How To Learn Finger Boarding? Tips And Tricks

A fingerboard is a tiny skateboard replica that you can ride using your middle and index fingers. The fingerboard length is about 10cm, and the width is around 25 to 34cm. The fingerboard being smaller than the skateboard presents complexities in the beginning. Beginners must indulge in some kind of training. Learn the primary finger boarding techniques as a newbie. Your skateboard must be comfortable and easy to use. Xflippro offers a wide range of supreme-quality fingerboards that you can customize the way you want.

Fingerboard contains all skateboard parts, like decks, deck graphics, wheels, or even trucks. The only major difference is that it requires your fingers instead of legs to ride on it. There are multiple varieties of fingerboards for both professionals and amateurs. You can get a huge variety of professional fingerboards at Xflippro. Fingerboards aren’t merely confined to kids, but adults can enjoy them as well.   

Do you know when the fingerboard was created? It was first created in 1960. Fingerboards have become popular since the time of skateboarding. The game is widely enjoyed globally in Europe, Asia, and the US.  

Easy Ways to Learn Finger Boarding  

You can enjoy this game when you know all the basic tricks to enjoy the game. So, scroll through to know all the basics of finger boarding.  

Finger Positioning  

It is the most essential thing. Place your fingers at a position where you get stability and better control over your pro fingerboard. For example, place your first finger in the fingerboard’s center and the middle finger on its back edge.  

The index finger will help control the deck, and the middle one will participate in all tricks and stunts. These two fingers are the most comfortable ones, but you can use your preferred ones to acquire better control over your fingerboard.  

Forward Push  

Once you’ve positioned your fingers accurately, force ahead on the fingerboard. It is the easiest trick to do with the fingerboard.   

Manual Lift  

Press the rim of the fingerboard with the center finger so that the front wheels hanging in the air. Then, press the index finger to pull back to the ground. It’s a simple trick that needs little practice.  

Board Turning  

It is a simple trick that you need to master. First, place your fingers on the fingerboard and slide it straight to the front on a plain surface. Next, press the board using the middle finger, which is already placed on the backflip.  

The fingerboards’ front wheels will fly in the air. Avoid pressing down with your index finger to make the board push up freely. Instead, rotate your fingers to turn the fingerboard in the desirable direction. To reposition the fingerboard, hold your index finger down again.  

Get your custom fingerboard rather than any normal one to be more comfortable with your fingerboard. Xflippro can customize your fingerboard the way you want.  

Air Tricks

This professional finger boarding trick requires a lot of practice. Place your fingers the way they were before and press the back edge of the board with your center finger to lift the front wheel. Keep your fingerboard balanced using your middle finger.  

Press hard on the back so that board flies in the air. Now, your speed matters as gravity tend to send the fingerboard back to the surface. This trick will bring back the fingerboard on all its four wheels.    

The Bottomline

There are many other advanced tricks that you can learn to play along with a fingerboard. Some techniques include 50-50 grind on the rail, 5-0 grind on a rail, nose grind, and many others. Many stores are selling professional fingerboards. Xflippro is a one-stop destination to get your hands on high-quality custom fingerboards and professional fingerboards. Ensure that you check all the desirable traits in a fingerboard before purchasing it, like its deck, grip, trucks, etc. Xflippro fingerboards are equipped with a custom fingerboard deck and skateboard toys tech deck. You can even get custom fingerboard ramps here.

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