a webpage where they can record their attendance for the day as well as submit their assignment grades. This system has already saved the district money by helping them identify students who are not attending class or completing their assignments.

Technology is playing an important role at SkywardFBISD and they are continuously looking for ways to use it more efficiently and save money. By using these technologies, SkywardFBISD is able to provide excellent education to its students while saving money on costs associated with instruction.

How SkywardFBISD Uses Technology to Save Money

Skyward FBISD is able to save money efficiently through the use of technology. Some specific examples include:

  1. Automated Student Database. Skyward FBISD uses an automated student database to keep track of attendance and grades. This system also records any special needs or accommodations a child may need.
  2. E-Mail Verification System. Skyward FBISD uses an e-mail verification system to ensure that parents are receiving important information about their children’s educations. Parents can easily sign up for this service online, and receive messages about their child’s academics, as well as notices about school assemblies and sporting events.
  3. Online Bill Payment System. Skyward FBISD has an online bill payment system that allows families to pay their bills easily and quickly. Families can choose to have their bills automatically paid each month, or they can pay them manually on a given date each month. This system has saved the district money in the past by reducing the amount of time it takes to process bills and payments.
  4. School Computer Lab rentals. Skyward FBISD rents out school computer labs so that students can access computers during breaks and after school hours, when they would not normally be available in the library or at home. This program has been successful in helping students stay engaged in their education, and saving the district money in the process by reducing absenteeism rates among students..

SkywardFBISD’s Advantages Over Other Districts

Skyward FBISD is one of the most efficient districts in the state. According to a report by The Texas Tribune, Skyward FBISD spends $2,000 less per student than their neighboring district. This efficiency can be attributed to Skyward FBISD’s use of technology. Skyward FBISD has a variety of technology tools that allow them to save money and be more efficient.

SkywardFBISD uses Google Classroom to provide teachers with electronic copies of their student work. This allows teachers to grade their students’ work on their own time and without having to carry around physical copies of the work.

SkywardFBISD also uses Google Apps for Education for email and calendar services for both students and staff. This allows SkywardFBISD to keep track of school events and assign assignments easily from anywhere in the world.


Skyward FBISD has made considerable strides in efficiently using technology and saving money. Skyward officials report that they have reduced their administrative costs by more than $1 million, while also becoming nationally accredited for school safety through the Safe Schools Program. SkywardFBISD is a shining example of what can be done when schools embrace current technologies and utilize them to improve student outcomes.

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