Marble Countertops Offer Five Compelling Benefits

You're in the same boat as many homeowners who love marble. Marble is a natural stone known for its softness compared to granite and quartzite. If spills are cleaned up slowly, marble can etch. Over time, it will acquire a patina, a natural change in color due to oxidation. Manufacturers are creating surfaces that look like marble to avoid worrying about guests dropping their wine glasses. You may love the timeless elegance of marble and want to replace it with something as beautiful.

We will address your concerns and present five compelling reasons to invest in a countertop made from genuine marble.

1. You Can Seal It To Protect Against Staining

When considering real marble for their kitchen worktops, homeowners should know its susceptibility to stain. There are ways to prevent marble from being stained by acidic foods or beverages, such as tomato sauce and red wine. You can polish the marble or use a protective sealant to protect it. Your countertop fabricator can apply an impregnating sealer to prevent staining. The sealer fills in the pores below the stone's surface and slows down liquid absorption. This gives you more time to clean up any spillages. The sealants used today are very effective in preventing staining from occurring, but they don't alter the stone's appearance.

Although there is no way to prevent etching (a yellowing or dulling of stone caused by acidic elements), a high-quality sealer can help protect your marble for many years. You can rest assured that your fabricator will guarantee covering stains for several years.

2. Honed Marble Can Be As Beautiful And Elegant As Polished Marble

The surface of honed marble is less matte than that of highly polished marble. This means any dullness caused by an errant lemon slice or other factors will be less apparent on honed than on highly polished marble. The appearance of honed marble is not shiny but more muted. This is what many homeowners prefer.

3. Each Slab Is Unique

Some homeowners choose to install manufactured quartz countertops that look similar to marble countertops in their homes. Although countertops may require less maintenance than marble, real stone is still superior in its depth, unique patterns, and wide range of colors.

You can also choose unique slabs if you install a vanity or countertop made from genuine marble. You won't find another kitchen with the same veining or characteristics as yours.

4. Marble Is Resistant To High Temperatures

Marble is a stone that can withstand heat well if you're a baker. Marble is more resistant to heat than resin-based. Marble is an excellent choice for countertops, islands, and vanity tops.

5. Natural Stone Can Make Your Property More Valuable

Stone countertops can increase the value and appeal of your home to potential buyers when you're ready to sell it. Modernized natural stone countertops are visually appealing and show that you care about your property.

Do you hesitate? Before making your final decision, have a chat with the countertop manufacturer. Most will provide you with a sample in the marble color you're interested in so you can evaluate it at home. You can put your sample to the test by giving it different stimuli, such as lemonade, a coffee ring, and tomato slices. You can even test marble pieces that have been polished and honed to see how these finishes affect their performance.

Everyone who owns a home needs to take the time to ensure that the material chosen is right for them and their home Marble of the World would be happy to answer any questions about marble or other stone materials. This will enable you to make informed decisions and feel confident.

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