How to Stop Muscle Cramps Fast Using Elderberry?

Muscle Cramps

Do you feel sore after a heavy workout or sometimes without reason? Muscle cramps are common, and you get them, especially when you are sleeping. Most people have no idea how to get rid of those nasty cramps. However, it is not difficult if you firmly believe in natural remedies. 

Elderberry can be one of the things that can save you a day and eliminate muscle cramps or soreness. Yes, you heard that right! Elderberry has essential minerals that can help prevent and treat muscle cramps. If you want to know about some remedies for muscle soreness and cramps, keep reading!  

What Causes Muscle Cramps? 

Do you often jolt awake at night from muscle tightening and cramps? If it happens to you frequently, you need to do something about it. Before we get to remedies, we must figure out a few reasons that cause muscle soreness. In this section, we are exploring the reasons why you get muscle cramps: 

  • Lack of Activity 

If you think over-activity causes muscle cramps, you are mistaken. Under-activity can also be a reason for muscle cramps. Your muscles are made to move and be active. If you keep your muscles deprived of activity, they start to cramp. Stretching and moving around can help get rid of muscle cramps instantly. 

  • Standing for Too Long 

Being in one position for way too long can be one reason for cramps. People standing in one position for too long can get leg cramps. Sometimes, bad muscle movement can also cause muscle cramps. 

  • Wearing the Wrong Shoe 

Another reason for muscle cramps is wearing the wrong shoe and sitting in an unappropriated position. Your leg muscles are the most used and prone to tearing. You must ensure you are wearing the right shoe and sitting properly. Sitting up your feet while wearing the wrong shoe can cause muscle cramps. 

  • Over-activity 

While interactivity can cause muscle cramps, overactivity can do so too. If you are a fit person who likes to go to the gym regularly, warm-up and cool-down are crucial. If you miss the basics of working out, your muscles can get too sore. 

How Can Elderberry Help Prevent Muscle Cramps? 

Not many people know about elderberries, but once you start to have it, there is no going back. Elderberry is rich in vitamin C, fiber, and antioxidants, everything your body will love and appreciate. It also has some protein which helps strengthen muscle and provide the best nutrients. Health benefits of elderberry include pain reduction. 

Due to its high antioxidant and anti-inflammatory content, elderberry tends to treat pain and muscle cramps. The anti-inflammatory properties help in reducing muscle tightness and irritation. You will find your muscles relaxing and less sore after a workout. However, taking additional protein alongside elderberries is essential for muscle strengthening. 

The Right Way to Have an Elderberry? 

You can’t have an elderberry like any other berry straight out of the tree. Raw elderberry is quite bitter. You have to boil the elderberries before they become edible. However, if you don’t want to go through the hassle, you can have it in the following ways: 

  • Elderberry jam is quite popular in Europe and provides the right nutritional value. 
  • Elderberry gummies are available in any pharmacy store, giving you a healthy dosage. 
  • If you can’t find gummies or jam, you will surely find elderberry syrup, as many doctors recommend it for coughs and colds. 

Additional Tips to Prevent Muscle Cramps 

While elderberry works great for muscle cramps, a few other remedies can help you deal with the issue. We are stating some of the best remedies for muscle soreness and cramps that you must try: 

  • Hot Press 

Muscle cramps and soreness are day-to-day things that most people deal with. The instant fix for muscle cramps and soreness is a hot press. The hot press adds instant warmth to the muscles releasing tension from strenuous activities. Keep the hot press on the affected area for about 15 minutes to release pain. 

  • Hot Bath with Epsom Salt 

Epsom salt has pain-relieving properties and helps to loosen the muscle. The tension from inactivity or overactivity can cause a lot of stiffness in your muscle. The magnesium in Epsom salt is ideal for muscle relaxation. You can fill your bathtub with warm water, add a handful of Epsom salt and soak in it. It will instantly help you relax and release tension. 

  • Oil Massage 

Oil massage is one of the best things you can do to tend aching muscles. It does not only help with instant relaxation but also helps in releasing spasms. You can lightly massage it with warm oil if you often get soreness or cramps in certain areas. Clove oil generally works best as it has anti-inflammatory properties. 

Final Verdict 

Muscle soreness and cramps can happen due to various reasons. Figuring out the reason is essential; however, natural remedies can help you while you deal with it. Try elderberry and one of the remedies from above to get instant relief. 

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