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Sports place unique demands upon athletes’ bodies. Thanks to each sport’s objectives and style of play, a wide range of injuries are possible. Even if these injuries don’t remove you from the game, you may be dealing with other problems such as muscle soreness or joint pain. Working with a sports physical therapist is key to treating current injuries and preventing future problems. When looking for sports physical therapy in Baton Rouge, you’ll want to keep a few things in mind. 

Speedy Recovery for Ailing Athletes

Whether minor or severe, sports injuries can have a broad range of causes. Depending on the sport, the nature of these injuries can vary. For example, basketball players commonly experience knee injuries, foot fractures and ankle sprains. Football players may sustain these kinds of injuries, but they’re also at risk for concussions and shoulder dislocations. Tennis injuries are completely different, usually taking the form of wrist sprains, tennis elbow or rotator cuff tendonitis.

Some sports injuries, such as torn ACLs, may result from sudden impacts and trauma. Others like tennis elbow develop over time with overuse and strain. Either way, these injuries require professional experience to encourage recovery. When searching for “best physical therapy treatment near me,” look for a therapist who specializes in sports med. This individual understands your specific type of injuries, the mechanics that may have caused it and how to rehabilitate you so you can return to play.

Helping Athletes Return To the Game Stronger Than Before

While each sports injury treatment program looks a little different, most plans contain similar components. Your first step is meeting with your therapist for an evaluation, during which you’ll provide some important information:

  • The nature of your injury
  • What you were doing when the injury occurred
  • Your current level of functioning
  • Pain and symptoms you experience
  • How physical activities make your injury better or worse

Your therapist will assess your functional mobility and balance. Other tests may be performed as needed. From all this data plus your medical reports, the therapist can then develop a detailed treatment plan. Physical rehabilitation can help you achieve several key goals

  • Reduce pain and swelling
  • Increase mobility and function
  • Rebuild endurance and strength
  • Regain sports-related movement abilities
  • Learn techniques to prevent future injuries

Your rehab will include manual and orthopedic physical therapy. You’ll learn exercises with proper techniques and practice them both at your sessions and at home. Depending on your injury, it may also involve massage, taping and bracing. Throughout your program, your therapist will evaluate and document your progress. This individual will also judge when you can return to play.

Finding Your Sports Physical Therapist

Many of the top physical therapists near Baton Rouge, LA, specialize in sports med. The key is finding a professional who understands your needs, but you must also feel comfortable working with this individual. After all, rehabilitation is a partnership between you and the therapist. Together, you’re working to return you back to play stronger and better than before your injury. 

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