Why Goa is an Ocean of Paradise

Goa is rightly called the Ocean of Paradise for being surrounded by beautiful sea beaches everywhere. It is a little piece of heaven where peace and tranquility coexist. People from all across the world visit this mystic place to achieve a lifetime experience. 

Most people come here to look for rented apartments or house for sale in Goa. They want to live the rest of their life in this paradise city with family or alone. Therefore, the demand for a rented apartment or buying an independent house has increased eventually. People look for an opportunity to take a vacation or retirement plan in Goa. 

How is Life in Goa?

Goa is an exotic city where you meet new people every day. Most people treat Goa as a place of relaxation and socializing with new ones. This place is full of activities where you will end up doing something new every day. Not only the beaches are the main tourist attraction of the city, but also the old churches look majestic under the setting sun. You just can’t ignore this view. 

In the evening you can take long walks under the setting sun. The beaches have long shores where you can swim, dive, or do other water activities all day long. In short, Goa is a vivid and entertaining place to get every new thing under one destination. 

What is the Need for Buying Property in Goa?

Most often, there are house for sale in Goa in different localities to make it a comfortable stay for those who wish to settle here for a lifetime. In some cases, people also buy houses as an asset to live with family or friends during holidays. 

In this way, they are not only investing in a good property but also freeing themselves from the trouble of hotel booking every time they visit Goa. It’s just getting the keys to the house and relaxing over the weekend in Goa. Isn’t it amazing? This makes a sense of buying property in Goa. 

Best Place to Live in Goa 

Are you planning to live in Goa for the long term? Are you looking for affordable places to live in Goa? Well, you have landed on the right page to meet your queries. If you have come for work purposes, you can try places like Madgaon or Vasco. These places are developed zones based on industries and businesses. 

If you have come here after your retirement with enough funds, you can easily buy a house and a vehicle of your own to live comfortably. You can choose a distant place like the Coastal belt of Goa.

Next, if you are an emerging entrepreneur, Goa is the best place to explore your business goals as per your needs. 

Lastly, if you are planning for the long-term, you can choose a commercialized area like Madgaon for living with your family. 

Things you should know before moving to Gurgaon

Gurgaon is an expensive city to live in or start a new job. If you are moving to Gurgaon for working purposes, it will serve you the best. Gurgaon is an industrial Hub where it offers amazing work opportunities both for the newbie and the experienced. Also, the income scale is higher compared to other cities in India. 

Since most people here are in the working sector, they always end up looking for a good living home. The newbie looks for affordable rented flats or apartments for living. 

On the other hand, city dwellers who have a good source of income want to buy flat in Gurgaon to live more lavishly. 

So, the city offers both rented flats and independent flats for living affordably or lavishly. 

Cost of Living in Gurgaon

Gurgaon offers the most modern amenities needed for living both comfortably and lavishly. The city is close to Delhi where you will find different people working in different sectors. Gurgaon holds around 500 companies in total. As a result, the city has a lot of job opportunities for the newcomers and experienced. 

If you are planning to move here with your fund, you can buy a flat in Gurgaon to live lavishly and extravagantly with your family. 

On the other hand, if you are shifting for job opportunities, you need to consider a few things. You need to decide your total budget based on your accommodation, food, transport, utility, etc. These few important factors will help you to decide the budget for your living in Gurgaon. 

Since it is an IT hub, it is a place for everyone to live a comfortable life. Whether you are living alone or with family, Gurgaon has a place for everyone. 

Let’s explore in detail:

Rented Accommodation

  • If you are moving as a bachelor, you need 6,000-15,000 for a living.
  • If you are moving as a couple, you need 9,000-30,000 for a living.
  • If you are moving with a family, you need 10,000-50,000 for a living. 

Transport Expenses

  • If you are moving as a bachelor, you need 1,500-3500 for transport services.
  • If you are moving as a couple, you need 2,000-4,000 for transport services.
  • If you are moving with a family, you need 3,000-7,000 for transport services. 

Grocery Expenses

  • If you are moving as a bachelor, you need 2,000-3000. 
  • If you are moving as a couple, you need 2,000-4,500.
  • If you are moving with a family, you need 4,000-15,000. 

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