Benefits of Fiber Optic Internet

Benefits of Fiber Optic Internet

Internet connections offer various speeds and performances. They offer multiple attractive features, including faster speeds, better connectivity, and more. 

Fiber Optic internet is an ideal internet connection, providing users with incredible speeds, zero throttling, and reliability. This stable internet connection can be used for several internet activities, including video gaming, streaming, and web surfing.

Its lightning-fast speed results from modern technology used in the connection’s infrastructure. Besides, fiber connections can remain unaffected by many external factors, including weather conditions. 

So let’s explore some common benefits of fiber optic internet networks. 

Reasons Why a Fiber Optic Internet Connection is Better 

Fiber optic internet connections are a better investment choice for seamless internet connectivity. Once you have your fiber connection, you can expect to receive the following benefits:   

1. Speed

Fiber Optic internet is much faster compared to normal internet connections. Internet connection offers an incredible speed of 1 Gbps. This speed is 10 or 20 times faster than the usual 100mbps cable connections most people have in their own homes. 

For instance, a strong fiber optic internet connection can download a 2-hour movie within a minute. In contrast, cable internet may take up to 7 minutes or more.

2. Reliability

Internet reliability is very important these days. When playing games, you might lose a critical moment in the match just because your internet signals dropped. Or perhaps you get disconnected from the network during an important meeting. 

To avoid these inconveniences, you must have a reliable internet connection to stay online at all times.  

Internet signals suffer from disturbances during peak hours. Thus, streaming videos can be a challenge. However, with a fiber optic internet connection, you can play games and watch videos as long as you want without interruptions. That’s because these connections are adept at handling multiple users simultaneously while offering better speeds. 

3. Great Price Value

With all the benefits fiber optic internet connection provides, you might think that it would be very expensive. However, it’s not the case. In fact, you will just need to add a couple of bucks to get its benefits.

Also, there is a lot of cheap and convenient ATT U Verse package that you can take advantage of, depending on the speed you want to get. After your subscription, you stream videos endlessly. Not only that, but with a useful internet package, you can gain access to multiple TV channels, affordable prices, and more device connections without breaking the bank!

4. No Throttling

Imagine using the internet without throttling. It’s a dream come true for many internet users around the world. Throttling causes slow internet speeds and poor connectivity. As a result, you’ll be unable to load a single web page without waiting several minutes. 

Luckily, fiber optic internet can save you from these issues. 

Overloaded internet cables often cause throttling. Fiber connections are less susceptible to this situation and are thus a better internet choice. 

5. Upload and Download Speeds 

Downloading and uploading are two different internet activities. Both processes require a stable and fast internet connection. 

Since most internet networks offer unreliable signals, downloading and uploading speeds can vary among users. For instance, cable internet offers slow download speeds and even slower upload speeds. 

Yet, a fiber optic internet connection has similar download and upload speeds. This way, you can download an important document and readily share it with your team within minutes. 

6. HD Quality TV

Who doesn’t love watching their favorite TV show after a tiring day? We all do. With ATT U Verse TV and internet packages, you can enjoy the best fiber optic internet service. This way, you’ll have access to several HD TV channels with incredible streaming quality. 

That’s because operating at a minimum of 500 Mbps is sufficient for streaming 4K movies and TV shows. 

7. Improved Gameplay

Internet gaming is a fun way to relax and spend time online. If you’re a skilled Fortnite player, you may know the importance of a stable internet connection. 

For this reason, fiber internet connection offers consistent internet signals. This way, you save yourself from the tiniest connectivity hiccup that may disturb your game progress.  

8. Healthier

5G internet connections are on the rise, and major service providers are trying to offer this service nationwide. The internet connection promises to offer lightning-fast internet speeds of around 10 Gbps. 

This speed is almost ten times better compared to fiber optics internet. However, internet connection signals can penetrate human skin and increase cancer risks among users. 

In contrast, fiber optics internet connections are spread using cables. Thus the signals can’t escape or penetrate our bodies to cause diseases.  

9. Sustainable 

Fiber internet cables do not need regular updates. Instead, with increased demands, the internet connection can be upgraded using new equipment. This means that you’ll be free from getting new cables for more bandwidth. 

10. Connect More Devices

Nowadays, connecting a single device to an internet connection isn’t enough. Instead, you must connect various gadgets to the network to continue multiple online activities. These can include sending work emails from your laptop, posting on social media through your mobile, and streaming TV. 

Not only that, but we also need internet access for our home security systems and thermostats. For this reason, fiber optics internet becomes a suitable choice as it offers increased bandwidth with faster transmission. This way, you’ll experience less signal loss and benefit from seamless connectivity.  

11. Safety

Fiber optic internet speeds aren’t just for show; they’ll also transform the world into a safer place. The National Broadband Plan asks for a stronger national network to enhance public safety.

The strategy states that first responders need a quicker, more dependable internet to obtain data, voice, and video to aid in lifesaving. Today, all Americans have greater accessibility to emergency services thanks to improved internet. In addition, it increases national security and offers more trustworthy disaster warnings.

12. Distance

Fiber internet was invented for covering long distances. Thus, you shouldn’t worry about running out of coverage in remote areas with fiber internet services. In fact, many cell phone towers use fiber optic cables to connect the towers to a network. 

Final Thoughts

Fiber optic internet is indeed an important and valuable internet service. It offers sustainable solutions, is affordable, and provides you with the best internet coverage.

Additionally, fiber internet connections are faster and more reliable. This way, you are able to enjoy the internet at home without disconnecting from your network. Moreover, with suitable internet packages, you can double the fun and make your service subscriptions more affordable.

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