A Business Trip to Delhi


You must be a busy person who travels from Mumbai to Delhi to attend meetings and conferences. There is a lot of air traffic between the two major cities of India.

Sealing a deal with a handshake has been a tradition which has been going on for ages; since medieval times, it is considered a very gentlemanly gesture and continues to be used till today. Today business can be conducted in boardrooms via conference call and video calls. Yet the art of negotiation is still a tactic considered important to be conducted face to face.

Business trips and travels are a common part of professionalism and corporate execs often take them multiple times a year. India is a booming place for business and with the influx of multiple multinational companies around; there are multiple mergers and deals that go down on a daily basis. With flights also plying through some of the most important destinations on an almost daily basis, corporate execs are spoilt for choice. Depending on the Mumbai to Delhi flights schedule, reservations can be done in as little as a day prior to departure.

Such Delhi trips are not very long and usually last only a few days. It is important to pack light and carry items which can make a vital impression on the clients.

Some of these essentials are:

  • Crisp Suits: A suit is the most elegant and powerful clothing item a person can carry. It commands class and respect, a clean and crisp suit goes a long way in setting up that impression on people. Ideally, 2-3 is the right number, with a casual suiting option also being a favourable carry
  • Ties: Apart from the classiness of the suit, the other important part of the outfit is the tie. A good silk tie, with a slightly contrasting shade, can make a solid impression.
  • Baggage: Essentially it is recommended that one carry a briefcase or a stroller combination. One to store important business documents and the other to handle clothing.
  • Shoes: Importance of footwear in a corporate setting cannot be more underrated. The right type is an indicator of how serious the business deals are going to be.

These items make the businessperson stand out from the room and give an advantage in the deals. With travelling becoming cheap and budget options in travelling only permit certain weight and size limitations in baggage, it is becoming a lesson for many heavy packers that travelling light is paramount.  Apart from the weight concerns, travelling light makes for tension and hassle-free moving. The more luggage one has, the harder it is to carry them all.

Apart from this, people can still add additional items such as cologne, shirts and different sorts of clothing if the stay is intended for longer than 2 days. Some deals often take longer and may not even be in a corporate environment. The setting can be the main factor in what one needs to pack. In the hustle of all this, one must not forget absolutely important things such as laptops, work documents and writing instruments. Another very important item one can add is a premium pen, which shows that the deal is being conducted in a very superlative fashion.

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