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Everything you must know about Google Cloud Digital Leader Exam

Google cloud certified cloud digital leader certification exam has been inspiring candidates since its beginning. It is the entry-level certification exam offered by Google Cloud Platform. The GCP started this certification in the middle of the year 2021. Now the Google cloud digital leader exam has become the most fundamental certification exam from GCP certifications. This certification is designed for Google cloud digital experts that have the skills and knowledge to operate the Google cloud core products and services successfully. These cloud experts can also explain the benefits of Google cloud services for the organization. They can also describe common business uses and advantages of Google cloud products and services and how could solutions support an enterprise. This certification is suitable for everyone who wishes to enhance their skills and knowledge about cloud computing basics and how Google cloud products and services can be used to achieve the company’s goals. But keep in mind to get success in Google Cloud Digital Leader Exam is not an easy task you have to prepare well and get help from Google Exam Dumps to pass this challenging Google cloud certification.

Basic Information about Google Cloud Digital Leader Exam

Unlike the other fundamental cloud exams such as the Microsoft AZ-900 exam or AWS cloud certification exam, the Google Cloud Digital Leader certification exam is much tougher to pass. You have to put in some extra effort, time, and investment to pass this milestone. For a quick start, it is recommended to understand the basic information of the Google cloud digital leader certification exam, it will help you to understand the basic concepts of the exam and assist you to make the best exam preparation strategy. Although you have the option to get the basic information about the Google cloud digital leader exam official page, however for your ease we have given all general information about the exam in the following lines.

Exam Name: Cloud Digital Leader

Certification Provider: Google

Prerequisite: None

Exam format: Multiple choices and multiple select

Length: 90 minutes

Registration fee: $99

Language: English

Recommended experience: Experience collaborating with technical professionals

Google Cloud Digital Leader Exam Objectives

Every conventional IT certification exam has some sort of objective. Just like others Google Digital Leader certification exams also have some objectives. These exam objectives are achieved by measuring the skills and knowledge of candidates in the form of a written exam. These certification exam objectives are classified into three categories:

  1. General Cloud Knowledge
  2. General Google Cloud Knowledge
  3. Google Cloud Products & Services

These exam objectives also call the exam topics or syllabus that will cover the final exam. Knowing exam objectives or topics will not only streamline your exam preparation process but also enable you to pass the Google Cloud Digital Certification Exam on the first attempt.  

The Cloud Digital Leader exam assesses your knowledge in these areas:

  • Digital transformation with Google Cloud – 10% of the exam
  • Innovating with data and Google Cloud – 30% of the exam
  • Infrastructure and application modernization – 30% of the exam
  • Google Cloud security and operations – 30% of the exam

How to Prepare for Google Cloud Digital Leader Exam Quickly

No doubt the Google cloud digital leader exam is a challenging exam. It is not an easy exam and comparatively difficult as compared to other cloud exams. If you have a plan to become a certified Google Cloud Digital Leader then you have to earn the credentials of the Google Cloud Digital Leader certification exam. Practice makes a man perfect. Practicing for the Google cloud certification is important and vital. The best way for practicing is the mock exams, PDF practicing questions, and past papers. These practicing questions familiarize you with the real-time exam questions pattern, and exam types, polish your exam time management skills and enable you to solve all questions on time. But the problem is you do need only practice questions you need top-rated and updated Google cloud digital leader exam questions which you can download from PremiumDumps Google Cloud Digital Leader questions page quickly.

What’s Next?

Now you have got enough information about the Google Cloud Digital Leader Certification exam. If you follow these steps surely you will get success in the exam, but keep in mind this is just the first step in becoming a Google cloud expert. Google cloud technologies rapidly evolving. So it is important to rectify this every two years if needed or attain advanced certification. After successful completion of the Google Cloud Digital Leader certification exam, you can try your luck at the Associate level certification for the Google cloud platform.

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