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What Should You Expect to Receive When Signing an SEO Service Contract?

SEO has become an inevitable requirement for anyone that owns a website. If you want your brand to be visible on search engines, SEO is the only way to do so.

Thankfully, the increase in competition and the need to be on the top has made many online business owners realize the importance of search engine optimization. In fact, a very large percentage of businesses have started investing in SEO to boost their search engine visibility. And if you are on this blog, chances are that you have decided to invest in the best SEO services, too.

But before you sign the SEO service contract, you should have an idea of what the services will include. This blog talks about the same!

1- Audit

Identifying how well your website works gives an idea of what it needs and what sections need to be tweaked or redesigned. SEO auditing is also an effective way of evaluating your web page’s results.

Most of the factors determined by the audit help distinguish elements that are hurting the organic search result; these may include –

  • Issues with technical SEO
  • Issues with website’s structure
  • Issues with On-page/Off-page SEO
  • User experience issue
  • Content opportunities and gap
  • Insights into the competitive marketplace

In short, the audit is one of the best SEO services that covers the important aspects affecting your website’s visibility.

2- Competitive analysis

An effective competitive analysis strategy helps determine things like –

  • Your competitors
  • Keywords that need to be targeted
  • Information you should cover in articles/blogs
  • Strategies you should develop for beating the competitors

The process of SEO competitor analysis can include researching keywords, contents, links, etc., that gives an idea of what the competitor is doing differently to achieve better results and ROI than you.

3- Custom strategy

No matter how similar two businesses are, they will never reap similar benefits using the same digital marketing strategies. The strategies need to be designed based on an individual business’s goals, objectives, target audience, competitors and various other things.

If the custom digital marketing strategy isn’t part of the best SEO services, run as far as possible from the service providers.

Here is an overview of custom strategies included in the process –

  • Creating a list of content topics
  • Researching keywords, including long-tailed ones for the topics on the list
  • Building a dedicated page for each topic
  • Setting up written digital copies for your website
  • Blogging regularly to develop page authority
  • Developing a link-building plan
  • Compressing media to prevent it from hurting the loading speed
  • Measuring and tracking the success of content

4- Monthly report generation

Monthly report generation is an essential part of SEO services. It provides you with an overall view of the website’s performance on search engines like Google and Bing.

These monthly reports give you an idea of how much work was done on your website since the contract was signed. You can use them to keep track of the agency’s work and understand where and how your money is getting used.

The monthly reports should consist of three sections – Insight, progress and even recommendations.

The contents of the report should include –

  • Click-through rate details
  • Backlinking details
  • Ranking history
  • Traffic flow – channel wise
  • Overview of SEO’s health
  • Report summary
  • Keyword ranking

5- Online reputation management

As the name might suggest, online reputation management is a process of controlling a brand’s image online.

Before purchasing services or goods, customers tend to check what people are saying about them. The reviews, feedbacks and testimonies are all part of the online reputation management process.

Reliable SEO agencies give you a chance to counter negative feedback. They also give you the chance to promote the experience of satisfied customers.

Over to you

Is your chosen SEO service provider promising you to provide all the above-mentioned services? If yes, go ahead and sign the blueprint after reading the terms and conditions thoroughly.

If not, consider expanding your research to find a service provider capable of including all the best SEO services in the contract.

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