When Does Sasuke Come Back

When does come Sasuke back? Sasuke comes back in episode 478, titled “The Unison Saga” in English of Naruto Shippuden.

CreatorMasashi Kishimoto
Kekkai GenkaiRinnegan, Sharingan
Birthday23rd July
Some Quick Info About Uchiha Sasuke

Uchiha Sasuke is one of the primary Fictional character of the Naruto shippuden. He is the sole survivor of Uchiha Clan wiped by Uchiha Itachi brother of Sasuke. He is best friend of Naruto and the strongest among everyone. His Kekkai genkai includes Sharingam, Rinnegan and Mankegyo Sharingan.

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When Does Sasuke Come Back?

Sasuke returns to his village hidden in the Leaf in episode 478 of Naruto Shippuden titled “wakai No in” in Japanese, which means The Unison saga. Episode 478 showed the final fight between Sasuke and naruto one last time. At the end of the episode, Sasuke accepts Naruto’s Ninja way and returns to the village hidden in the Leaf.

Sasuke left the village hidden in the Leaf in search of greater power promised by Lord Orochimaru. At the same time, Lord Orochimaru was only using him. Orochimaru needed a perfect vessel for his body, and that he believed could be Sasuke.

After returning to the village, he started working under Naruto’s Hokage Office as a Professional Ninja that tackles the hardest missions outside the village. Currently, he is maxed out of his abilities, including Fire Jutsu, Sharingan, and Rinnegan.

Why does Sasuke Come back?

Why did he come back after all the time? Sasuke Uchiha had only one goal which was to kill his brother Itachi Uchiha in anyway.

But the twist is His brother was not the culprit? It was the massacre of whole Hidden Leaf village or Uchiha Clan. Obviously Itachi Choosed village and massacred his own parents. When this truth was exposed Sasuke wanted to get revenge on the Leaf Village as they forced him in the corner to decide hard decision.

Kabuto performs Edo Tensei Jutsu on every dead legend and best shinobi of all time as a tool against the whole world. In those incarnation Itachi was also revived. When Sasuke returns all five kages that means whole shinobi world was under World war 3.

When he sees his brother alive he follow him. But At that time, Itachi was trying to save the Leaf Village from the World War. At that time, Sasuke felt why his brother wanted to save the Hidden Leaf Village after everything that happened with him. So, Sasuke gets to meet his brother again and clears all the question that were clouding his head.

It was the time when all hokages and Itachi tells him there sides of story helping Sasuke fill the blanks.

When does Sasuke Come back Episode #478: Summary

Recollecting their past fights, Sasuke advises Naruto to vanish alongside their bond as their assaults associate, bringing about a blast. Both recall competing in the Academy, both declining to play out the Seal of Reconciliation toward the end.

They review Naruto, saying their next battle would bring about their demise in the Land of Iron. As they shift through a few critical areas from before, the two keep thinking about whether they are dead. He reviews how they were both alienated from the town, contemplating whether, in that sense, they truly were siblings.

Sasuke Naruto fights one last time together. Episode 478, Return of Sasuke Uchiha

Naruto rejects that end, apologizes to Tsoumada for passing on before becoming Hokage, and stresses not being there to deliver the Infinite Tsukuyomi. Sasuke laughs at his anxiety with the living and brings up Sakura and Kakashi are still there and will sort something out.

He considers meeting Itachi again soon. Sasuke awakens in the evening, Naruto telling him in case they move excessively, they will drain out and kick the bucket. Sasuke inquires why Naruto took a stab at keeping up with his bond with Sasuke once he began cutting them.

Naruto brings up again that he is his companion. Sasuke asks how that affects him. Naruto clarifies that seeing Sasuke take on such a lot damages him. Sasuke recalls seeing Naruto looking for consideration, how his endeavors to bond helped him remember his own family, and how he likewise considered it a shortcoming.

Those opinions developed whenever they were allocated to a similar group and began going on missions together. Sasuke sees the recollections of Naruto’s battles and his trades with Itachi concerning being Hokage, and He understands the significance of his companions.

This time, Naruto and Sasuke awaken at daybreak. Sasuke giggles when Naruto communicates his desire to continue to battle him in their state. As the sun rises, Sasuke concedes rout and reasons that if he kicks the bucket, the pattern of retribution will end with him.

Sasuke tells Naruto he can deliver the Infinite Tsukuyomi after he passes on by relocating his Rinnegan into another person. Naruto tells him assuming he will kick the bucket, and he ought to live and help Naruto make all shinobi participate.

when does sasuke comes back
Sasuke uchiha childhood animated Pic- credit Pixabay

Sasuke questions others would need to help him out and is careful about betraying Naruto once more. Naruto is sure he will not, and when Sasuke asks him how he knows, Naruto again implies their kinship.

Sasuke starts to cry and dismisses his face. Naruto and Sasuke stay there, with their predominant arms annihilated and dying.

What happens to Sasuke at the end of Naruto?

Naruto finished at the of Naruto and Sasuke with Sakura (futile) crying. When Sasuke goes to Orochimaru to find power, Orochimaru is in a rush to change his body.

His principal objective was to utilize Sasuke’s body with Sharingan. However, Sasuke was late, so he previously converged with another person. Presently when Sasuke came to.

During the fourth Shinobi war, Sasuke returns to Konoha to restore all the Hokages from the dead with the assistance of Orochimaru by utilizing Edo-Tensei; the motivation to bring them from death was to look for answers he had been looking for after he got to know the true purposes for his sibling’s activities in slaughtering the UCHIHA group.

Frequently asked question

Here are some of the frequently asked questions related to the article when does Sasuke come back:

1. What Made Sasuke Good Again?

Sasuke became good again when he saw naruto never give up on him. As he believed in him for a long time that he could break the chain of hatred. So, after seeing the belief and trust of Naruto in himself, he accepted defeat from naruto and decided to be good again.

2. What Episode Does He Bring Orochimaru Back?

Sasuke brings back Orochimaru in episode #341 titled “Orochimaru’s Return.” The episode takes place during the fourth Shinobi world war: Climax arc.

3. Why Did Sasuke Turn Evil?

Sasuke turns evil when he learns the truth about Itachi turning back on his Clan. He received Orochimaro’s curse mark during the genin exam. The curse mark made him evil and led him towards Orochimaru to seek more power.

4. What episode does Sasuke come back to the good side?

Uchiha Sasuke comes back to the good side in 478 episodes of Naruto Shippuden titled “The Unison Saga.” It was Naruto’s Ninja way that made Sasuke come back to his real-life back again.

5. What episode do Naruto and Sasuke meet again?

Naruto and Sasuke meet again after in episode 51 of Naruto Shippuden titled “Reunion.” Later Naruto and Sasuke meet again in episode 373 of Naruto Shippuden.

6. What happens in episode 218 of Naruto Shippuden?

The daimyō of the Five Great Shinobi Countries impart in a quickly organized video chat where they all endorse the arrangement of the Allied Shinobi Forces. As the five Kage returns to their particular towns, Kakashi brings his ninken to hand off the report about Danzō’s demise to their partners.

7. What happens in episode 214 of Naruto Shippuden?

Synopsis. Kakashi finds the unconscious Kiba, Akamaru, Lee, and Sai in a wooded path and manages to briefly render Kiba conscious long enough to find out where Sakura had gone. At the Samurai Bridge, Sakura tells Sasuke that she has defected from Konoha and wishes to join him.

8. When did Sasuke return to the Leaf Village?

Sasuke returns to the village hidden in the leaf in episode 478 of Naruto. He accepts Naruto’s diligence and realizes the dedication Naruto has put in him and decides to return.

9. Why did Sasuke come back to Konoha?

During the 4th Shinobi war, Sasuke comes back to Konoha to revive all the Hokages from the dead with the help of Orochimaru by using Edo-Tensei; the reason to bring them from death was to seek answers he had been searching for after he got to know the true reasons behind his brother’s actions in massacring the UCHIHA clan.

10. When does Sasuke come back to Hidden Leaf?

Sasuke comes back to the village Hidden in the Leaf in episode 478, titled “The Unison Saga.”

11. When does the Sasuke recovery mission arc end?

The Sasuke Recovery Mission Arc ran from scenes 107 to 135 in the first Naruto anime. After Sasuke accepted his revile mark from Orochimaru during the chunin tests and was called feeble by Itachi during the Search For Tsunade, Sasuke needed more power.


When does sasuke Come back? Sasuke Comes back to Village Hidden in the leaf in episode 478 of Naruto Known as “The Unison Saga.” He decided to come back to village when Naruto fought with him again. That’s why it is called the unison Saga. Sasuke was forgiven for all the crimes he committed under Orochimaru by Hokage Lady Tsunade. Tsunade before going to coma told kakashi to forgive sasuke of all his crimes so that he could come back home.

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