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What is a digital marketing agency? What does it do?

digital marketing agency

If you have any products or services to sell, or if you want to spread an important message to the masses, you need to have good online visibility. 

A digital marketing agency is specialized in the online advertising and communication of a brand’s website on all digital media and devices. Its objective is to guide its clients in defining their needs, setting up a winning strategy, and then executing it to successfully meet those needs. 

Let’s dive deeper into the evolution of digital marketing and the backstage of a typical digital marketing agency, as well as the services it can provide to help your business achieve its big goals!

What is Digital Marketing?

Marketing has evolved a lot and is steadily moving from outbound to inbound strategies. These evolutions are in line with new consumer habits and have led companies to reinvent themselves. Because the consumer has become volatile, demanding, and connected, bringing new constraints to companies.

Digital marketing encompasses a set of practices aimed at promoting the company, generating leads, and building customer loyalty. Digital media such as a website or social accounts, as well as different methods of promoting those media such as SEO, PPC, data collection, local marketing, and various emailing campaigns, are used in a variety of ways to reach consumers.

What is a Digital Marketing Agency?

As digitalization has become the new contact point for customer relations, and there are many ways interesting to leverage this for your business. A digital marketing agency ensures a successful and serene digital transition for companies.

The main objective of a digital marketing agency is to develop its clients’ online presence. People who call on their services are business owners who want to:

  • Enjoy a strong online reputation
  • Establish themselves as leaders in their respective industries
  • Get a crazy amount of quality leads
  • Significantly increase their revenue 

Why hire a digital marketing agency?

In today’s competitive online environment, you need to be aware of the latest strategies and tricks that have the potential of making your business stand out. And unless you have the time to learn all the individual skills and keep your knowledge up to date, it’s better to outsource your efforts to the right marketing agency. 

The main advantage of working with a digital marketing agency is to gather specialists from various marketing fields with strong expertise in those individual digital marketing levers. 

This allows companies to benefit from a full service with a single point of contact in charge of the project. The fact of having a single project manager facilitates the communication and the coherence of the strategy, which is more difficult to obtain when several people are called upon to manage the campaign.

The right marketing agency can triple your revenue! 

A marketing agency can intervene in all branches of digital marketing combining a set of different digital levers to create real advantages for companies. The right agency can not only promote your business but create a relation of proximity and confidence to probe the requirements of the consumers.

Digital marketing can suit all budgets and gives companies the opportunity to control their expenses while carrying out more interesting and profitable actions. Opening up to an increasingly large market, digital marketing addresses a wide range of customers at all times. And because of this, a good marketing agency may be able to take advantage of these numbers and provide you with an abundant return on investment.

What does a digital marketing agency do?

We’ve defined what a digital marketing agency is, but you won’t get the full picture until we go through examples of digital marketing agencies services.

Data-driven audits and strategic consultations 

You can’t just count your likes on social media to measure your online success, especially when it comes to business. You need accurate numbers and supporting data to make a relevant analysis. That’s why marketing agencies use key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure:

  • The number of leads generated
  • The received traffic 
  • Bounce and conversion rates
  • And much more 

By doing an audit of your website as well as the websites of your competitors, the digital agency will be able to create a tailor-made strategy that will take you to the desired outcome. 

Implementation of SEO and PPC campaigns

SEO is at the heart of every inbound strategy and plays a very important role in it as the majority of Internet traffic comes from search engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo. An SEO campaign aims at ranking your website on the first page of Google so that you can attract a high number of quality leads organically. But this requires a huge amount of technical knowledge as you’re dealing with hidden and ever-changing algorithms. 

Another popular option is Pay Per Click (PPC). Here too, the implementation of a paid search campaign via Google Adwords on your own can be very challenging and expensive. An agency can help you to put in place profitable campaigns and choose the right keywords.

Content Production and Marketing 

Content marketing is based on the creation of high-value content in order to attract the right audience. Whether it’s landing pages, blog posts, newsletters, videos, infographics, podcasts, or e-books, all of your content must be of high quality to address an issue faced by your targeted prospects better than your competitors.

Delivering informative and engaging content will allow you to generate qualified traffic to your website and build customer loyalty, with the ultimate goal of increasing your revenue.

Web design and development 

Digital marketing won’t reach its potential without a good website. A website is the foundation of a company’s online presence and is the showcase of the company’s image and values. Therefore, it is fundamental to have a functional, SEO-optimized website.

And unless you are an experienced web developer, you will have no other choice than to entrust its creation or makeover to an agency that possesses these skills. A web designer will help you create a website that will bring real added value to your company and will be the anchor of your digital communication.

Time to choose a digital marketing agency! 

Entrusting digital marketing projects and tasks to an employee or a freelancer means taking the risk of getting a poor-quality job with no results and thereby wasting your time and money.

Evolva is a digital marketing agency that brings together the world’s best experts in SEO, online reputation management, copyrighting, and web design. They are an international team that loves to discover new markets and apply their expertise in helping their clients generate new business opportunities and grow their business through digital. Their commitment is to help French businesses or companies serving a French audience achieve their marketing goals.

Evolva implements efficient growth strategies that transform the online presence of its clients into a true source of customer acquisition. They achieve the most essential business objectives by analyzing each company’s landscape, understanding their prospects, and putting the right levers in place to grow their business.

If you want your business to take over France, they are your people.

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