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If you have trees on your property, you probably need a tree surgeon (also known as an arborist) to prune or remove one or more of them. connects you with the area’s top-rated tree surgeon in Dublin. We match you with the most affordable local service based on local price information and hundreds of customer reviews.

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A tree surgeon is what?

A specialist in arboriculture, or the care and upkeep of trees, is referred to as a “tree surgeon.” A tree surgeon’s primary responsibility is to prune and remove trees from small spaces.

Arborists are another name for tree surgeons.

One of the riskiest jobs in the world is regarded to be tree surgery. This is due to the fact that the work typically entails operating from heights and using machines with high power.

However, there are many who are skilled in the trade and take pride in their work. The job is not as straightforward as it would seem. This is due to the fact that performing tree surgery requires thorough knowledge, instruction, and expertise of trees, their traits, and aesthetics.

Due to the complexity of the work and the numerous dangers involved, both the company working on your property and you need to be covered by complete safety equipment and public liability insurance. This is a component that increases the price of tree surgery.

What are the prices for nearby tree surgeons?

It is essential to realise that a tree surgeon won’t always perform the same task and bill the same amount for all of them. They charge differently and do various responsibilities. Therefore, the only method to calculate the cost is to split down each task.

Nevertheless, depending on the job at hand, a tree surgeon typically charges between €375 and €1,511.

This means that they may charge as much as €5,111 for a larger work, like as removing a 111-year-old oak, while they would charge just €75 to trim a single palm tree.

  • For tree trimming, a tree surgeon will demand between €75 to €1,511.
  • Anything from a little palm tree trim to a massive oak tree canopy lift is included in this. Everything is based on the size and number of branches of the tree.
  • Tree removal: The cost will range from €251 to €5,111, depending on the size and placement of the tree on your property. You will shell out €871 on average.
  • Tree surgeon/arborist report: In many circumstances, you may be required to provide a tree surgeon or arborist report when you ask for requests whose actions harm trees. A trained tree surgeon provides this report, which provides information about the trees in a particular location. The estimated price range for each tree is €311–€511. This is due to the possibility that some reports may be more detailed than others.
  • Removal of stumps: Tree surgeons are frequently equipped to remove stumps. Depending on the size, the barriers surrounding the stump, and the location, the projected fee under such circumstances ranges from €51 to €511.

Do I need a licence to cut down a tree?

This all depends on the city in which you live. Tree preservation ordinances, which feature restrictions on tree work, are used in many communities to conserve trees and plants.

There are instances where it is illegal for someone to take down protected trees and they must obtain a permit.

The best course of action is to examine your local city’s tree ordinances to determine whether a permit is required or not.

You often only need a permission to cut down protected trees. Public, important, and heritage trees may fall under this category.

Tree surgeon vs. arborist

The terms “tree arborist” and “tree surgeon” are interchangeable. They carry out the same kind of task despite having different names.

They are all experts in the upkeep and care of trees. Their duties include inspecting trees, caring for their physical well-being, and doing tasks like cutting, removing, pruning, and trimming, among others.

Cost of tree inspection

For the protection of the general public as well as the health of your trees, tree inspection is an essential activity. The purpose of a tree inspection is to check for a variety of things, most notably the health of the tree and any structural instability.

A tree service will come out and give you some free advise and an estimate if you intend to cut the tree anyhow and are getting one. You might be required to pay for the inspection and written report if all you seek is advice and have no immediate plans to take action.

Values for both the visual and verbal vary from €1 to €51.

Some businesses may advertise free inspections along with estimates for tree removal and trimming. In such circumstances, it entails a cursory examination of the tree’s vitality and health from the ground, followed by the provision of a quote for pruning or removal. All you might learn from this is that the tree is in good health.

A one-page checklist and recommendation costs between €111 and €251.

For this sort of assessment, it is a little too formal. It occurs when you ask an arborist to visit your site, do an examination, analyse your risks, and make recommendations. In this situation, they will provide information equivalent to 2 to 3 lines of recommendations.

When you want to know whether you should buy a home or anything related to it, it is usually the motivation or result. Or just interested in where you are at the moment.

A thorough arborist report costs between €351 and €511.

This kind of inspection takes time to complete. An arborist will have to detail their work in between 11 and 21 pages of findings and suggestions. The submitted document is a legitimate one that may even

The price of risk analysis

ranging from €351 to €450.

These evaluations are carried out visually by arborists who have received tree certification. The goal of this study is to ascertain the health of the tree and whether there is a possibility that any of its physical components, such as branches, could break. In contrast, the entire tree might fall over, with all of its repercussions.

A tree’s strength, history, crown density, species profile, prospective targets, mitigation strategies, failure implications, and failure likelihood are all taken into consideration while conducting a tree evaluation.

An arborist will give you a verbal or written report following the assessment.

When requesting a permit, a risk assessment may also be performed to generate a report. This is due to the fact that many governments request these reports in order to determine whether or not they need to grant a permit.

How can I locate a local tree surgeon?

Using this FREE service is the quickest and most straightforward way to acquire three estimates from the most reasonable tree surgeons in your area.

Gardenpro assists in connecting you with the top three tree care providers in your area as determined by prior customers. They will provide you with free recommendations and quotes on any work that may be required.

  • Enter your ZIP code at the top of the page by scrolling up.
  • Give us some information about your tree work, along with your contact details.
  • Your tree information is passed along to the three closest tree services—all of which were voted best in price—who will then estimate your tree job.

What training is required for a tree surgeon?

There are several routes one might take to become a tree surgeon. The majority of them come from schooling. A college or university course is included in this. This is accomplished by enrolling in forestry, arboriculture, or forest management courses.

However, some people go through an apprenticeship programme to become tree surgeons.

However, a college or university diploma is the most widely recognised certification.

The appropriate authorities then grant one a licence to work in that capacity.

Regarding this, there are two main categories of arborists.

A working arborist is one who has earned a certificate III in arboriculture.

a certified consulting arborist who holds an arboriculture degree.

How to pick a qualified tree surgeon?

If you want the greatest outcomes, selecting the proper tree surgeon is an important procedure that must be addressed seriously.

Here are the actions you should take to choose a tree surgeon as a result.

  • Verify their credentials.
  • Participation and accreditation
  • licences and certificates
  • level of experience
  • Get a price quote

Verify their credentials: Checking the necessary credentials is a very important step. This is because the best results come from working with someone who has training and expertise handling trees. Make sure that one possesses a certificate in arboriculture, which is the bare minimum educational requirement for tree surgery.

Membership and accreditation – Aside from credentials, how can you tell if a candidate is qualified? Is he or she a member of reputable organisations that support arboriculture?

You can learn more about a person’s dependability by asking about accreditation and membership in pertinent organisations like ISA.

Arborists or surgeons frequently need to be certified by the local authorities and licenced to perform the work. A candidate without both of these requirements cannot be hired. To ensure that they are accepted by your local government, you must request the certificate of operation and licence.

Ask them about their experience; this can help you determine if you are hiring the correct individual or not. You should be sure to have a look at their prior work in addition to their years of expertise. This will enable you to gauge their calibre.

Verify their tools: Make sure to learn what kind of equipment they utilise if at all possible. It is the only method to determine whether a tree surgeon is qualified to handle your project. Visit their website to learn more about them.

Request a price quotation

Before choosing or employing a tree surgeon, it is also imperative that you obtain a thorough price from each candidate. You can better understand their prices by getting a quote. This is due to the fact that tree surgeons and arborists charge differently. You can only determine whether they are too expensive or if you can manage their cost in this way.

What services do arborists provide?

tree cutting

This entails a tree being completely removed. It could be a dead, diseased, dying, or healthy tree. Since tree removal can be dangerous, especially for large trees, it frequently calls for expertise. That’s where tree surgeons come in.

tree pruning

In order to improve a tree’s health or appearance, branches must be removed. The best method is known by tree surgeons.

Removal of bushes

After a tree has been removed, a stump must be fully removed. Complexity and equipment are needed for this work. Tree surgeons are the finest for the task since they combine all these qualities.

risk evaluations

Since tree surgeons are knowledgeable in trees and tree structures, they evaluate the risks to both physical and mental well-being. A tree surgeon will do the assessment and provide you with a report if you require one for permit approval.

root cutting

Root pruning is a difficult operation. To prevent killing the tree and harming it, caution must be taken. For quality results, get a tree surgeon to complete the task.

cable securing

It is a procedure that calls for specialised tree-handling abilities. Additionally, specialised tools are required, which is when tree surgeons come in.

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