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How to Add GIFs to Instagram Stories with Style

Stories are hitting hard on Instagram. Any person or brand that wants to increase their visibility uploads content to stories to interact and connect with their followers. But, is any story worth it, or will a more striking one have more impact?

GIFs are an element that you should use in your stories because, in addition to giving a fun touch, they have a special magic when it comes to capturing attention.

Would you like to add new custom Instagram GIF to your stories? In this post, we tell you how to do it according to the style of your brand in an easy and fast way.

Steps to add a GIF to your Instagram stories

Without a doubt, GIFs are a trend and have even become a way of communicating and expressing ourselves. Also, these are very useful when we want to highlight something in our stories, acting as calls to action (link in bio, new post, swipe up).

The truth is that many times, we get tired of always seeing the same GIFs in the stories of different accounts, both personal and corporate.

Note: GIFs work great to improve engagement with your followers. Create the most original and attractive ones, in line with your brand, you will be able to arouse interest in your community, getting more comments and interactions. A very effective tool with which you can both make Instagram short videos and create GIFs is FlexClip.

But… what if we told you that you can add Instagram GIFs with your own style? Here we tell you how!

➽ Create an account on Giphy

The first thing is to create a Giphy account. To do this, you have to register and fill in some personal information. Afterward, the tool will ask you to upload at least 5 Instagram GIFs to have a more complete profile.

Do not get overwhelmed because it will help you see how it works and what options it has. Here, you can either upload GIFs that you already have created before or start the creation from scratch.

Tips: The most important thing when sharing a GIF on Instagram stories is to add #hashtags. Remember that these have to be related to the content or can bear the name of your brand. In addition, they will help you later to find your GIFs in Instagram Stories.

➽ Apply for a brand account on Giphy

Once you have created your profile, with 5 GIFs uploaded, you can request a brand account. Here you will have to re-register.

Note: Please note that in order to apply for a brand account on Giphy, you must have a website, blog, or landing page. It is a mandatory requirement.

After completing the trademark application, the team will check that everything is correct and it will take a few days to validate the account.

➽ Upload your GIFs to Giphy

After your account is approved, you will be able to upload your Instagram GIFs to Giphy. We remind you that it is very important that in each GIF you upload, you indicate the name of your brand in the hashtag.

Important: To be able to use them in Instagram Stories you must upload them as stickers and not as GIFs. Stickers differ from GIFs in that they are placed on a transparent background.

Therefore, before uploading a GIF to Giphy you must remove the background of your images. To do this, there are many tools that automatically remove the background of your images, such as Trace (by Stickermule). When you have it edited, it will be ready to upload to Giphy.

➽ Find GIFs on Giphy

There are those who, instead of adding their own GIFs, prefer to search the platform to find more creative creations. For it:

From the “Stickers” tab you can see all the GIFs that are for Instagram stories.
To search for something specific, we recommend that you do the search in English.

Select the GIF you like, click on the heart to save it, and it will be saved in your favorites, in the Giphy account.

To use it in Instagram Stories, enter as if you were going to create a story, click on GIF and search for the GIF with the same term that you used in Giphy. The first will appear.

Tips: If you really like the GIFs of a specific illustrator, from within the app you can see who has made them and see all those who have designed them. This will be useful for you to follow a consistent line of branding with your brand or project.

➽ Find your style of Instagram GIFs

This is the last and most important step:

  • Go to the Instagram web or app and go to the Instagram Stories option.
  • Click on “GIF”, and in the search engine type the hashtags that you have used when naming the GIFs that you uploaded to Giphy.

Note: When you first upload a GIF to Giphy, it can take at least 7 days for it to appear on Instagram. So do it early in case you need to use GIFs in Instagram stories for a specific date.
How to customize GIFs from Android and from iPhone
Although there are tools to convert your photos or videos into GIFs, you should know that all iOS devices can do it without having to download any app or tool. Here’s how you can turn your photo into a GIF:

  • Select the “Live” function and take a photo.
  • Enter the gallery and slide the file up.
  • Choose between “Loop” and “Bounce”.

To do it from an Android, you need to have a keyboard installed that supports GIF images. One of the ones we know is the GBoard keyboard (from Google) or Swiftkey. This keyboard will appear when in your story, you give the option to write, in the icon of the letter A framed.

Now is your turn! Try new stories with attractive Instagram GIFs and in line with your brand to convey consistency and professionalism. And share with us what results you are getting!

At Last

Do you have other ideas on how to add GIFs to Instagram stories and give an image more in line with your brand?

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