Uttarakhand pollution control board NOC Registration

Uttarakhand pollution control board NOC Registration

Uttarakhand Pollution Control Board

Uttarakhand Pollution Control Board (ueppcb) is the state pollution control board of Uttarakhand. The board is responsible for controlling air, water, noise, and solid waste pollution. It has its headquarters at Dehradun, which is also the headquarters of the National Green Tribunal (NGT).

The board was established on May 3, 1996, with a view to protecting the environment from all kinds of pollution. The main functions of the board are:

What are the role and responsibilities of the Uttarakhand Pollution Control Board

  1. To carry out an investigation into complaints regarding environmental violations by industries or others;
  2. To recommend action against violators;
  3. Deal with appeals against orders passed by other agencies;
  4. Coordinate efforts between different government departments in matters relating to environmental protection
  5. To formulate policies and strategies for the protection of the environment;
  6. To issue guidelines relating to the conservation of natural resources and development activities;
  7. Provide technical assistance to various departments in respect of their work relating to environmental protection.

NOC from pollution control board Uttarakhand

A NOC is the official document that confirms that a person or organization has met all the requirements of law. It is issued by the government agencies like pollution control boards, forest departments, etc. where it is mandatory to have a NOC before carrying out any activity. The NOC is issued after taking permission from the concerned authority and after getting all the required approvals.

The NOC form is used for various purposes such as:

  1. To obtain permission to start any business or activity in a particular area
  2. To obtain permission to build a building in a particular area
  3. get permission for new industries or construction of new roads etc.

CTE From Uttarakhand Pollution Control Board

The CTE consent letter is issued by the Pollution Control Board to establish a new Industrial unit in India. The consent letter is issued by the Pollution Control Board to establish a new Industrial unit in India.

CTO From Uttarakhand Pollution Control Board

The units must obtain permission to operate once the industry, plant, or process has been constructed in accordance with mandatory pollution control standards.

Documents required For Uttarakhand Pollution Control Board

Documents For Consent To Establish

  1. Site Plan/Location Plan of the industry
  2. Detailed Project Report which includes the details of raw material, the capital cost of the unit (land, building, and plant machinery), water balance, source of water, and its required quantity
  3. Land documents such as Registration deed/ Rent deed/Lease deed
  4. Details of Water Pollution Control/Air Pollution Control instruments
  5. MOA /Partnership Deed

Documents For Consent To Operate 

  1. Copy of consent to establish issued
  2. Layout plan showing the details of all manufacturing processes
  3. Latest analysis report on solid waste, effluent, hazardous wastes, and fuel gases
  4. Copy of balance sheet duly attested by CA or CA certificate
  5. Detail of land in case the effluent is discharged on land for percolation
  6. Occupation certificate issued by Town & Country Planning Department, in case of Building & construction projects/area development projects
  7. MOA /Partnership Deed

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