8 Tips to Choose the Best Wedding Photographer in North India

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So you are all set to take wedding vows, it is time to hire a wedding photographer. Hiring a specialist may take a lot of research work and time but the efforts are worth making! After all the photographer and his team are going to make your D day special. They will capture all the beautiful moments of your wedding and preserve it for you to cherish for a long time.

Here are some important questions you should ask a professional photographer to make sure you:

1. How long have you been working as a professional wedding photographer?

Experience is huge! When booking a wedding photographer, it is important to ask about the number of years the photographer has been working. It is recommended to ask for a portfolio of the photographer to get an idea about the kind of work he has done in the past. A lead photographer should have covered several weddings.

Hiring a wedding photographer is a crucial task. Having less experience may work if the photographer has done some amazing work in the past. Look for testimonials from past clients to know about the reliability of the professional.

2. What is your wedding photography style?

Most brides and grooms have a specific theme and style of wedding in mind. The photography should revolve around that theme. Hence, it is important to hire a wedding photographer who can follow the style you have in mind. Make sure the aesthetic and style of the wedding photographer matches your wedding vision. Apart from checking out the official website and social media accounts of the photographer, allow him or her to describe their style of photography to you. This is important to ensure a good fit.

3. How do You Edit the Pictures?

Editing pictures is an important part of wedding photography. Every photographer has a different photo editing style. It affects the end result of wedding pictures. Hence, it is crucial that you enquire about this while asking questions to the photographer. You can see if their style is timeless, moody or exactly as you like it. It is recommended to know how they handle different lighting situations throughout the event. Many photographers also offer additional photo editing services such as retouching, color correcting etc. You may enquire if your photographer offers similar services.

4. Can I see your portfolio?

Seeing past works will help you understand the style and quality of the work done by the photographer. Carefully look into his past work. Browse through client testimonials. Experts usually recommend having a look at a full wedding gallery. This will give you detailed idea on how the photographer work and his specific style. Having a look at full wedding galleries will help you know how the rest of your event’s photographs would look after hiring the wedding photography company online in Delhi.

5. Do you keep a backup plan handy?

Things may not always go as you wish to plan. Life is unpredictable. Hence, you should always have a backup plan in hand. Make sure you ask your wedding photographer about the same. Ask how his team will manage in case, something goes wrong. How will they handle a situation where he or his team is unable to shoot your wedding? A backup plan in place is important. This also applies for photography logistics and other devices.

6. What do your wedding photography packages include?

When deciding on a wedding photographer, you must enquire about packages offered and pricing. Packages may vary from one wedding photographer to the other. The packages may dictate number of hours of photography, prints, engagement photos, albums, and a second photographer. Understand everything that is included within the quoted price. You can also enquire about add-ons and any additional fees for services such as shooting pre-wedding events, destination weddings, overtime hours, etc. In case, the photographer you wish to hire works with a team, it is important to know who will shoot your wedding day.

7. How much time do you take to deliver final wedding photos?

This is important. Most renowned wedding photographers are flooded with projects. Many tend to delay delivery of pictures which may be frustrating. As newly married couple, you and your family will be eager to see pictures. Hence, you should ask the photographer about how many days it will take to develop the pictures, editing and printing of the album.

8. What is the refund/cancellation policy?

Once you have made all important queries, it is time to ask one last question. Make sure you ask how far in advance they need to be booked. It is important to review the contract and understand refund and cancellation policies of the company prior to paying the deposit.

Asking the above listed questions to a photographer you plan to hire will help you get a reliable team to cover your wedding.

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