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Ottawa Exterminators: Why Choose Heat Treatment

Ottawa Exterminators: Why Choose Heat Treatment

Bed Bugs in Ottawa and in general are usually between 5 and 6 mm and have a lifespan of 1 year in certain climatic zones. With this size, they can hide in areas where we do not realize they are nested. However, during the night, they leave their nests. The reproduction is from 150 to 500 eggs per female at a rate of 3 per day. Incubation time: from 10 (at 25º) to 20 (15º) days if the temperature is lower than (15º). The larval stages are five and take 19 (32º) to 40 (22º) days. 


Why should you hire Ottawa exterminators for bed bugs?


Bed bugs reproduce very quickly. Yes, like super-fast. So the survival of a few bugs can lead to their multiplication in a few days to reestablish the plague colony. For this reason, the extermination must be impeccable and assure to eliminate 100% of the bedbugs. However, it is not so easy to achieve, not only for the reasons mentioned but also because it can be very difficult to locate and reach bedbugs. They normally hide in places difficult for people to access, such as narrow cracks. This plague is considered one of the most complicated to treat due to its difficulty. Hence, Ottawa Exterminators jump in for action. 


How to hire Ottawa Pest Controlto fumigate bedbugs?


When selecting the best Ottawa Pest Control company to free you from pests, you have to look at the professionalism and experience of the company and its operators. A decent company should advise you on the extermination according to your circumstances in a personalized way. The team should explain and offer well-defined solutions and ensure the total effectiveness of the treatment, as well as the safety of the products used. 


At The Bed Co-op, we guarantee the total and definitive extermination of the pest, carrying out specific techniques for eliminating bed bugs in Ottawa. We use the most effective heat treatmentthatfollows the effectiveness regarding health and safety. The extermination is performed in at least two visits to ensure its effectiveness.


Can you get rid of bed bugs by freezing?


Pest control to eliminate bed bugs becomes challenging when you do not have the necessary knowledge and equipment. These domestic pests are resistant to chemical treatments since they are the most used to exterminate them. The alternatives Ottawa Pest Control solutionsare to apply heat and cold treatment. However, its freezing requires being at -20°C (minimum) for 48 hours.


Bed bugs lower the freezing point of their body fluids to protect against frostbite. According to recent studies, they control the super cooling point.The insect cools to temperatures below the freezing point of its body fluids without freezing, and the lower lethal temperature, in which the insect cannot survive.They evaluate the time and temperature required to kill bed bugs by freezing. The results show the relationships between mortality, temperature, and exposure time. To ensure their extermination, exposing them to -16°C for 80 hours or to -20°C for two days is necessary.


The eggs survive at -25°C for short time exposures. The chart expands on the degrees needed to kill bed bugs by freezing at each life cycle stage. Just as it is possible to eliminate bed bugs by freezing, it is also common practice to fumigate by heating. 


Why opt for Bed Co-Op heat treatment to rid of bed bugs?


When you contact us, our experts will go to the place of the infestation and will assess the most appropriate strategy for the type of pest. If our specialists consider that the application of heat is the best solution that is where The Bed Co-op heat treatment would come into play. As a result, our team would study the dominant where of pests in your home, business, or warehouse to plan the treatment in the most efficient way possible. The advice and performance of our pest control professionals will make this fast and ecological method of eliminating pests achieve excellent results in a very short time.


Once the pest has been eliminated, we provide a complete post-treatment service to guarantee a total and complete elimination of the pest.

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