A Buying Manual To Annex Matting

An annex floor for caravans is the best friend of every caravan park owner because it offers many advantages while enjoying the outdoors. You can complete your outdoor setting by adding an annex.

An annex pad is a must-have addition to your accommodation. A caravan annex mat has several main benefits.

For those who enjoy being outside, you will find more comfort when you step on the ground.

Breathability is more important for the ground underneath

It Is Easier To Disperse Dirt And Water

There are many choices of annex matting available, depending on your needs. It is important to choose the right size matting for your annex. A lot of caravan parks have grass as their most popular material. It needs to be protected. Some parks will insist that annex mats that are not harmful to grass be permitted.

Sometimes, however, people may use lower-cost substitutes to cut costs. These can be used for comfort, but are not intended to replace a specially-designed annex mat. Some caravanners may opt to use shade-cloth material instead of annex matting. This might sound appealing because of the cost, but it has many disadvantages.

Shade cloth purchased by the meter is not properly reinforced around their edges. This makes them more vulnerable to fraying and tearing. Depending upon the material used for the annex, the eyelets are necessary to hold the mat down and secure it in place. A shade cloth’s ability to be intact will be affected if you just stick pegs through. The weave of shade cloth, which is made to block the sun’s rays, is usually tighter than standard annex sheets. Dirt is less likely to be dispersed through the weave, and the ground beneath is often smothered. This ultimately kills the grass. Shade cloths made from woven fiberglass are difficult to distribute water. They can also be slippery and dangerous to walk on.

Multi-Purpose Anx Matting

Multi-Purpose annex mats are not just great for caravan floors, they can also be used in other applications. PVC foam is what makes this annex matting stand out. This gives it a rubbery texture, which is easier to walk on and provides a better grip under your feet as well as on the surface where it sits. You can easily let water and sand drop through the mesh, which makes it easy to walk across.

Because it is grip-like, you don’t have to use eyelets to secure it to the ground. It will stay open and secure without gathering or moving around. People enjoy using it on other surfaces to ensure safety and for storing objects in ute trays. PVC foam’s only drawback is its vulnerability to wear and tear when placed on hard surfaces, such as concrete or especially gravelly. This will reduce its lifespan, with replacements required much quicker.

Meshed Annex Matting

Meshed Annex Matting can be used as a ground-covering.. The mat will keep dirt and other debris out of the ground while still allowing the grass below to breathe. The dirt may not get into the mat, but it will stay there. A quick sweep now and again is all that’s needed to remove any dirt or debris. The mesh material can withstand rot and UV damage, and the edges are hemmed for strength. A quick rinse with water is enough to bring it back to its original glory after the trip.

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