Using QR Codes For Digital Payments Is Convenient And Safe

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Bharat QR Code is the uniform, interoperable and standardised Quick Response Code that can be used for payments by all merchants in India. It is a 2-dimensional barcode that can be scanned by any smartphone with a camera. This will enable users to pay for their purchases at any retail outlet across India. Bharat QR code will also help merchants track payments made through this solution in real time and provide better customer service.

Bharat QR Code is a joint initiative of NPCI, Mastercard and Visa, who are working together to enable a frictionless digital payment experience for the consumers in India. What is Bharat QR Code? will enable merchants across the country to accept payments from customers using their smartphones, eventually making it easier for consumers to pay for their purchases at retail outlets across India.

Bharat QR Code is now live with more than 1 lakh merchants on-boarded including online and offline merchants across various sectors such as eCommerce, F&B, consumer goods etc. 

The app allows you to scan or print out the barcode and use it as payment method at any retail store across India which has adopted Bharat QR Code platform.

What is a QR code?

Bharat QR Code is an India specific QR code standard developed by NPCI (National Payments Corporation of India) which can be used for making payments or transferring money using smartphones. It was launched on 15th June 2018 with the aim of increasing digital transactions in the country.

QR Codes, also referred to as Quick Response Codes, are a two-dimensional barcode that can be scanned by any smartphone or tablet. QR codes store information in the form of binary digits. It is an error-correcting code and contains some redundancy for error correction so that damaged or partially read codes can still be interpreted correctly. QR Codes have emerged as a popular digital payment option across several countries including India.

Bharat QR Code – a financial inclusion solution that makes it easy for merchants to accept digital payments. Bharat QR is a digital payment platform which provides the most convenient and secure way of making payments through your smartphone by scanning and pay with QR code on any mobile wallet such as Paytm, PhonePe, BHIM UPI and others.

Lead the change with BharatPe’s QR Code 

BharatPe is not just a payments platform, it is an ecosystem that aims to build India’s biggest B2B financial services company that will serve as a one-stop destination for all merchants of India.

We are building BharatPe as a company that will help merchants grow their businesses by providing them with the right kind of financial products and services at competitive interest rates and zero charges.

We believe that merchants should be able to use their mobile phones for everything from accepting payments to applying for loans. We want to provide all these services under one roof and make it easy for merchants to do business in India.

The BharatPe App provides an easy way for merchants to accept payments from customers without having to install any additional hardware or software on their devices. The app also allows merchants to send invoices through email or SMS directly from within the app itself.

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