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5 Health Symptoms You Shouldn’t Ignore

Health Symptoms

In our busy lives, it can be easy to continue on as business as usual, even while experiencing aches and pains. But while some symptoms may be a sign of something mild and you could power through them, others should have you making an appointment to see your doctor.

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Here are a few symptoms that you shouldn’t ignore: 

1. Shaking

There are days when you may not eat enough and end up feeling a bit lightheaded. There are other days when you’re stressed and can’t sleep, and it shows up in your body through tension and twitching

However, frequent hand shaking isn’t normal and is a symptom that you want to get checked, so that you can determine if you have essential tremor symptoms or perhaps something else like Parkinson’s. Getting treatment is paramount to your health in either case. 

2. Consistent stomach pain

You may get bloated after eating certain foods and feel discomfort. However, if you try eliminating those foods or get allergy testing, and you still experience symptoms of bloat and intense stomach pain, it may be time to visit your medical provider to run some tests. 

From ulcers to bowel blockage, your stomach pain could be a sign of something that needs to get treated as soon as possible. 

3. Confusion with heart pain

If you feel a sudden onset of confusion coupled with either pain in one leg or heart pain, you may want to skip making an appointment and actually head to the ER. This could be a symptom of something serious that needs immediate attention, from a heart attack to blood clot. 

When heart pain is associated with numbness in one side, slurred speech, or confusion, and you’re over the age of 50, get to the ER as soon as possible. If you have someone who can take you there, better, but if you’re feeling confused and are alone, don’t attempt to drive. Call 911. 

4. High or persistent fever

If you have a very high fever or have been getting frequent fevers, don’t ignore them. Book an appointment with your medical provider to do some testing. You could have a bacterial infection, or the fevers could be signaling something else isn’t right with your body. 

Very high fevers can be dangerous so if you find yourself with a fever that keeps rising with no sign of going down with Ibuprofen, head to the ER. 


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5. Frequent, bad headaches

Minor headaches can happen from working on your computer for too long or forgetting to eat lunch. They can be due to a lack of sleep or drinking too much the night before. However, migraines that come on without warning and aren’t something that you get often may be a sign that you need to visit your medical provider. 

Additionally, if you get frequent, strong headaches, you will want to schedule a visit to your doctor as well. Headaches can be a sign that you need to eat better or get a better prescription for your glasses but if they’re “a very bad headache” with no obvious cause, don’t ignore them. 

Frequent, bad headaches

In Conclusion

While some symptoms may come on and are not a sign of anything serious, at other times, it’s wise that you get some medical attention, especially if the pain is serious or you’re suffering from a very high fever. Anything very abnormal for you is a sign to visit your doctor or hospital as soon as possible. 

Intense pain, frequent pain, or intense feelings of confusion should not be ignored, even if you have a lot to do and things to take care of. Paying attention to symptoms and your health is important. Take care of yourself and make sure you have health insurance!  

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