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How Do You Make a Small Bathroom Handicap Accessible?

Difficulty in physical mobility is a very common issue that is faced by many people around the world. The lack of proper mobility can hamper a person from doing the most basic day to day activities and cause a lot of negative effects on the person’s quality of life. This is why almost every store or building now has accessible lamps and other modifications that can make it easy for people with disabilities to use independently. However, making homes and bathrooms handicap accessible is also equally important to give them a true sense of independence. 

You can take assistance from companies like stair ride co. that provide bathroom modifications in Philadelphia to make changes in your bathroom to make it more suitable for a handicapped person. 

  1. Have a proper plan 

Whenever you decide to redesign your small bathroom, it is very important to make a proper plan regarding what you might need to change. You need to decide what activities your loved one has difficulty in performing, what accessories and modifications can assist them, and whether there is any chance of the mobility issues resolving in the future. 

2.  Make changes according to the room size

Once you have a plan and decide what changes to make, you should then take into consideration the size of the room. Whatever changes you make have to be within the square feet of the bathroom. If you want to fit a wheelchair inside the bathroom you will need to make the necessary changes.

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3. Have the ideal width of the doorway 

Another thing you will need to consider if you want to fit a wheelchair inside the room is the size of the doorway. The doorway needs to have a width ideally of 32 inches in order to enter the bathroom with the wheelchair. 

4. Consider making modifications for sink, tub, and toilet

You can make certain modifications to the bathroom sink, tub and toilet like having a wall hung sink for easy accessibility, a raised toilet seat that will be much more convenient to use, and a handheld shower or safety tub. It is also important to have good floor clearance so that there is no bumping into things and you will have enough space to accommodate a wheelchair, walker, or cane.

5. Make sure to have grab bars

Installing grab bars in the bathroom can be of great help as they can be used to get up from the toilet or grab onto while getting in and out of shower. They are one of the essential safety features that can be added to your bathroom as there are high chances of your loved one losing balance. They can hold on to these grab bars in such situations.

Making the above changes to a small bathroom can make it much more handicap accessible and will ensure a sense of independence and safety so that you won’t have to worry about accidental falls and injuries. 

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