Consultation with Doctors at your Fingertips now.


Booking, cancelling, rescheduling the appointments won’t be a disturbance anymore! Access a doctor at your comfort using Lybrate. Here, our network of skilled and qualified doctors delivers you the best medical services. Forget the troubles of long queues with us. You will get access to more than 100,000 proficient medical professionals at a single platform. Also, you get the best healthcare services with Lybrate. Tied with the innovative treatments and precise diagnosis. You can get in touch with online healthcare providers anytime in the day.

Without any delay, join with our Online Doctor Consultation via Lybrate App. And, feel free to ask your queries freely to our online doctors and book easily. No hassles!

Lybrate helps you find best doctors in India. Patients can discuss with them online for any type of medical help. It is completely an easy and secure process. Here, different expertise General Physicians, Dermatologists, Psychiatrists, Gynaecologists, Urologists, Ayurvedic Doctors, Dieticians, Nutritionists are available. All these healthcare professions remain associated to deliver medical help with a diverse mode of communication. Lybrate helps the patients to get in touch with its online doctors 24*7. 

Lybrate always care for your health. Get safe, easy, secure doctor consultation with us!

Ours is the best online consultation app. Lybrate believes in increasing the affordability of healthcare to everybody. We combine analytic quality, reasonable cost, and widespread research with advanced technology. Healthcare professionals associated with Lybrate are qualified and professionally trained. Now get in touch with our professional physicians. 

Choose the best decision for your health 

Choose something best for your health by opting for Lybrate. Here’s why you may blindly count on us:

  • 24×7 accessibility of top healthcare professionals
  • Many years of legacy in the medical industry
  • Easy and affordable app to use
  • Online prescriptions by top class doctors: available 24/7
  • A number of medical specialties under one roof i.e., Lybrate
  • Digitised resolution of health queries by patients

Maintenance of Patient’s Confidentially 

All the personal details and his or her medical information remains confidential. Lybrate assures a 100% privacy protection feature. Patient provides data and trusts us as the information is very important and doctors at Lybrate accept this. There is no need to worry as all your data remains protected. 

Consultation with Doctors at your Fingertips now

Advanced technologies offer quality treatment to patients residing in remote regions. Also, for patients who require medical attention. There are various modes of online consultation with doctors. All these modes are totally safe, protected, and trouble-free.

At Lybrate, patients can connect with the doctors via 3 modes i.e., Text or Chat, Phone, and Video. These are numerous ways to reach the concerned doctor without the necessity of visiting a hospital or clinic. This all is due to the advanced technology. Doctor consultations now becomes simple and the patient can the timely and right health care. Patient can choose the best methods to connect physician online. He or she can get medical advices via text, audio call, or video call discussion. 

Doctor’s Consultation Process at Lybrate

A patient can connect with doctor confidentially by following these following steps. Online consultation should be a very simple process. Below are some steps that patient can follow for consulting:

  1. Choose a doctor: Patient can choose the physician as per the signs and speciality. Also, the patient can search doctor effortlessly from Search panel from anytime and anywhere. There is also an option for checking the entire doctor details. These details may be doctor’s experience, his speciality, rating, and more.
  2. Choose the mode of consultation: After choosing a doctor, patient can select the right mode. This helps the doctor understand the case in a better way. Three modes are available i.e., video, audio call, or chat or text. 
  3. Define the objective of consultation in details: The patient needs to give his information which is very confidential, visible only to the doctor. Also, patient needs to share his or her medical history and what doctor asks.
  4. Pay consultation fee via online mode: Since, we work online, medical help is available at reasonable rates. Patient can opt for payment modes such as Paytm Wallet, Google pay, net banking, Debit or Credit cards, MobiWik, Amazon Pay, PhonePe, Paypal, and many more.
  5. All set to go: Discuss with your doctor to reach out for a diagnosis and suitable treatment for the health issue.

Lybrate offers a refund Policy on consultation

Lybrate has a Refund policy on doctor’s consultation. If patient is not fulfilled with the discussion, he or she can write to us. Here, we would assess the talk for further explanation. There is a guarantee of 100% refund in genuine situations.

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