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How to Choose the Perfect Sports Sunglasses for Baseball

How to Choose the Perfect Sports Sunglasses for Baseball

There is an upsurge in the use of sporting eyewear. As of 2021, the global sports sunglasses market brought in $2.9 billion in revenue. Projections are that, by 2027, it could reach a staggering $3.7 billion. That puts it at a CAGR of 4.07% within that period.

According to the report, the reasons for the growth are numerous. There is increasing participation in sporting activities across the world. People are more active to reduce the chances of developing chronic diseases.

Safety is a crucial consideration when choosing sports sunglasses. Scratch-resistant coating and hydrophobic properties protect the lenses from impact and repel liquids. The result is greater comfort, coverage, and protection for the wearer.

Prescription sports sunglasses are ideal for those who wear prescriptive or corrective lenses. It enhances comfort and convenience in two ways. First, you don’t have to struggle with vision because you can’t use your corrective lenses to the field. The other is not having to put shades over your regular prescription glasses or contacts.

Our article explores choosing the perfect sports sunglasses for baseball.

Ensure a Good Fit of the Sports Sunglasses

You may wonder why you cannot buy a pair of ordinary sunglasses for baseball. Well, it all comes down to the fit. The design of baseball sunglasses ensure they stay secured to your face. It does not matter how rigorous the sport gets. 

Indeed, a good fit is a common feature in athletic sunglasses. It removes the inconvenience of having to adjust the glasses every other time. Some design features to focus on when choosing a pair include:

  • Temple pads and a silicone nose pad to ensure a good grip.
  • Wrap-around arms that fit behind the ear.
  • Elastic bands that you can wear around your head. 

The other alternative is to get sunglass straps that you can tie to the end of the frame arm. The straps allow for easy adjusting, meaning you can tighten them for a snug fit.

Choosing Prescription Sports Sunglasses

Don’t let the fact that you wear corrective lenses stop you from playing baseball. There is a wide variety of prescription sports sunglasses online. You can use them for golfing, cycling, fishing, snow sports, and of course, baseball.

Prescription sports glasses use your corrective lens prescription. You continue to get the functionality you get with normal prescription glasses.

Make sure to consider what we shared when choosing sports sunglasses above. But, it’s also a good idea to ensure that your prescription sports glasses have:

  • Durable frames and lenses. The best safety prescription glasses follow the ANSI and ASTM standards. The former looks at the athletic features of eyewear. The main focus is on impact resistance. ANSI standards are about safety features. Sports sunglasses with ANSI rating are the best for high-velocity sports, like baseball.
  • UV protection against the sun, which can reduce your visual acuity. For those who wear prescription lenses, the sun can be especially unforgiving. Muscular soreness and eye pain are common after long-term exposure to the sun. You may also develop tension headaches or migraines due to squinting.
  • The best safety prescription glasses also have wrap-around lenses for better coverage. This should not impact your vision.
  • Polarized prescription sports sunglasses are great for lighting that comes from different angles.

Day vs. Night Baseball Sunglasses

One consideration for playing daytime baseball is protection from bright light. In this case, dark lenses make sense. But, don’t try to duck because you may not be able to see the ball that well. Some technologies enhance contrast while reducing glare. Rose or brown lenses are the best options for that.

For nighttime baseball, you still have the problem of glare due to the bright lights. Many players prefer clear lenses or prescription sports glasses. The concern is that dark lenses may make it hard to see. 

But, a light amber is a good option for enhancing your depth perception of the baseball. You also get better contrast, which is critical for seeing the ball. Also, ensure the lenses have an anti-reflective coating to help with light reflection.

Considering the times you may be playing, you may need two pairs of sports glasses. But, if you can’t afford it, a viable option lies in transition or photochromic lenses. The more exposure to UV light, the darker the tint gets. Some have an anti-reflective coating to block UV rays.

A third option is interchangeable lenses. You can swap the lenses from dark to clear, depending on what time you will be in the field.

Field of Vision and Lens Color

You must have a clear field of vision when playing baseball, so that should be a critical consideration when choosing the best sports sunglasses for you. You want to avoid bulky arms and thick lenses, or frames.

The same applies to prescription sports sunglasses. Slim designs, half Rim or rimless, will give you a better field view.

Like in design choices, you have options with color. These include:

  • Clear, which is excellent for night games.
  • Gray that dims brightness. Do not go for a very dark tint because it can obscure your vision of the ball.
  • Copper is fantastic for blocking high-energy visible radiation, or blue light. Copper is also excellent for brightening vision in cloudy weather. You also get the advantage of contrast, which makes it easy to see the balls.
  • Yellow fights glare, but please note that it can impact clarity.
  • Mirrored, red, or blue offer little functionality. But you’ll look super cool and trendy.

Consider the Material of Your Sports Sunglasses

Avoid buying heavy or bulky sports glasses. Pay attention to the type of material used in the construction of the sunglasses. One popular one is polycarbonate, which is lightweight and durable. It can also withstand the impact you can expect during a baseball game. 

But, there are other sports sunglasses material options, including metal and plastic. Do note that these types are less durable. They also do not offer the same level of protection as you would get with polycarbonate.

The material choice applies to the lenses as well. Once again, polycarbonate is a good option. It could be best if you decide on at least 3 mm in thickness.

Final Thoughts

Playing baseball in the sun, or under bright lights can impact your vision. That is why you need to invest in a pair of sports sunglasses. It doesn’t matter whether you are going for regular or prescription sports sunglasses. You are sure to find a pair that can suit your needs. We have shared a guide you can use in choosing the best sunglasses. Use the handy tips when shopping.

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