Air Quality Inspections: The Importance of Checking Your Indoor Air Quality

air quality inspections

You may not think that the air you breathe inside your own home or business can be harmful to your health, but studies have shown that this may not be the case at all. Indoor air pollution has been linked to asthma and lung disease. As well as ear infections and more, so it’s important to make sure that your indoor air quality in Keller TX is up to par. Learn about the importance of air quality inspections and how you can keep your business safe from polluted indoor air.

The importance of indoor air quality

One of our goals here at air quality inspections is to get everyone thinking about indoor air quality. It’s important for every home and business owner to understand how indoor air quality in Keller TX can affect their health as well as productivity in their buildings. A whole range of factors impact indoor air quality, including dust, mold, pollen, pet dander, chemicals from products like paints and cleaning supplies, etc. If you own a home or business (or if you spend a lot of time in either), then it’s crucial that you monitor your indoor air quality on a regular basis.

What are the most common contaminants?

Air quality inspections should check for three types of contaminants; gases, particulates and VOCs. Gas leaks can be dangerous in confined spaces like basements and garages, so it’s important to have your air quality inspected regularly. Particulates are a product of combustion and burning so if you live in an area with high levels of particulate matter, or PM2.5, you need to be careful about open flame sources that could lead to breathing issues. Finally, VOCs or Volatile Organic Compounds are present in many consumer products but can build up over time in a closed space and make your indoor air quality worse than outside air.

What factors affect indoor air quality?

There are a wide variety of indoor air quality in Keller TX factors that can influence your health and comfort. And while you may be able to sniff out some common culprits, such as cigarette smoke or excessive perfume use, you might not know what specific contaminants could be lurking in your building’s HVAC system. If you suspect that your indoor air is not up to par, have it tested for pollutants like carbon monoxide and radon. Carbon monoxide is known to cause headaches and dizziness—and it can even kill if left untreated. Meanwhile, radon is a carcinogen commonly found in older buildings that was discovered by accident in 1980 when homeowners reported higher-than-average incidents of lung cancer in their neighborhoods.

Who should get an indoor air inspection?

If you’re breathing inside your house or office, it’s important to have an indoor air quality inspection done. This way, you can be sure that your indoor air is safe and clean. An indoor air quality inspector will check out things like carbon monoxide levels, radon levels and common allergens in your home or office. Ideally, they’ll also take samples to test them back at their lab. If they find any levels above what is considered safe, then you might need to get some work done on your ventilation system. If all goes well, though—congratulations! You just made sure your indoor air is as clean as possible!

How can you improve your indoor air?

Air quality is incredibly important—after all, you spend a lot of time at home. You want to know that your indoor air is as healthy as possible. Unfortunately, many people believe they have healthy air when they don’t. Some common symptoms that can point to unhealthy air in your home include headaches, cold and flu symptoms and congestion. If you have noticed any such symptoms and think it might be related to your indoor air quality, consider hiring an expert.

He can conduct a thorough air quality inspection in your home or office building. While air quality inspections aren’t always necessary (depending on what types of products are used indoors), there are some cases where they are recommended. For example, if you have just moved into a new home or office space, it may be a good idea to get an air quality inspection done before moving anything in so that you can check for any potential issues with mold growth, bacteria growth and other problems. Air quality inspections will also help detect whether radon gas levels are too high for comfort; radon gas is known to cause lung cancer over time.

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