Key things you need to know about Bejeweled Champions

Bejeweled Champions

Today, you can find many online games that you can play for fun. There are also a wide range of cash app games that pay real money, so it’s worth checking them. After all, the economic situation is now forcing most people to find other ways to generate extra cash for their daily expenses. 

One of the games that can pay you real money is the Bejeweled Champions. This is a tile match-3 game that involves you scoring more points than the other player in three minutes. Remember that you can play Bejeweled Champions either for fun or real money. This article discusses the key things you need to know about Bejeweled Champions. 

Bejeweled Champions

Bejeweled Champions is on HTML5 unlike the original Bejeweled 2 which used to run on the Adobe Flash Player. Swagbucks and WorldWinner host Bejeweled Champions. You should note that just like most of the other games you can find on WorldWinner, Bejeweled Champions is considered to be a gambling game that requires you to use real cash to win more money. Alternatively, you can play it without cash for free just to practice or for fun. In most cases, the game needs up to four people to play it, but the practice mode requires at least two players. 

The game has original visuals, though it reuses sound effects and music from Bejeweled 2 and utilizes one original song and a few original sound effects. Take note that Bejeweled WorkWinner has a timed version of classic mode. And, you have 3 minutes to score points.

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The Bejeweled Champions version has an updated game style that is based on Bejeweled 3. It allows you to swap gems while other players fall and allows you to perform the Annihilator. You can score points by matching gems and fill up the level bar. You should also note that filling the level bar can let you progress to the next level where you get more points. When you level up, the game board scrambles. 

You can easily find matches by using the hint button, though it subtracts points when you use it, and can also reduce the level. If you run out of moves, the game can give you possible matches so that you can continue. And, Level 6 is the maximum level you can reach in Bejeweled Champions. This is where the level bar can remain filled for the entire game. 

The game finishes when you reach the time limit of 0:00. This is where all the gems get off the board and there are no special gems triggering. The final score is shown on the stats screen, and you can win the game when you have the highest score. You can pause the game, but this is limited to at least 3 minutes because of the competitive nature of the game. 

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Therefore, to play the game, you need to score many points within 3 minutes. You can do this by arranging gems into lines of 3 or even more in a row. You should use HyperCubes and Special Gems to get bonus points. 

To use game controls, you should click a gem to choose it. Then you can click a gem that is above, below, to the right, or to the left of the chosen gem. This makes them swap positions, and if the swap leads to a group of 3 or more gems in a row, the group can be removed. But if not, then an error sound can play and there will be swapping back of the 2 gems.  

Game rules    

The game starts with an 8×8 grid that is filled with randomly placed gems. You need to select 2 adjacent gems either vertically or horizontally to change places on the game board. You can make a match when the gems swap to form a row of three or even more identical gems. In such cases, the gems disappear and you can earn points. And, the remaining gems tend to fall to fill in the empty places, which can lead to additional groups being created and removed. You should remember that new gems usually fall in from the screen’s top so that the playing area has 64 gems at all times.

To have a match, you need to have three or more gems with the same color line to form in a row either vertically or horizontally. You cannot make matches diagonally. Also, you cannot make more that lead to the formation of a match. 

When you create a row with four matching gems, one of the pieces can remain on the board and becomes a Flame Gem. A Flame Gem is a form of Special Gem, and you can use it in a match and see it blow up the rest of the gems surrounding it. The game also allows you to form another kind of Special Gem called a Star Gem. 

You can make this gem by making two conjoined matches of three. You can use the Star Gem to make a match so that it can destroy the entire gems in its column and row. You can also combine Special Gems. Once a Special Gem eliminates another Special Gem, the second Special Gem can detonate.

When you form a row that has five like-colored gems, one of the pieces remains and becomes a HyperCube. If you swap a HyperCube with other gems, all gems that have the same color are removed. For instance, you can decide to swap a HyperCube with red gems and all red gems can be removed.

But once you reach a certain position and you have no possible moves, then the playing area can be refilled with new gems. In such a case, play can continue. You should note that you cannot have a scoring penalty for doing this, though it can cost you time. After scoring a specific number of points, you can reach the next level. Each game has a time limit of 3 minutes. There is a time that shows the amount of time that is remaining, and when the time limit expires, the game ends.

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