Is your Wedding Videographer Planning it Right?

Weddings are made in heaven. They are precious, loaded with memories that are likely to be cherished for a lifetime not only by the couple but also by the generations to come! This is precisely the reason why choosing a specialist for videography in Long Island is non-negotiable. After all, the ever-so-important task of preserving these memories resides with the videography professional!

Start by Choosing Right

Of course, the best start is a thorough evaluation. You need to evaluate based on salient parameters such as the quality of work done in the past, the nature of services rendered, the names included in clientele, the feedback and references received, and so on. This should be the initial round of evaluation! Once you have arrived at a handful of shortlisted options, you need to check if your service provider for wedding videography in Long Island is prepared well! We take a look at some of the more important questions you should ask.

Questions to Ask your Long Island Wedding Videography Expert

  • Are they great communicators? Ideally, wedding videography specialists should possess extraordinary communication and collaborative skills. They should be able to have meaningful conversations with the couple, the authorities associated with the venue, and also the associated vendors they would have to work with! They should be able to capture the essence of the event and gather whatever piece of information is relevant to the ceremony. If your shortlisted videographer and his team do not happen to be great communicators you need to rethink other possibilities. A service provider who thinks he knows everything could be dangerous. 
  • Have they considered lightweight gear? A wedding is spread across multiple venues. There is a range of different locations to capture! Formal events will be shot in the hall; informal moments of togetherness would be captured amid casual settings in the middle of greenery and so on. Therefore, the lighter their gear is, the better it is likely to be! A service provider who is obsessed with carrying around cumbersome equipment isn’t a good choice at all! An ideal Long Island videography specialist accomplishes brilliant shots with lightweight gear. 
  • Do they believe in multiple audio backups? Well, if they don’t, you need to explain to them that they should. There are no retakes in life events. “I-Do” will be only said once and you will have to capture it to perfection. Every important event will have to be captured as it happens. This is why multiple back-ups for audio recording would have to be engaged. If a DJ has been hired for the celebrations, you can also use his soundboard for backup recording. Checking with him beforehand is important, however. When a DJ board is used, the quality of sound may not be that great! Long Island videography specialists should understand that there are no second chances when it comes to wedding shoots. 

Your wedding videography film should ideally be “reel good”. Just make sure you look at the aspects that matter when picking your option.

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