10 Best Online Coding Classes for Kids & Teens in 2023

The modern world is now being ruled by technology, and career opportunities are scaling at a high rate for people who are aware of the core programming languages. Python, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Scratch, Java, and other such languages are being leveraged to their maximum potential for building interactive apps of all types and complexities. 

Coding is something that students can learn right from an early age. Therefore, irrespective of whether someone is a kid or a teen, attending coding classes is of utmost importance if he/she has any interest in pursuing a career in computer science.

You might be a beginner in this, but eventually, you can master the fundamentals and be experts in your own genre of development. But for that, you must take up the right coding courses and pursue your learning field in the sector immediately. Whether you want to learn business software development like CRM or ERP or game development like Minecraft, there’s a dedicated course for all of your needs. 

So, if the kids and teens want to be coders of the future era, here are the ten best online coding classes in 2023 for you to count on. 

1) Juni Learning

Juni Learning is one of the best platforms for you to choose your curated online coding classes based on your preferences. Whether kids or teens want to learn artificial intelligence, master coding languages, learn coding games, or master the fundamentals of web development, there are courses for them in all of these domains and more. 

Moreover, if there’s an urge to master Android, iOS, AI, Machine Learning, and other such specific development concepts, then Juni Learning has dedicated courses to help you with complex lessons conveyed in a very understandable manner. 

2) CodeMonkey

CodeMonkey is an interactive platform to teach kids coding attributes through a graphical story. Here, the kids will learn how to write coding programs to help an animated monkey gather bananas. Everything here is taught right from the basics, which makes it easy for beginners to relate and learn. There are certain free coding tutorials available within this platform as well for giving a general idea to the kids or teens on how they can get the best out of coding lessons. 

3) Scratch

Scratch, a revolutionary programming language made by the students of MIT, enables kids or teens to learn coding through the easiest techniques possible. It is a block-based coding language, which the kids can easily use and see their codes turning into action in real time. These blocks are nothing but clusters of codes that can be dragged and dropped. 

4) Khan Academy

If the summer camps are up, and you feel like utilizing the time with some productive learning, then take up the self-paced coding courses. Depending on your preferences, such as robotics, web app development, mobile app development, gaming development, or others, you can pick the course of your choice. These talk-through courses by Khan Academy will help you take on real-world problems. 

5) Code Monster

Coding is more like a problem-solving technique for real-world problems. And, with more and more technologies being adopted, coding will never lose its pace. Therefore, Code Monster becomes a great teacher for kids or teens to master JavaScript through interactive lessons. Here, text-based instructions are given to the students, and upon following them strictly, they will be able to gradually see improvement in their coding skills. 

6) Roblox Coding Classes

Roblox coding classes are quite optimal for kids between 7 to 18 years of age. They are readying the students with coding concepts associated with general programming and the development of video games. It is one of the best coding classes that kids or teens can avail to learn to build their own games and other such apps. Apart from taking coding lessons from Roblox, one can also count on practicing skills over the app to become the young batch of programmers. 

7) Kodable

The Kodable app is yet another platform that enables you with the feasibility of acquiring coding skills. They have a lot of activities, which you can turn around as your coding classes. This platform targets to educate kids who are between 4 to 11 years of age with critical thinking abilities for tackling coding challenges. Kids’ coding might seem easy, but these fundamentals are what will help the learners evolve their skills in the long run. And Kodable is just the right contributor. 

8) Tynker

Tynker might not be a dedicated coding course provider, but it is a platform that allows kids to learn programming through practical sessions. They have tutorials on how a particular coding concept can be educated in different programming languages. Thus, it will be helpful for kids to get an intro to the varying programming languages, along with the right coding pattern, which is important for giving them all-around knowledge. 

9) CodaKid

CodaKid takes quite a different approach than the usual online coding courses for educating kids about computer programming. This platform helps the kids learn coding through game design and development lesson plans. The kids will be told interactive stories and will be given some interesting tasks, such as creating a roller coaster, building a game, or others. Hence, this enhances their learning experience. 

10) CodeWizardsHQ

CodeWizardsHQ is one of the best platforms that enables kids to learn Python programming, Java programming, HTML programming, and others through easily conveyed lessons. Even if you have just entered high school, it is time you brush up your thinking skills on basic-level coding through the classes at CodeWizardsHQ. Here, the children will be asked to attend weekly classes that continue for an hour. Starting from fundamentals to expert techniques, the courses on this platform will help the kids master them all. 


So, these are then ten platforms that host online coding classes for kids and teens in 2023. Believe it or not, these classes are highly informative and are tailored to the understanding of kids. There are no complex terminologies being used in any of these platforms or courses to ensure kids don’t refrain from learning this career-centric skill. Instead, interactive stories and creative methods are used to help kids develop an interest in the subject and master it in the long run. 

Juni Learning is one of the best online coding course providers that have an abundance of lessons for kids and teens to count on. Learn the basics from these courses, and then turn up to platforms like Scratch or Roblox to understand how the programming attributes are being integrated and used. 

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