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Why you should write guest posts for links, not traffic?

Inbound links are not only a smart idea but they are one of the most important things when it comes to SEO and marketing. For people who think that the main idea is to get a lot of traffic, then no you should also be worried about the inbound links that make you rank. The main idea that people have is to write a lot of guest posts and get the referral traffic from them and this is the result. 

Well, that is good but not the complete result you should be focusing on. Inbound links are the main benefit that you can enjoy from it. If you are working with a professional team or using guest posting services, they will make companies focus on the links. It is a long-term plan that provides you with more revenue and growth than just the traffic. You can increase your subscribers as well without spending more from your marketing budget. 

You should be following the same process but the idea should be to look after the links and optimize it that you got posted. Those links are your big ticket here and they can help you achieve the top ranks of search engines. 

Here is why you should write for links, not just the traffic.

Work with small blogs:

Getting your post on the top websites is a great idea. But you should also focus on the smaller blogs as they are always ready for accepting guest posts. You must have a good internet connection telecom to do this. You do not have to worry so much about the pitch as they are already quite hungry for the original content. The relationship you make with them is long-term and you can be a part of their growth as well.

Now, another benefit is that you do not have to wait for many days or even a month waiting for the response. You will get it ASAP and the publishing time is quite quick. We can say that you will be getting an opposite reaction from these blogs in communication and partnership than the top ones. 

Results are long-term:

You will be getting traffic when your goal is the traffic. But after some time, this traffic will be long gone and then it won’t be much valuable to you. Your goal should be focused on the inbound links as their results are scalable for a very long time. You can optimize it and see the results that you can get from it. 

The traffic will be increased more than ever and some can also achieve more than 200% in no time. There is a great chance that you will be getting benefits from it for many months. 

Target with guest blogs:

The traffic you get through the guest blog is not a lot. But when you start to optimize and then get the results from it, you will see that the searching makes a great impact. Through your inbound links, you will be able to generate 10x more traffic if you are optimizing it the right way. You can also make sure that the blogs you are writing are related to the questions of your target market.

When you are working this way your content is more directed toward the readers and they will feel a connection. The stronger the connection, the more is the chance that you are making a lead rather than just getting traffic. If you need help you can use professional and experienced blogger outreach services as well. 

It will help you to target in a much better way in the budget you choose. The bloggers have a lot of following and without working yourself you will be getting a great response even in the competition of today’s world.

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