Top 10 Unheard of Facts About Dogs

Dogs are the most common household pet in America, so it’s no surprise that you may be interested in learning more about them! Since dog’s have been domesticated for over 14,000 years and are a key part of many happy families, you would think we’d know all there is to know. These are the top 10 facts about dogs that often go unheard.

#1 Guide Dogs for the Blind Will Potty on Command

Imagine searching around a large yard with a plastic bag, trying to find your dog’s newest steam pile as a blind person. It doesn’t sound like much of an easy task, does it? That’s why service dog training organizations train guide dogs to potty on command, allowing the blind handler to feel down the tail and rear of the dog as a guide to picking up the “doggy pile” that’s easily located underneath.

#2 Your Dog Can Be Your Wingman

As silly as it sounds, your dog may even increase the chances of helping you land a cute date! One study indicated that your typical man has a 10% chance of receiving a girl’s phone number. This, however, was increased to 33% simply by having a dog with them! This seems to work due to the fact that up to 66% of people have admitted they wouldn’t be comfortable dating someone who didn’t like pets!

#3 All Dogs Can Breathe and Sniff at the Same Time

Because dogs have an advanced sense of smell they rely on to detect danger, find food, and identify other people and things in their environment, they sniff a lot. Unlike humans, dogs can bring air into their noses to detect a scent while air moves in and out of their lungs, allowing them to breathe while sniffing.

#4 Dogs Can Smell 40 Times Better Than a Human

This fact is incredibly interesting considering that we know dogs have excellent noses but have you ever thought about how much better they can smell than a human? Your dog has a specific area of the brain that detects different smells; that one portion of their brain is 40 times larger than your average human being.

#5 Dogs Don’t Sweat Like Humans

The sweat glands on a dog are not present along most of the body. Dogs only sweat through their paws. You won’t ever find a dog drenched in sweat to cool down on a hot day, but instead, you’ll notice vigorous panting to move air in and out of their lungs quickly to dispense heat and cool the body.

#6 Gazing into a Dogs Eyes Releases Oxytocin (for Both of You)

Looking into a dog’s eyes and physically petting them has been shown to release oxytocin. Not only for you but for your dog as well! So the next time you’re enjoying time cuddling with your maltipoo on the couch, remember that there is a scientific reason you both feel so much love and contentment!

#7 A Greyhound Could Beat a Cheetah in a Race

Now, this is a bit of a trickier fact. The cheetah can run up to 70mph leaving the greyhound’s top speed in the dust at only 45mph. However, the cheetah can only maintain their top speed for very short bursts, around 30 seconds long. A greyhound can run for up to 7 miles! A greyhound could beat a cheetah in a long-distance race.

#8 Chow Chows Have Black Tongues

The Chow Chow is known for having an entirely black tongue; the genetic cause of the tongue coloration is unknown. Some other breeds experience the occasional black spot on an otherwise pink tongue. The darker point or spot is the result of pigmented skin cells.

#9 The U.S. Has the Highest Pet Dog Population Globally

There are approximately 96 million dogs that make up the United States’ dog population as of 2020. That’s 37 million more than the cat population in 2020, which was a measly 32 million in comparison. The total U.S. dog population is higher than anywhere else in the world.

#10 They Can Hear 4 Times the Distance of a Human

You might often see your dog tilting his head in response to strange or high-pitched noises. It’s not uncommon to watch a dog bark at an unknown sound off in the distance. But did you know that dogs can hear higher frequencies undetectable to human ears? They can also hear much farther, up to 4 times the distance of what a human ear would detect.

That tops our list of top 10 unheard dog facts! We often assume we know all there is to know about these furry creatures but maybe one of these surprised you. Did you learn anything new? 

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