A Trip to Goa – Some things to check out


Staying in the capital of India, Delhi and suffering in the hustle and bustle of the city can take a severe toll on your adventurous life. A trip to Goa is certainly the best way to tackle this annoying situation.

Flying is the most ideal and fastest way to go about to places. With a host of budget options available and a rise in the number of budget airlines, it is only set to become the most widely used mode of transport in the world. India itself is the fastest growing country in terms of air traffic and passenger usage. This is why routes such as Delhi to Mumbai and Kolkata to Bangalore have many daily flights. They come with certain restrictions at times, some budget airlines may not allow check-in baggage, but this is highly dependent on the type of ticket. Certain routes such as Delhi to Goa flights schedule have huge passenger traffic and can be hard to find budget tickets.

Packing is an important part of travelling and the go-to way is to pack light and efficient.

There are certain dos and don’ts while managing luggage, some of which are:

  • Do not carry prescription meds without the prescription, as airports are very strict about medicines in flights. Carrying liquids is a big no and should one need to carry, it should not exceed the limit. Putting all the valuables in a carry on is essential, as check-in baggage can sometimes get lost in transit. It is also important to limit the weight of the carry-on baggage.
  • Packing electronics in the same space is a good idea; it is also recommended that one takes as little as needed. Devices nowadays have multiple functions and can eliminate the need to carry other accessories. Stashing all of them in a single bag makes for easy access and for easy scan by the security at the airport.
  • One should check and double-check for all important documents while travelling. This is recommended one keep a purse to store them all along with wallets. It is also advisable that one not carry all the plastic they have.
  • Carrying all toiletries can also be quite problematic. There is the risk of spillage and it adds to unnecessary weight. Besides one can easily purchase the required items and instead carry other important stuff.
  • Basic medication and a first aid kit is always an important carry on. Even simple things such as pain relief tablets can be helpful during a long flight.
  • It is a common thing nowadays that one does not check in luggage. It adds to time spent at counters and at baggage claim. This is a good idea to take a carry on with only the essentials and a smart rotation of clothing can go a long way.
  • Rolling instead of folding is also a very smart space saver. It avoids any wrinkles and the compression helps save space.

These tips if implemented correctly can help travellers avoid a lot of hassle and save up on unnecessary spending. Packing is an art and one needs to travel more to learn all the tricks and can even learn to make their own shortcuts. Smarter packing is the way to being an efficient traveller.

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