Wuling Almaz 2022: The Best-Selling Car In Indonesia

If you’re looking for affordable and reliable vehicles in Indonesia, you might want to consider buying a Wuling Almaz. This blog article gives an overview of this car’s features and its pros, and this Wuling Almaz Baru is the best-selling car in Indonesia.

A Brief History: Wuling Almaz

Wuling Almaz was first launched by SGMW Motor Indonesia on February 27, 2019, in Jakarta. This first model has a capacity of five passengers, and a new seven-passenger model will follow in November 2019.

This SUV, whose name is adapted from “Almas,” which in Arabic means diamond outside Indonesia, is marketed under the names Baojun 530, MG Hector, and also the Chevrolet Captiva (second generation).

The SGMW Motor Indonesia factory in Cikarang not only produces Almaz for the Indonesian market but also exports it to several countries such as Thailand, Brunei Darussalam, and Fiji under the name Chevrolet Captiva.

Features: Wuling Almaz Cars

Wuling Almaz cars feature a variety of features that make them popular with Indonesian drivers. Some of the most important features of Wuling Almaz cars include:

-Stylish design: Wuling Almaz cars are some of the most stylish vehicles on the market. They have a modern, sleek design that is perfect for Indonesian drivers who want something unique and stylish to drive.

-Great performance: Wuling Almaz cars offer great performance and fuel efficiency. They are reliable and easy to operate, making them perfect for Indonesian drivers who want an affordable and efficient car.

-High-quality materials: Wuling Almaz cars are made with high-quality materials that ensure they are durable and reliable. They will last for years and provide drivers with years of service.

Durability and Reliability

Wuling Almaz is the best-selling car in Indonesia. It is a reliable and durable vehicle that can handle even the harshest roads. Wuling Almaz was designed with the needs of Indonesian drivers in mind. The car has a strong chassis and can withstand tough driving conditions. It also features a wide range of safety features, including ABS and airbags.

The safety features it carries are quite complete, starting from a 360-degree camera supported by six parking sensors, Electronic Stability Control, Traction Control System, Hill Hold Control, Auto Vehicle Holding, electric parking brake, Emergency Stop Signal, compatible with ISOFIX hooks.

Wuling Almaz is equipped with many high-tech features that pamper its users. In addition to being equipped with a super wide touch screen, the feature that attracts a lot of attention is the WIND (Wuling Indonesian Command) voice command system, which was introduced at the same time as the launch of the Wuling Almaz 7 Seaters.


The Wuling Almaz has received positive reviews from experts and buyers alike. It has been praised for its performance, durability, and luxury features.

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