Top Psychology Courses in India – Eligibility, Scope, and Career

Understanding the thought process and behavioural patterns of humans can help impact their lives in several positive ways. Psychologists work in different fields and ensure that people who come to them live happy life through therapies, meditation, and other treatments.

In a world where the need for psychologists is more than ever due to the fast-paced lifestyle followed by human beings, a degree in psychology can be your first step to building a career in this field. B. Sc Psychology eligibility criteria followed by Indian universities are quite simple and are mostly based on your Class 12 academic performance.

If you are interested in pursuing an undergraduate degree in psychology, here is everything you need to know about choosing the best courses, eligibility, and career opportunities.

Eligibility criteria for psychology courses

As there are no specific entrance tests for admission to undergraduate psychology courses, most universities admit students based on their performance in classes 10 and 12. So, if you are someone with good scores in both these classes, it is most likely that you will get selected for the course. Here are the standard criteria for admission to psychology courses in India:

·         You must score a minimum of 50% marks in Class 10 and 12 in any stream.

·         Students who majored in mathematics, economics, or political science in Class 12 will be given preference during admission.

Although universities do not prescribe any specific stream for Class 12, it is important that you have studied any of the above-mentioned subjects as part of your stream.

What are the top psychology courses in India?

Psychological studies is a vast and diverse field and encompass several areas of study. Although general psychology is opted for by many students for undergraduate studies, several other interesting options are awaiting you in the higher education sector. Pursuing any of these will improve your career prospects and help develop your knowledge in a specific field of activity.

Some of the best psychology courses in India are B. Sc Psychology and Behaviour, B. Sc Cognitive Science, B. Sc Health Behaviour, B. Sc Business Psychology, B. Sc Sports Psychology, B. Sc Forensic Psychology, B. Sc Developmental Studies, and B. Sc Social Psychology.

You can choose from any of these top courses according to your area of interest.

Career opportunities after a psychology course

Just like there are vast specialisations in psychology courses, there are scores of diverse career prospects awaiting psychology graduates. From healthcare to business, every industry today needs psychologists for promoting the overall well-being of their employees.

Some of the popular and lucrative career opportunities after a psychology degree are clinical psychologist, counsellor, educational psychologist, life coach, sports psychologist, criminal and forensic psychologist, etc. You can choose to work in any field that matches your interest and course specialisation.

Interested in building a lucrative career that promotes the emotional well-being of fellow humans? Then, enrol in a psychology course and acquire the essential skills and knowledge to master the profession.



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