Top Tech Skills to Learn Before Moving Abroad

Moving Abroad

Moving to a foreign land comes with several challenges. Part of it is the inability to secure your dream job quickly. Fortunately, there are several ways you can earn a living while waiting for your dream job, and one of such is by having tech skills. 

There are several tech skills out there, but not all of them are relevant abroad. So, before you consider learning any tech skills, we urge you to read through our list, as we’ve highlighted the top tech skills in demand abroad. 

Blockchain Development

Blockchain development is simply the building and maintaining blockchain applications and systems to solve related problems. 

While a blockchain software developer uses the core web designed to create decentralized applications (dapps), a core blockchain developer works on a blockchain system’s architectural design and security.

Becoming a blockchain developer is not as difficult as you think. Many online resources will put you on the right path if you’re interested in becoming one. 

As a blockchain developer, you can earn between $150,000 and $170,000 annually. You can even make more than that if your bargaining skills are high. So, before you apply for a visitor visa, consider learning blockchain. 

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is one of the most sought-after tech skills worldwide. This skill is about using the internet, computer, or mobile phones to promote products and services online. 

With so many sub-skills you can start from in digital marketing, some skills will put you ahead of your competitors. Few among these are; Social media marketing, email marketing, ad campaign, and search engine marketing.

Unsurprisingly, a digital marketer’s average base salary is $69,778 annually. At the same time, you also stand a chance to make twice of this as you gain more experience in the field.

Web Development

Web development is another lucrative tech skill you should learn before considering moving abroad with a partner visa. Most businesses are now moving online, and as this increases, the demand for skilled web developers also increases. 

Information from different sources shows that web developers earn an average salary of $77,200 yearly and a minimum of $20/hour wage. This figure shows how lucrative this skill set is and how rewarding it is.

There are lots of resources that can help you to become a web developer in no time. Just ensure you are focused because, as a web developer, you must understand one or two programming languages. 

Cyber Security

As many businesses are taking advantage of the internet, there’s a high need to protect users’ data from malicious malware and cyber attacks. 

Although cyber security can be a bit challenging to learn, if you’re determined, it can be much easier than you think. As experienced cyber security, you can make as much as $112,974 annually and $54 hourly wages.

Machine Learning (ML)

To an average man, machine learning is simply learning the language of machines. While this is not wrong, ML is beyond this. Going forward, machine learning is simply learning artificial intelligence (AI) that helps in application automation and control.

The popularity this skill has gotten over the year is massive. No wonder several companies, aside from tech companies in dire need of a machine learning specialist. 

You can complete a course in ML in about six months if determined. However, it can take longer if you don’t have prior computer programming, data science, or statistics knowledge.

As a machine learning specialist, you can make as much as $123,950 annually. Huge, right? Some companies like eBay will even pay more than that.

Project Management (PM)

This may be your career path if you think you’re a great team player and relate well with people. A project manager (PM) deals with the planning, controlling, and execution of an entire project in a company.

Business owners are out there searching for a PM to make their work easier and more efficient. Employees expect a PM to have all the answers to all their inquiries.

Besides an average base salary of $72,993 project managers make yearly, they also get as much as $20,039 as a cash bonus or profit sharing. 


No matter where you go, technology is a part of daily life. Learning some of the top tech skills mentioned here before making the shift is essential to make the transition to a new country smoother. With any of these skills, you can hit the ground running in any country you go to.

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